The Professor’s Women Ch. 12

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This is the twelfth installment of my story about a family with an interesting dynamic. Once again, danger and controversy rear their ugly heads, but will all end well?


The Professor’s Women

Chapter Twelve: Hypocrites, Zealots, and New Friends

The professor arrived at work later than usual that day, and coincidentally walked into the building with his second in command, Archie Barton. They chatted on their way up the stairway, and as they paused outside Archie’s office door, Jackson said, “Tell your sister thank you. Her information was very helpful. It didn’t answer all of my questions, but now I know where to look for the answers I need.”

Archie said, “Be careful boss, those people can be dangerous when they are cornered.”

Jackson smiled and nodded as the two men shook hands before they parted. Leslie was waiting for him when he walked into the big office at the end of the hall, and handed him a large legal size envelope with a return address he recognized, Cambridge, MA. It had been delivered just before his arrival. He opened the envelope and found a letter from his former professor, Dr. Norman Peale, and four additional sheets of paper with genealogical information.

The letter said:

‘Dear Dr. Powell,

First of all, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your recent promotion. I have always known that you were one of my most gifted students, and I was disappointed when you were not offered a fellowship here, twenty-five years ago. However, Dr. Willoughby was an old friend, and I was pleased when he took you under his wing.

I have been informed that you are investigating a subject that I have been researching for the last thirty-five years. With this letter, I have included items from my personal files about the lineage of the two families that you are interested in, with additional information that is not in the LDS’s files in Utah.

I will be in Chicago this coming weekend, and would be happy to meet with you to discuss some other details, in person, that I cannot write down, because I have not been able to verify my sources. If we meet in person, at the office of your attorney Saul Kaufman, on Saturday at noon, I think I will be able to give you information that will clear up this matter completely.

Thank You Old Friend,

Norman Peale, Phd.’

He walked over to his assistant’s desk, leaned in close to her, and whispered in her ear asking, “Leslie, do you know anyone who could take some blood samples for me, on the sly?”

She looked at him strangely, and answered him, “Yes, why?”

He smiled, and in a normal voice, said, “I’ll tell you later.

At just before lunch, Jackson said, “Leslie, I’m taking you to lunch, let’s go.”

They both walked out of the office and headed downstairs together, and when they were outside and away from other people, Jackson explained why he was so mysterious earlier, saying, “Leslie, I’ve become involved in another controversy that involves people I care deeply about. I cannot not tell you anymore about who they are or why I am doing this, at this time, but I need to have someone take blood samples from them for DNA testing.”

Leslie smiled at him and said, “Jackson, Brenda is a licensed RN, and could do it for you, but if what you need is a basic DNA test, all you need is a cheek swab, and she can get kits for those from the lab where she works. Do you need to have the lab work done as well?”

Jackson answered, “Yes, but only if you can have it done discretely. I cannot allow anyone to find out what I am doing this for.”

Leslie said, “OK Jackson, let me see what I can do, and I’ll get back to you tomorrow,” and they continued walking until they entered the student center a few minutes later.

After lunch, Jackson didn’t mention their conversation, but that evening when Leslie asked Brenda if she could acquire DNA test kits from her lab, and have then processed discretely. Her partner said she could and asked, “Is this for Jackson?”

When Leslie said it was, Brenda said, “Considering all of the good things he has done for so many deserving people, he must have a good reason for asking you darling. I would do almost anything for that wonderful man and his beautiful cock! I will bring home some kits tomorrow, but it will take a week for them to be processed, so I hope he’s not in a hurry.”

After dinner, the two ladies got their big double-headed dildo out of the drawer, and spent the night pretending they were sleeping with Jackson as they made love to each other. Although both ladies were tired and sore when they woke up in the morning, they took the toy with them into the shower, and pretended that Jackson had joined them in their morning ritual.

That day, Leslie told Jackson that Brenda was bringing the tests home with her. She said, “Jackson, we could come over to your house this evening and collect the samples then if you could have the subjects there, and we could get them processed konyaaltı escort that much sooner.”

Jackson said, “Good Idea, see you guys at six.” Then he picked up the phone and called Jake to invite him to dinner. When Jake walked into the Powell home later that evening, he was surprised to see Leslie and Brenda there. When Brenda asked him if she could swab his cheek for a friend of hers, he asked her, “Why?”

She told him her friend was conducting a research project for his Doctorial Thesis about the migration of various ethnicities across North America, and needed a varied sampling of different familial groups.

He agreed, and she swabbed him, having already swabbed everyone in the house, even though Jackson had told her privately that she only needed samples from Audrey and Jake. This bit of subterfuge helped Jackson keep his motives a secret from the young couple.

The next morning, Leslie told Jackson that Brenda had taken a personal day to drive to Peoria and Springfield. She was using two different labs, so as to not bring attention to her actions. Jackson understood, and thanked his friend and assistant.

Saturday morning, Jackson and Kathy walked to the nearby Amtrak station, for what she had told everyone was a shopping trip to the Chicago Loop. They took a cab to State Street, had coffee and pastries at a small bistro, and did some window shopping until it was time for their meeting with Jackson’s former professor at Saul’s office.

Dr. Peale and Saul were waiting for Jackson and Kathy when they arrived, and after exchanging pleasantries, they got down to business. Dr. Peale confirmed what Jackson had surmised from the genetic charts that he had received from the LDS’s archives. The records Dr. Peal had amassed over the years appeared to show that Audrey and Jake were more closely related than Jackson had originally thought because of their physical similarities.

The older professor continued, “The first time that their familial lines had crossed was in the late nineteenth century in western Pennsylvania. It appeared that a brother had impregnated his sister and she had given birth to fraternal twins, a redheaded boy and girl. The couple’s parents took the children and split them up, sending them to families two states apart. A generation later, two descendants of this incestuous union met and married, and also produced redheaded fraternal twins. Because so much time and distance had passed, no one but the Church Elders noticed, and nothing was done about it.”

Dr. Peale continued, “These are the only examples of their two familial lines have crossed that I have been able to verify, but I believe that it has happened four more times. Although I am not certain of this, I believe that Audrey’s father was a close relative to Jake’s father.”

He finished, “Jackson and Kathy, if these two young people marry and produce children, I believe this will be the seventh time that this has happened, and although I do not see any adverse genealogical related birth defects, the chances of them having redheaded, green eyed fraternal twins is an almost certainty.”

Jackson told his professor that they had taken cheek swabs of the couple, and were having them processed covertly by two different labs in two different cities.

Dr. Peal smiled and said, “Jackson, as always, you are one step ahead of me. I was just going to ask if you could do something like that. When you get the results, send a copy to Saul and he will get them to me so I can add them to my files. This could be the final piece of this puzzle.”

Jackson looked at Saul and said, “Well, cousin, this explains Bartholomew’s reaction during our meeting, doesn’t it. This is our chance to finally have the upper hand in this gambit!”

Saul smiled, and handed Dr. Peale a copy of the transcript of the tape recording of the meeting he and Jackson had with the lawyer for the ACCA in Chicago.

As Dr. Peale read through the paper, he started smiling half way through, then broke out in a loud laugh as he finished.

Finally he said, “Jackson, this is priceless. You really had him squirming for a while, but when he realized that you were going down the wrong path, he was relieved, and signed this transcript without realizing what he had done. We must keep them in the dark about what we know, because they must never find out that we are on to their game. I’m afraid that we must keep what we know from the Jake and Audrey as well. Knowledge of their backgrounds could make them careless, and put their lives in peril. The people from the main body of the Church whom you are dealing with, seem to have the best interests of the young couple at heart. There are however, fringe elements within the Church that feel a union like this would be the work of the Satan, and would do anything to keep it from happening, even murder!”

They all agreed with what the elder professor had said, and agreed to stay in touch, only corresponding by using Saul as an intermediary. They kültür escort all got up to leave, and Dr. Peale gave Jackson a hearty handshake, and Kathy a hug, just before they left.

Jackson took Kathy to Marshal Fields’ (Now Macy’s) Tea Room for a late lunch, and they stopped off at Iwan Rees to get a fresh package of his private tobacco blend, before taking a cab to Union Station for the trip home. As soon as the train was well on its way south, Kathy whispered to her husband, “Sweetheart, all of this intrigue is making me horny, meet me in the bathroom,” and he waited until she disappeared behind the bathroom door at the end of the car before he joined her.

When he stepped into the cramped bathroom, she had taken her dress off already. Since she was wearing nothing else, she unzipped his fly and pulled his hardening ‘Monster’ from his pants and told him to sit on the closed toilet seat. She fellated his ‘Monster’ until he was completely hard, climbed onto his lap, impaling herself on his ‘Monster’, and then rode him nearly all the way home. The motion of the train added to their actions, giving her three orgasms before he came, just as the conductor announced, “Normal Illinois, five minutes.” Kathy climbed off of him, sucked him clean, and he returned the favor before she put her dress back on and left the bathroom. He put his flaccid cock away, and followed her to their seats.

She was already seated when he reached their seats just as the train started to slow down, and no one noticed the satisfied glow that the two passengers had as they walked down the platform and up the street toward the lovely home they shared with their family.

About a week later, Leslie handed a large plain brown envelope to Jackson without saying a word to him.

He opened it and looked at the three sheets of paper that were inside. At the top of each of the first two pages was a nine digit code. Below the numbers was a printout of the DNA data of the sample that was assigned to the nine digit code. On the third page was a handwritten note with the two nine digit numbers followed by Audrey’s and Jake’s name after each of them.

Although he did not understand all the data that was contained on the two printed sheets, he did notice that nearly all of the information on them was the same. He took the three papers downstairs and made copies of them. He put the copies in his briefcase, and put the originals in a new envelope, addressed to Saul.

He asked Leslie to have that letter sent to his lawyer by the discrete messenger service he had been using since the previous spring. When he got home that evening, he collected all of the papers from this latest investigation, sealed them in a manila envelope 10″ X 12″, and secured them in the vault, buried in the floor of his new garage.

The next two weeks were filled with dress fittings, wedding cake tastings and several trips to Congerville by Kathy and Audrey. The wedding was going to take place on the Saturday of the week before Easter, and the reception would be at the hall adjacent to the Church.

Kathy had transferred ownership of her condo to the couple, and paid the association fees and taxes for a year. Jackson had reserved Suite 1018 at the Pere Marquette Hotel in Peoria and paid for a week. He also paid George to take the newlyweds to Peoria and back in his limo.

All of the invitations were mailed, and when Kathy and Jackson were going over the pile of responses, they saw a small note in the envelope from Dr. Peale.

The note said:

‘Dr. and Mrs. Powell,

Although regret that I cannot attend the upcoming nuptials of your daughter and future son-in-law, I want to offer my congratulations, and best wishes to the young couple.

The information that you sent me has confirmed what I had surmised, and provided me with the evidence to prove the other four ‘connections’ of these two families. As long as we do not share what we know, I am certain that these two ‘Children of God’ will remain safe.

Thank you for your help,

Norman Peale, Phd.’

Jackson set the note aside, and they finished marking the attendees on the guest list. Later, he put the note in the envelope hidden in his garage ‘vault’.

For the next two weeks, everything was going perfectly, and Jackson hid his concerns and didn’t mention anything about the young couple’s lineage to anyone. Even though nothing seemed wrong, he never let his guard down because, as his grandfather had once cautioned him, ‘Sleeping dogs sometimes wake up and bite you in the ass’.

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived, and the bride, her ‘mother’, and ‘father’ were driven to the church by her ‘sister’ in the classic 1966 Mustang named ‘Elizabeth’. The three ladies worked together preparing the bride for the ceremony. Jackson joined the men helping to calm down a very nervous groom in a small room in the front of the sanctuary.

There was a short period of time when Jackson was alone with Jake and he asked markantalya escort him, “What’s wrong son?”

Jake pulled a piece of paper from his inside coat pocket and showed it to Jackson. It was an ‘Affidavit of an Affirmation of Faith’ on heavy parchment with an official seal stamped at the bottom, his father was urging him to sign. It gave the Church complete control over his life, as well as his bride, and any children that the union may produce. Jackson asked the young man, “Do you understand what this means, and does signing this make you uncomfortable?”

When the young man told him “Yes to both Dr. Powell,” Jackson took the paper from him, and sought out the boy’s father and the Pastor.

He found them in the next room and confronted them with the paper. When he was told that it was, “None of your business,” he reminded them that he had met with their Church’s Mr. Bartholomew in Chicago, and was assured that something like this would not happen.

Jackson said, “I have no control over what you do concerning your son, but I do have control over everything concerning my ward Ms. Anderson. If you force your son to sign this paper the way it is written, there will be NO wedding today!”

Before they could say anything, Jackson tore the paper to shreds, and said, “What I did just now was purely symbolic, you can simply print up another copy of this. I know why you want this wedding to proceed, and why it must take place in your Church. I also understand the reason for your ‘Royal Wedding’ because the genetic purity this union will produce is not lost on me. That is why I agreed to allow this ceremony to proceed.”

Jake’s father started to sweat, and the Pastor’s face turned as red as a beet and started to shake.

Jackson continued, “Gentlemen, I know that there are elements in your church that would endeavor to stop these proceedings at any cost, but I am not one of them. My only concern is the welfare of my ‘daughter’ and any children that she and Jacob may have. If you force me to, I will leave with my family right now, and go forward with the adoption proceedings I started two months ago.”

The Pastor’s face turned from bright red to ashen when he heard what the professor had spoken, and said, “Of course Professor Jackson, we can live with those terms.” And that, as they say, was that. The wedding ceremony proceeded as if nothing had happened, and after that, the most boring, non-alcoholic reception Jackson, Kathy, and Traci had ever seen.

Jackson had made up for this by making sure that there was a small bottle of chilled bubbly in the back of George’s limo, and a bottle of Piper Heidsieck 1989, on ice waiting for the newlyweds in Suite 1018 at the Pere Marquette Hotel in Peoria.

After the couple changed into their ‘travel clothes’, and the bride tossed her bouquet, the newlyweds climbed into the back of the black limo. The newlyweds drank their first toast as a married couple as they traveled to Peoria. When they arrived at the hotel, George gave their bags to the bellman, and they were handed the key by the manager at the front desk (the ‘father’ of the bride had taken care of all the arrangements), and were escorted to their suite.

Traci had previously explained to her ‘sister’ the significance of Suite

018, and had told her about all of the things she had done there. After her husband carried her over the threshold of the suite, the young couple proceeded to undress as soon as the door was latched behind them, and their clothes came off as quickly as humanly possible. They made love on the bed, the floor, the couch, the table, and against the window, after opening the curtains, much to the delight of the cleaning crews in the office building across the street.

Next, they used the bathroom facilities, urinating at the same time on the two separate toilets. He watched, fascinated, as Audrey gave herself an orgasm with the bidet. Next they filled the spa tub with bubble bath, and fucked energetically until the suds got so thick they could barely see each other.

When the water started to cool, they drained the tub and got into the large glass walled shower. They fucked standing in the middle, up against the wall, and on the floor. After they had exhausted themselves, they climbed into bed, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

They both woke up at 11:30 the next morning, and made love again until they realized that they were hungry. Jake ordered breakfast through room service, and answered the door wearing only his boxers as his bride was using the bidet. When Audrey came out of the bathroom, they ate breakfast in the nude in the middle of the king-sized bed like they were having a picnic. That was when they saw the note that said, ‘Call Dr. Powell at his office, ASAP’.

The Powel’s left immediately after the bride and groom, and the way back to the house, Kathy asked Jackson, “Why did the Pastor and Jake’s father look so angry during the service and the reception, dear?”

Jackson said, “They tried to pull a ‘fast one’ on us at the last minute by trying to make Jake sign a paper giving up control of Audrey’s, and any of their future children’s lives. I called their bluff by threating to cancel the wedding, and they backed down.”

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