The Silken Family Trap Ch. 06

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From Part V

“Here Mike,” she smirked and handed the pantyhose that only minutes before had been stretched around my cock.

“You might as well keep them, by the look of the that little wet patch and the smell of semen, you were been busy with them before I came in,” Matron said, a smile on her face.

“Maybe next time you visit I’ll let you take these off,” she said pulling on the gossamer sheer nylons on her legs.

I was just flabbergasted and almost beyond speech.

“Thanks Ma’am, I would love to,” I stammered and walked out the door my head spinning. I heard her laughing to herself as I walked away stuffing her pantyhose into my pocket.

“But I bet you are the sort of lad who would have more fun If I left them on,” she chuckled after me.

I couldn’t help thinking of Matron’s large, well-shaped and pantyhosed legs all the way home. The fact that I had put her worn pantyhose on my cock and had sniffed the lovely smell of her cunt in her discarded hose was driving me insane with a newfound lust. That Matron had propositioned me and hinted that she knew I had a nylon fetish was also not lost on me, “But I bet you are the sort of lad who would have more fun If I left them on,” what else could she mean?

I immediately started plotting how I might take her veiled invitation further, and even better in my mind’s fantasy, get Mom or Sis involved. As I turned these thoughts over in my mind, I realised my best chance was to get my older Sister Eileen to play along. Even though she was only seventeen, she had assisted me in getting Mom to become a willing participant in our nylon incest games, so why not Matron too? Besides Mom had continually stressed that we needed to keep our newfound family pleasures a secret; so, Eileen it was to be.

When I arrived home I raced up to my Sister’s room, I was in luck, she was home. I entered her room to find her propped on the bed with a set of headphones on her head, listening to her music. I plopped myself on the bed beside her and of course, immediately began to stroke her pantyhose encased leg.

“Hi Sis,” I smiled as I slid my hand up and down her gossamer nyloned thigh.

“Hi Mike,” she smiled back, removing her headphones.

“Trust you to go straight for my legs; without even the slightest invitation or provocation,” she laughed.

“You just have to be in the same room and wearing nylons Sis, you know I can’t resist,” I responded, smirking what I hoped was my cutest smile.

“Well, you will never guess what happened to me today?” I inquired.

“Well, no Mike I can’t; but judging by the big smile on your face, the hard-on in your pants, and the way you are pawing my thighs, I guess it had something to with sex,” she teased.

“Well Sis, the hard-on is in no small part due to my playing with your sexy legs, but largely due to my adventures this afternoon.”

I then went on to tell Eileen about the fantastic fuck I had had with Mom in the Matron’s office at the hospital. I also told her about playing with Matron’s stockings before I fucked Mom, and about how Matron had come in to her office later and basically propositioned me. I then started to explain to her my plan to get Matron involved in our sex games.

Before I could go on further she stopped me.

“Mike, that story where you bent Mom over the desk and fucked her has got to one of the hottest stories I have ever heard; slide your hand up my skirt and see what you’ve done to me.”

Who was I to turn down such a request? I slid my hand along my Sister’s slinky nyloned thigh and under her little pleated tartan skirt. I savoured the feel of her nylons on my fingertips, and the light material of the hem of her skirt sliding along the back of my hand as it disappeared into the lovely playground that my Sister was encouraging me to explore.

As my hand encountered the top of her leg I slid it slowly across her silky pantied crotch. I could feel the heat, and as my fingers ventured down between her legs, I felt the damp wetness there.

“Oh Mike,” she whispered,

“Please, please, please,” my Sister begged.

I pushed two of my fingers into her slit, rubbing the nylon of her hose and panties against her labia. I pressed harder against where I guessed her clitty might be beneath her underwear and was immediately rewarded with a sob of pleasure.

“Oh god yes Mike, there, that’s it.”

I massaged her cuntal area slowly but firmly and felt my Sister’s panties become soaked with her juices. She squirmed and rose herself up off the bed to meet my ministrations. Her back and legs arched as she rose her torso up, taking her body weight on her feet and shoulders, her skirt fell back revealing dark green nylon panties covering gauzy sheer to the waist pantyhose. What a magnificent sight I though as I continued to stoke her hot pussy through the layers on nylon.

After a few minutes of making Eileen squirm in sexual bliss, I decided that I needed to attend to the now raging hardon that was bulging in my jeans. Without ceasing attending to my Sister, I removed my clothes and manoeuvred pendik escort myself between her spread legs. I lightly rubbed my engorged member against my Sister’s nylon encased thigh and quickly got into the same rhythm as the stroking I was applying to her cunt.

The feel of her delicate nyloned leg against my cock was scintillating, I could never get too much of the wonderful feeling of my penis against nylon. As I started to press my cock harder on her leg, I too started to pant.

“Oh yes Sis, I love this, absolutely love it!”

“Don’t stop Mike, I’m close, please, put him in me, put Him in ME!”

I knew what she meant, and my Sister begging to be fucked was a request not to be denied. I reached my hand inside her panties and seized a handful of gauzy nylon and ripped it open.

“Oh Mike, yes, put him in NOW!” Eileen screamed.

I reached behind Eileen and grabbed the two pillows that rested on her headboard and pushed them under her arched back. I pulled on the gusset of her pretty green panties and eased it to one side. I kneed myself forward and positioned the head of my cock inside my Sister’s swollen labia and let go of the gusset of her panties. The soaked panty material eased back across her crotch and came to rest against the side of my penis.

Eileen felt my glans nestled in her cuntal lips and she slowly began to ease herself forward, impaling herself on my turgid, throbbing cock. As my Sister slid herself onto my cock, I reached forward and grabbed her waist just where the waistband of her pantyhose peeked over the top of her panties. I took a firm grip and started to push her down onto my member, slow and hard until I was buried into her right up to the hilt.

As our pelvises butted together we both grunted,


I moved my hands down my Sister’s sleek hosed legs and lifted her claves up and around my waist. I felt her legs lock behind me and she gripped me against her, the sheer nylons sending shooting sensations of delight where they brushed against me. She used the grip she had on me to commence a slow steady fuck; easing my cockhead out of her until the corona of my glans was touching her inner labia, then pulling me back into her until our crotches were smashed together.

Eillen’s juices were flowing faster as my penis eased in and out of her, her soaked panty slid along my shaft, heightening the sensations shooting through my body. She started to chant in time to our now steadily increasing thrusts,

“Fuck! Fuck! FucK! FucK! FuCK! FuCK! FUCK! FUCK!……………….FUCK MMMMMMMMMEEEeeee!!!!!!!!”

“Oh Mike fuck me honey, please, please, please!” she sobbed as the tempo increased.

My body felt like it had some sort of electric sexual energy flowing through it due to the sensations of my Sister’s cunt gripping my cock, her pantyhosed legs rubbing back and forth as we humped, and the nylon panty teasing the shaft of my cock as it thrust in and out of her.

Our orgasms were fast approaching and Eileen sensed it too. She locked her long legs around me even harder, clutching me in her grip and slamming me against her, grinding her cunt against my pelvis and causing exquisite friction to scour her clit. Her silken legs spasmed and convulsed against me and her cunt quivered and pulsed in orgasm. My cock burst forth stream after stream of hot semen inside her as it pulsed and throbbed in concert with her climax.

“Sis, Oh Sis! I love you, I love it!” I groaned as she sucked the energy from my body.

“Oh Mike, you drive me wild, Brother of mine. I love you too!”

We both came down very slowly from our mutual climax, shuddering and groaning as the last of orgasms drained from us. Eileen’s, legs slid down my side and came to rest splayed apart with me between them. I slowly allowed myself to fall forward on top of her as she released me from her grip. I started kissing her gently, planting lots of little kisses on her lips and stroking her hair and caressing her face as I kissed her. We lay like that for a while, kissing and caressing as my cock slowly deflated inside her and eventually plopped our of her puffed-up pussy lips and came to rest on her panty crotch as the silky material slid back into place, my cock no longer keeping it to one side of her entrance.

“Mmmm Sis, I could lay here for hours and do this,” I whispered into her ear.

“Liar,” she giggled.

“You’d get hard again eventually and want to do it all over again!”

“And so would I, so get off me you naughty boy and tell me about your plan for Matron!”

I eased myself from on top of my sister and lay close beside her, lazily stroking her thighs and buttocks and occasionally stealing a kiss as I explained my plan to trap Matron. Eileen asked questions and offered suggestions as I outlined my plan. She giggled occasionally and conspired with me to concoct what hopefully would be another ‘silken trap’; this time for Matron.

We decided to strike while the iron is hot and hatch our plan for the next day.

That night Mom came home exhausted and after a quick dinner she gave maltepe escort us both passionate kisses goodnight and went to bed; I was to find out later that on the way she left her discarded nylons hanging from my bedroom doorknob; a nice trophy for my collection.

The next afternoon I met Eileen at home, we both skipped school after lunch to prepare our trap. Eileen dressed in a black leather mini, white low cut blouse, tan pantyhose and red high heels. She flipped up her skirt and revealed a pair of black, lacy open crotch panties. I loved the look of those open crotch panties covering her pantyhosed pussy.

“Down boy,” she laughed as I made a half-hearted lunge for her.

With her usual lashings of makeup and red hair worn in an eighties frizz she looked more like a hooker than a schoolgirl.

I then made a call to the hospital and asked for the Matron supervising Mom’s ward; I was in luck, she answered.

“Matron Phillips,” a husky professional voice answered.

“Hello Matron, it’s Mike here, I spoke to you yesterday afternoon in your office?”

“Hello Mike, what can I do for you, do you want to speak to your Mother?” she asked.

“Oh no Matron! I want to talk to you about my Mother. Its personal, and I wondered if I could see you alone in your office?”

“Well that is really an odd request Mike, I really don’t normally see family members of my staff, especially alone.” She responded.

“Please Matron, I really have to talk to someone about Mom; it’s really important.” I begged.

“Ok then Mike, if you insist, be here at two PM then; I’ll make sure your Mother is busy in the ward so she won’t know you are here,” she capitulated.

“Thank you so much Matron,” I responded, trying to sound relieved.

‘We’re on!” I winked at Eileen………………

At two PM sharp we were outside Matron’s office. True to her word, Mom was not in sight, in fact the nurses station was empty; no one had seen us enter the ward.

“Come,” Matron responded to my knock.

‘I hope to,’ I thought to myself as Eileen and I entered her office.

“Mike, I didn’t know you were bringing anyone else; is this your Sister?” Matron asked looking a little surprised.

“Yes Matron; meet my older Sister Eileen,” I responded.

“Pleased to meet you Eileen. You look a lot older than your Mother says you are; seventeen isn’t it?” Matron enquired.

I noticed Matron cast an evaluating look up and down my Sister’s body. Her gaze rested on Eileen’s lovely sheer hosed legs framed below the micro mini, then she took a long casual once-over up the rest of her, coming to rest on Eileen’s heavily made up baby blue eyes and flaming red hair.

“Yes, seventeen Matron,” Eileen responded, casting her own long deliberate appraisal back at Matron.

Matron was wearing the same tight, dark blue, business suit skirt and white blouse set she wore yesterday, except today she also had on a matching navy jacket. Black high-heeled pumps and dark hose completed the ensemble. Her application of makeup again leaned to the heavy side, dark blue eyeshadow and plum red lips; her glossy red hair, styled in a bob in contrast to Eileen’s long mane.

‘Two redheads to play with, hope they are both as fiery as their hair,’ I thought smugly.

“Well sit children.” Matron motioned towards two seats in front of her desk.

Matron came around the large desk and sat on the corner, her skirt riding up and displaying an ample thigh encased in smoky grey hosiery. I couldn’t help but look, and Matron saw my glance and smiled smugly.

“So what’s so important about your Mom that you have to see me alone without her?” she came to the point.

“Well it’s like this Matron, it’s a hard subject to talk about so I guess I’ll just say it straight out. Mom is having sex with me,” I blurted out.

Matron looked at me with disbelief and shock.

“I don’t believe you, Jean, I mean your Mother couldn’t possibly……..” she trailed off.

“Yes Matron, I can see what you’re thinking about; yesterday afternoon, this office reeked of sex, I bet you could smell it,” I countered.

“You handed me your pantyhose remember, you hinted that I had wanked in them, but I can tell by the look on your face you now realise that there was also the smell of pussy in here too,” I added.

Matron now turned a deep crimson.

“Mike, I, er, the pantyhose, I didn’t know. Oh my god…er; anyway we shouldn’t talk about this in front of your Sister, and don’t use those rude words” she stammered.

“Oh Eileen knows everything Matron, in fact Mom is having sex with her too, isn’t she Sis?”

“Yes Matron, me too,” Eileen responded quickly, smiling sweetly.

“But Mike, why, why, are you telling me about all this. It’s terrible, it’s illegal, it’s disgusting!” Matron asserted.

“Well because after my Mom forced me to have sex with her in your office yesterday, you found me in a state of distress and the best you could do was try to seduce me yourself! Even after I asked you for help, the best you could do was try to take advantage kartal escort of me!” I hissed at her.

“But Mike, that is such a blatant lie. You Know it is!” she pleaded.

“Well explain that to the police when I tell them that story, or maybe I’ll just tell just the hospital management. Either way it’ll be hard to explain how I came to have your pantyhose in my possession, which will undoubtably have your vaginal secretions and certainly my semen in them.”

“I’m no expert, but I’ve seen enough cop shows to know how forensics work. And of course my Sister here will back me up at how distressed I was when arrived home yesterday, wont you Sis?” I smirked.

“Of course honey, I mean Brother of mine; of course I will,” Eileen smirked right back.

“I don’t believe this, why Mike? Why are you are you doing this to me?” Matron pleaded, tears forming in her eyes.

“Well Matron, its because I am now an expert in getting what I want, and well, I want some of this, you see,” I whispered as I leaned forward and placed my hand on her thigh.

This was Eileen’s cue; she rose out of her chair and sat close to Matron on the desk. She placed an arm around Matron’s broad shoulders.

“And you see Matron, I’m here to see that Mike gets what he wants,” she whispered into Matron’s ear.

“What are you doing?” Matron begged of us.

“Well I’m taking you up on your offer Matron, you were right when you said, ‘But I bet you are the sort of lad who would have more fun If I left them on,’ I said as I slid my hand further up her thigh and under her skirt.

At the same time my Sister turned and reached out with her other hand and undid Matron’s Jacket. Matron couldn’t fight both of us off, but she tried to wriggle her legs and at the same time remove Eileen’s hands, which were now unbuttoning her blouse.

“Now Matron,” I said, “either cooperate or we tell our little story to the management or the police,” I threatened.

Matron stopped wriggling and sat still, defeated.

My hand continued to explore under Matron’s suit skirt, sliding up her nylons, then encountered a stocking top and garter.

“Oh yummy Matron, I’ve always dreamed of fucking an older women in stockings,” I said stroking the plump flesh above her stocking tops.

I rose out of my chair and stood between Matron’s, chubby, but shapely legs and commenced stroking them. I noticed now the smoky grey stockings had a black seam running up the back of them and I loved the feel of them, so sexy! I lifted Matrons skirt and looked underneath, slapping Matron’s hand out of the way as she tried to stop me. She was wearing huge dark grey nylon panties, then I realised they were cami-knickers, silky nylon shorts with frilly lace around the legs and waistbands. I kept stroking Matrons stockinged leg with one hand and started stroking her panty crotch with the other. I felt Matron stiffen as my hand went to her nylon covered cunt. I heard Matron give a muffled grunt and looked up, taking my eyes away from her splayed stocking encased legs and knickered ass to see what was happening.

Eileen had been busy too; she had Matrons blouse open and her hand inside a matching grey nylon brassier, and was stroking Matron’s tit. My sister started kissing Matron passionately; I could see her working her tongue. Matron was a big lady but still no match for Eileen who was holding her in place as she struggled.

I opened my fly and eased out my stiffening member. I rubbed it on Matron’s smoky, nyloned thigh and felt again that exquisite feel of diaphanous nylon against my cockhead making it tingle with delight. A snails trail of pre-come glistened on her leg. Matron tried to struggle again and I held her legs tightly.

“Submit Matron, or you know what happens,” I threatened yet again.

She relaxed again and gave a resigned shrug. Sis was smiling at me and said, “Look Mike, I think she’s starting to like our attention.”

Eileen had Matron’s tits fully exposed and her large knobby nipples were long and engorged.

“Well I guess it’s a matter of when rape is inevitable………..” Matron whispered.

“It is,” I chuckled and recommenced dry humping her leg.

I worked my way forward between her legs and my cock came in contact with her stocking top. I rubbed it there whilst my hand slid down from under her cami-knickers to caress the expanse of flesh above her stocking. It was a very new and rewarding experience for me to play with legs encased in fully-fashioned stockings instead of pantyhose.

My sister was now kissing Matron in a series of long slow kisses and Matron was responding, not overtly but you could tell she was coming around and giving in to her sexual growing excitement. The sight of these two heavily made-up redheads kissing and fondling was exciting me further and I kneaded Matrons plump thighs harder and humped her stockinged leg with long slow strokes.

I moved my hand under Matrons cami-knickers and stroked the outside of her pussy. It was so hairy and felt huge, unlike the tight little slit my Sister has, and Mom’s was also small compared to the puffy fat mound I was now stroking. I poked a finger inside the flabby outer cuntal lips and felt a warm moist cave, the inner lips nearly as large as her labia majora; Matron stiffened slightly and then relaxed, her legs opening further.

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