The Sauna Ch. 01

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PLEASE NOTE: Everyone is 18 and over.


As she crossed the lawn towards the sauna, Sarah Jackson smiled to herself. It was on days like these she realized how truly blessed her life was. Five years ago her husband, Dave, had bought a lottery ticket on his way home from work. It had taken him a few days to remember he had bought it but when he checked it, well, the family’s worries and troubles were well and truly over.

They had bought a large house on an exclusive and private estate and a flash new car. In time, at the end of the large garden they had built a sauna, constructed out of fine timber logs. The sauna had soon become a family favorite and was used regularly.

So on this hot and sunny Tuesday afternoon, wearing just a thin gown, Sarah carried a tray of three ice cold drinks, with every intention of joining her two children, Simon and Martha, in the sauna, as she often did.

Sarah opened the door which led through to an entrance hall. She placed the tray down on a ledge, and looked towards the closed door of the sauna room. She looked to the left, and hearing laughter, she realized Simon and Martha were in the large tub, which was located in the room next to the sauna. There is no door to the tub room so Sarah slowly moved towards it. The two of them were laughing and joking and not wanting to disturb them she stopped at the entrance to the room.

First she saw Simon lying in the tub, then glancing in further she saw Martha lying opposite him, their legs touching. Both were naked and Sarah smiled when she remembered how shy they had been when the sauna was first built. At first the whole family wore swim clothes in there but realized this wasn’t right. Dave and Sarah shed their clothes and encouraged their reluctant teenagers to do the same. It had taken a while. Simon had been as shy to be naked in front of his mother and sister as Martha had been in front of her father and brother. But over time the two had got used to being nude in there and now would quite happily pendik escort spend time naked around family. Despite this Sarah still found herself a little surprised if she walked in there and found Martha sitting naked next to her father or brother. In the same way she never quite got used to sitting in there on her own and Simon walking in, stripping naked and sitting next to her.

So this afternoon she stood by the frame of the entrance to the tub room, just out of sight of her son and daughter, and listened to their conversation. She was fascinated to know what they talked about when they thought they were on their own. Rather disappointingly for her she found their conversation to be really boring so decided to stop spying and simply join them. She walked back towards the main door, took off her gown and took a sip of her drink. At that point she heard Martha say something interesting to her brother.

“So any more updates on that girl at school you’ve got the hots for?”

“Oh…err…” Simon stumbled.

“What was her name? Megan?”

“Yeah, Megan.”


“No news really. I still like her but I just haven’t done anything about it yet,” Simon explained.

“Well if you like her…”

“Yeah I know…” Simon replied.

Sarah moved back to the entrance to the tub room and peered round, hoping to get some insight into her kids innermost thoughts. She saw that Martha had sat up and her breasts were now out of the water.

“Seriously little brother. If you like her tell her. You don’t want to miss out,” continued Martha.

“I know I know I’m just a bit you know…slow…”

“Be more confident. Believe in yourself brother.”

“Good girl,” thought Sarah.

“I know,” mumbled Simon.

“Have faith in yourself.”

“I will.”

“Try to imagine yourself kissing her. Feeling her little titties! Then try to imagine some other kid at school doing that instead of you,” joked Martha.

“Ok sis, I get the picture.”

As maltepe escort she said ‘titties’ Martha had put her hands up to her own breasts to emphasize the point. For a few moments the two teenagers were silent. Sarah continued to hide behind the frame. Every now and then she peeked round the corner to look at them. The next time she did this she happened to glance into the tub. To her amazement she noticed her son had an erect penis. Naked herself, Sarah was convinced Martha must have noticed her brother’s boner.

“Wow how can she ignore his erection? It’s pretty obvious,” Sarah thought to herself.

The siblings continued to chat, Martha asking her brother more questions about Megan and what she looked like. Sarah almost gave herself away, letting out a small gasp when she realized her son was gently stroking his cock under the water. The two of them continued to sit in the tub like this for about another five minutes, Simon constantly stroking himself, Martha talking to him.

“Sauna time?” Martha suggested.

Simon nodded. His sister stood up and let the water run out of the bath. Sarah hurried away and crouched behind a ledge in the entrance hall. She watched as Martha walked nude through to the sauna room, Simon just behind her, his erection subsiding. When they had closed the door to the sauna Sarah crept up and spied through the window.

For a while the two of them just sat happily on the upper bench of the sauna. Sarah watched them. Initially Simon’s cock was soft but whatever the siblings were talking about it began to stiffen. Again Simon began stroking it, lazily.

“How can he just play with his cock while his sister is there with him?” thought Sarah.

Without realizing it she had begun to rub her pussy as she looked at her son’s hard penis.

Sarah gasped again as Martha suddenly reached out and wrapped her hand around her brother’s cock. At first she stroked him slowly but then leaned over and began sucking him.

“Oh fuck,” thought kartal escort Sarah as she watched them, now furiously rubbing her own pussy.

Martha leaned off her brother and turned her back on him. She bent forward and Simon moved towards her then thrust his cock deep into his sister from behind. He pounded into her for several minutes before she moved again. Martha climbed down from the bench and moved toward the door of the sauna room. Sarah moved back, trying not to imagine if she was caught watching them now, naked and masturbating.

“It’s too hot in here!” Martha declared, opening the door and switching off the steam.

She went back in and lay down on her back on the lower bench, spreading her legs. Simon climbed down and began to fuck his sister again. With the door now open Sarah could hear her son and daughter as they fucked.

“Oh oh god yes Simon oh god yes fuck me fuck your big sister oh FUCK FUCK OOOHHHH!!”

“I’m gonna cum oh oh oh…”




With one final thrust Simon exploded his cum deep into his sister’s pussy. Sarah was still rubbing herself wildly as she watched her teenage son and daughter fuck. Finally she reached her own orgasm as the two teenagers sat on the bench stroking each other’s backs. Sarah moved behind the ledge again as they stood up.

“Oh god that was wild! Did we just do that?” laughed Martha.

“Err..I think so. Thank god mom didn’t come in!” joked Simon.

“Yeah I thought she was going to join us.”

“Well luckily for us she didn’t. Can you imagine if she’d caught us doing that?!”

“You’re a very naughty boy little brother!”

Sarah watched as the two of them opened the main door and walked naked across the lawn back to the house, in full view of any neighbors that might be looking out of their windows.

Sarah sat alone in the sauna room for ages. She heard her kids go out of the house and finally dressed. She hadn’t been in the kitchen more than about ten minutes when the phone rang. It was her own brother on the phone.

“Hi Sarah! Is it ok if Dan and I come to stay for a few days next week?”

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