The Red House Ch. 02

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Here is the rest of the Red House story – I hope it is as well received as the first part (which, if you haven’t read, need to read it first). One caution – if interracial themes bother you, stop now…you’re not going to like it. For the rest of you, I hope it lives up to expectations. I’m very gratified with the kind words you’ve showered on this story. Please let me know how you feel about this part as well, be the comments pro or con!

As always, this is a work of fiction and all characters are fictional and exist solely within the confines of the story and my imagination. Enjoy!

The motel room’s air conditioner had died sometime during the Bush years and the room felt like a sauna in the middle of this Mississippi August day. The dark, almost ebony skin beneath me gleamed, coated in a fine sheet of fuck sweat. I ran my tongue along a dark skinned flat belly, feeling muscles flutter just underneath. Upwards, I tongued my way around and over two small, cupcake sized breasts, nipples engorged with blood and darker than the breast around it. Small, moans of appreciation reached my ears as I closed my lips around one swollen nipple and flicked my tongue over the long, dime sized nipples. Slowly, I tongued my way upwards, pausing to kiss the slick neck. Her black skin seemed to emit the scent of cinnamon.

Finally, I slid my sweat sticky body over hers as my lips found hers and I looked into her large brown eyes. Her tongue greeted mine and lured it back into her mouth where they both writhed, her breath quickening into a moan as I felt my erect cock brush her pussy lips and slip between her longish labia, finding heat and wetness that more than equaled the heat in the room. I felt her arms and legs close around me as I thrust in, spreading her pussy flesh open to burrow into her welcoming cunt.

Her groans tore our kiss apart and I felt Tisha’s hot breath before she cried out, “That’s it, John – fuck me with that fine thang – give me that good cock!” I raised myself up on my arms, our sweaty bodies peeling away from each other with a loud noise. Looking down, I marveled once more at where I was and what I was doing.

I had my cock buried to the hilt in the sweet, tight pussy of Mississippi Corrections Officer Latisha – Tisha to her friends – Wilkins. Tisha was the head guard at the prison where my mother had been imprisoned for over twenty years for murdering my abusive father. I had been adopted and had only in the last year become reacquainted with Momma…reacquainted being a mild way to put it – after visiting Momma several times, I’d spent an incestuous weekend of fucking Momma a little over a month ago after we’d arranged a conjugal visit.

Part of me felt a bit dishonest fucking Tisha. I was head over heels in love with my mother – she and I had touched each other in a way neither expected, but had embraced and despite obstacles planned to spend the rest of our lives together, yet here I was fucking the woman who had the power of life and death over her. Part of me was aroused like never before, making hot love to this African-American woman. Me, raised in a Midwest town with virtually no black population, who had never been with a black woman before. Part of me knew that skin didn’t matter –a woman is a woman, but part of me felt like I was breaking another taboo and as I had discovered fucking my mother, breaking sexual taboos was exciting as nothing else is.

I felt Tisha roll her hips and I moved into sync with her, thrusting in and out of her clinging pussy to meet her movements, our bodies slapping loudly together. “God yes, boy – fuck me hard,” Tisha purred, her fingers scraping over my chest, flicking my pebbled nipples as we moved, fucking each other with more effort with each thrust.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, sounding like Momma being subservient to her guards. Remaining raised on one hand, I slid one hand down her smooth, slick body, trailing fingers down her thigh till I could slip under her knee and drew it up, thrusting deep as I raised her leg and draped it over my shoulder. Switching hands, I repeated the process, almost rolling the short, slender woman up in a ball as her left leg dropped onto my shoulder and I leaned forward, sliding my erect penis a fraction deeper into her juicy pussy.

“You want it hard, Tisha? Here you go!” Tisha let out with a scream as I suddenly began trip hammering my cock into her welcoming pussy. The dark skinned woman quivered as I slammed cock to her, making her babble with a string of nonsense words, tinged with a Mississippi Delta accent. I slipped my arms under hers, fingers sliding across her back to pull her more tightly to me, my fingers passing over several rough, bumpy patches.

Her ankles tightened against my head as she crossed her feet, trying to tighten her grip on my long cock and using me for leverage to push her pelvis up to meet each stroke. Our bodies slapped wetly together as we came together – the room becoming thick with the aroma escort ataşehir of our fucking. Sweat, pheromones, wet pussy filled the room, making our nostrils flare hungrily as we moved closer and closer to climax.

I felt my orgasm racing through my body, surging up my penis, swelling my cock head, her slick, silky and hot flesh tightening around my cock, bringing my orgasm to the brink. With a roar, I shoved my cock hard and deep into Tisha’s womb, flooding it with steaming semen.

Tisha’s body seized up under me, a soulful wail erupting from her lips as her arms clawed my skin and her legs quivered and clenched against my shoulders and head. A deluge of fiery cunt cream coated my pulsating cock as Tisha joined me in orgasm, sobbing, “Fuck, fuck, f-fuck, fuck,” over and over again. She finally flung her legs wide, waving them in the air as her toes clenched in the throes of orgasmic pleasure, only to let them fall widespread as my ejaculations began to ebb.

Finally, I slipped off of the black woman to lie panting at her side, her chest heaving making her small, mature breasts shake as they rose and fell. “Damnation, John. I know why your momma loves your cock so much.” She reached out and stroked her fingers across my chest and said, “I hope you got enough in you to do that again in a bit.”

I actually blushed under her praise and said, “You’re too sexy for me not to get it up again. Next to Momma, you’re the best love I’ve ever known.”

Tisha giggled and said, “I bet I’m your first taste of brown sugar, ain’t I?” She rolled over and kissed me, her tongue snaking sexily around mine. I felt my face burning and our kiss dissolved as Tisha again giggled and said, “I’ll be damned…I am!” She moved to climb on top of me, her still sweaty body sliding easily over my slick body, stretching out so that her shaved pussy, now oozing my seed nestled against my lower stomach. She kissed me again and then said softly, “Well for a white boy, you can fuck this black pussy any time.

We spent a time just cuddling and basking in the glow of good sex, hands continuing to explore each other’s body. Finally, I fetched us a couple of beers from a cooler I’d brought with me and handed her one. “So, any luck on helping Momma?” I asked.

Tisha nodded and hopped off the motel bed, striding across the room while I admired her slender body. Tisha was thirty-five years old, and stood about 5 foot, three inches and maybe weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds. Her body was toned with well defined muscles in her arms and legs and a flat stomach. Her small and still perky breasts were capped with long nipples the diameter of dimes and between her legs her pussy was clean shaven, her dark flesh contrasting excitedly with her glistening pink inner flesh.

Tisha bent over a huge shoulder bag, flashing her well fucked pussy, spotted with whitish blobs of my semen at me from beneath firm and trim hips. She pulled a thick folder out of the bag and returned to bed, dropping the file on my chest as she stretched out beside me. “Got me a special friend works in the Sherriff’s office in your granddaddy’s county. He might be a high and mighty congressman now, but he has them always updating Carlie’s file.” She rubbed my arm and continued, “This here is a copy you can keep – it’s got everything they had on her case and even her behavior reports from prison.”

I leafed through the file, pausing when I came to some graphic photos of my father lying on a blood-soaked sofa, dead from Momma emptying an entire clip from a Glock automatic pistol into his sleeping body. I felt nothing for him as I studied the harsh photos. Nothing turned to hate as I found next pictures of Momma, one side of her face one massive bruise with the eye swollen closed and the other eye blackened. A head to toe shot of Momma naked, bruises covering over half of her body. Attached to that were hospital reports that provided a history of several years of violent and savage abuse.

“This is what they had suppressed at her trial,” I said.

Tisha nodded and said, “My friend says they confiscated the hospital’s official reports – they don’t exist outside Garrett’s file.” Her fingers teased my forearm. “Well, there and the copy you got in your hand.”

Some memory or nugget of fact tickled my brain and I murmured, “I don’t think a photocopy is admissible in court.”

Tisha shrugged and said, “Maybe not, but hell, at least you got the whole picture.”

I sighed as I kept flipping through the file. Prison reports indicated a couple of rough years early on and then nothing but good behavior. I noticed Tisha’s signature beginning to appear. I looked up at her with a questioning look.

The black woman smiled back and said, “Yeah, it was about ten years ago when I hired on at the prison. I already knew I was bi, but when I saw your momma, I about wet myself. I had me a real schoolgirl crush on her and well…we, you know…”

“You two just worked kadıköy escort things out,” I finished.

Tisha grinned evilly at me and said, “That’s right. We’ve had our loving moments and I’ve tried to help her when I can. You can see I wrote her up a lot for good commendations…that sort of thing usually helps push a parole along quicker, but the parole board ain’t never seen those and besides, they walk in ready to obey your granddaddy’s orders.”

I paused to look at copies of Parole Hearing reports – each stamped with ‘REJECTED’ dated two and four years ago. Cause was listed as “Showing no sign of rehabilitation.”

Tisha sneered and said, “No sign of rehabilitation my ass. Carlie’s been a model prisoner for more years than I can count and even got her G.E.D. bout three years ago.”

I looked up in surprise. Tisha nodded and said. “Used to brag about you from your adopted momma’s letters that she could barely read. She decided if ever you wrote something, she wanted to be able to read it. She might sound like an illiterate cracker, but she ain’t really.”

I shook my head, both awed and touched. Part of me ached for all the years I’d gone without knowing Momma. In a husky tone, I said, “Thank you for helping her…for helping us.”

Tisha laughed and said, “Well, we worked ourselves out an arrangement is all. In prison, ain’t nothing comes free. I treat your momma good and she and her sweet tongue been pleasing me for years. I help you and you and that fine white boy dick be pleasing me as well.” Tisha rolled over and sat up beside the bed, stretching her arms high, the muscles in her back cording and swelling. “Besides, Carlie got a fucking raw deal. Maybe you understand it and maybe you don’t, but a woman knows when her own has been screwed over. I know.”

In the dim light of the motel room, I could see the round scar marks on Tisha’s back – six or seven of them, looking to be the diameter of maybe a lit cigarette. I reached out and ran my fingers over them, finally letting my hand rest on her shoulder and gently draw her back. “Well, maybe part of this is an exchange of favors,” I began, pushing Tisha onto her back. “But, not all of it – this is just me wanting to please a beautiful woman.” I moved to climb between her legs, my cock rapidly growing as I looked down at the African American woman below me, her legs spreading wide to give me access.

Tisha grinned evilly and replied, “Sheeeit, John! You are a smooth talking motherfucker. This how you seduced your momma?” She held out her arms, beckoning. “How about you pretend I’m your momma…maybe give me a load of spunk I’ll deliver to her in person.”

My cock jerked and throbbed at her words as I instantly understood the implications. With a growl I was on top of her, sliding my body along hers, our slightly dried skin feeling tacky – tugging at each other as I moved. Her pussy was hot and wet and ready, though, welcoming my stiff penis between her slick labia and then hungrily enveloping it in folds of flesh satiny soft and so, so wet.

Tisha squealed with pleasure as I thrust my hardness into her, her pelvis flinging up to meet my cock and I quickly was buried in her pussy to the root. She shivered as my wiry pubic hair scraped against and tickled the bare skin of her vulva. Her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled my head down so our lips met in a passionate kiss. Her tongue, long and thick slipped into my mouth and she almost purred as I sucked on it. She teased my tongue into her mouth and returned the favor, her full lips sucking furiously on my tongue before we began dancing them together, replicating the greater dance of lust our bodies were engaged in.

I felt her heartbeat quicken as we fucked, mirrored by the pulse of her blood engorged nipples, rubbery hard tips scraping across my chest. Her fingers intertwined in my hair, yanking on my locks to keep my mouth on hers as we came together again and again, the sweet delicious friction of my cock moving in and out of her clasping cunt. Tisha rolled her hips and pressed her clitoris more firmly against my thrusting cock and was instantly reward with orgasmic sensations that quickly had her writhing in ecstasy while I fucked her on and on.

She broke our kiss so she could throw back her head and cry out – hands now clawing down my back as she flung her hips upward trying to get more of me in her. Sweat poured off my body to splatter on her face and chest, joining the rivulets of perspiration flowing across her dark skin. Our bodies made wet, slapping noises as we fucked as did our joined cock and cunt – a wet squishing noise as she seemed to almost be spraying pussy juices, coating my erection with her steaming juices and the rest escaping with each movement of our lovemaking.

As her orgasm began to fade, Tisha began urging me to follow. “Cum in me, boy. Cum in me for your momma!” She squirmed underneath me, working her pussy muscles to milk my cock. “Give me a big maltepe escort bayan load so your momma will get to eat a big ol’ gooey mess of her son’s cum!”

I began to thrust harder – her words creating images that brought me closer. Tisha recognized that and continued to spur me on. “Yeah, that’s it…give me that big dick, give me that hot spunk so your momma can get down on her knees and eat your sperm from Tisha’s pussy!” Her words were arousing her as well and combined with my now frantic thrusts, Tisha slipped into another orgasm and then I felt my resistance crumble and I shoved my cock in deep, grinding my crotch against her bald pussy and emptied another load of thick and creamy semen into her snatch, seeing in my mind’s eye, Momma squatting in front of the prison guard, a long streamer of my jism strung from Momma’s lips to Tisha’s spread and gooey labia.

We cuddled for several minutes and then Tisha’s wristwatch began to beep and she said, “I got to go.” She separated from me, looking back at me lovingly as I sprawled on the bed, her eyes traveling down my body only to pause at my semi-erect and cum covered cock. She licked her lips and said, “Well, maybe I can give your Momma a kiss from you too and she leaned over and took me in her mouth, making it my turn to writhe in pleasure as she sucked and licked my sensitive cock clean of my semen and her pussy cream.

Tisha then quickly dressed, patting the crotch of her panties while saying, “An hour from now, your momma and me will be having a little counseling session. I hope she enjoys the surprise creamy filling.”

I pulled on my pants and followed the now uniformed black woman to the door. “How’s Momma doing,” I asked.

Tisha shrugged and said, “She’s hanging on, John. Being with you is a blessing and a curse.” When I frowned at her response, she reached up and patted my face. “Oh now, don’t fret. You and your momma becoming lovers, why, it’s gave Carlie a new lease on life, but not being with you all the time, it’s made prison life seem even more awful than it already is.”

“Tell her I love her,” I said.

Tisha nodded and leaned up and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth. “Boy, she already knows that.” She gave me a big smile. “But I’ll tell her anyway. And I’ll tell you’ll see her in two weeks.” And then she was gone, roaring away in a small jeep.

I got my stuff together, carefully packing away the file Tisha had given me and began the drive back home, my mind racing the whole way. So much had happened and although it had happened pretty fast, it also seemed to be happening painfully slow. It had only been two weeks since Momma and I had finally become lovers while on a conjugal visit in one of the Women’s prison’s ‘Red Houses’ after which the prison guard Tisha who was Momma’s lover, offered to help me find a way to help Momma go free in exchange for sexual favors.

Although part of me felt I was betraying Momma’s love for me, part of me was aroused by this African American woman and all of me yearned to break my mother free of her awful life. Tisha had said she would call me and last night she finally had, having me meet her at a run-down motel today for a romp and to begin the process of getting Momma free. I physically ached for Momma – my nights were restless and what little sleep I’d had was filled with erotic dreams of my full bodied mother – carnal images of me on her, in her, the two of us locked in incestuous lovemaking, always on the verge of cumming.

Over the next few days, I poured over Momma’s file, looking for that one ‘AH HAH’ document that would set into motion her freedom. I made subtle inquiries at the university, seeking to find a good legal mind to help me find a solution. Every answer I got back pointed to one professor of law – a locally well known champion of liberal causes who unfortunately was off on a tour of speaking engagements and wouldn’t be back into early fall.

Still, between my graduate studies and trying to find a way to bring Momma home, my days were busy and filled. Alas, once I went to bed, it was a different scene. I tossed and turned, tormented by images of my mother, her short mahogany hair framing her lovely face with those brilliant blue eyes. Momma’s legs and thighs were shapely and toned, probably from working all day long on her feet, but she was thicker on top with a full waist and incredibly huge breasts. While on the conjugal visit in the Red House, I’d snuck a peek at her industrial strength prison issue bra and a tag revealed that Momma was sporting a pair of meaty 48DD breasts, incredibly massive tits that sloped and gently sagged against her chest like huge gourds.

Most haunting of all was Momma’s pussy, that ripe, flesh partially concealed by a thick, almost unruly bush of black hair. The unique touch of Momma’s aroused flesh had made me feel as no other woman could. To sink my erect flesh into her steaming cunt was to both return home to the most wonderful place on Earth and to touch the face of all that was holy. Pleasure with all other women paled compared to the incestuous ecstasy making love to my mother gave me. Making love to Tisha was a close second, but even then I knew it was because of the link she represented between Momma and me.

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