The Skills Assessment Ch. 01

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We headed over to Beth’s house feeling both curious and optimistic given that we’d been strictly forbidden to tell anyone else that we were going to be there. Beth had approached Jim and asked him if he’d bring Rob and me over to her house along with enough cocktails for a few of her friends and whatever the three of us planned to drink. However, she was very clear that no one else was to be told or invited along and if anyone else called or showed up, we’d all be given the boot. Naturally, we were curious about who else she’d invited but were optimistic that whatever was going on, it would be a good time.

Beth still lived with her parents, who we assumed must be gone at least for the night, and had asked us to park in their driveway rather than in front of the house. I was driving and had picked up Rob first, then Jim, so I parked my car in front of one of the garage doors, which opened as we began unloading the alcohol. Beth led us through the garage, into the kitchen and downstairs to her finished basement. Looking around as we carried the booze to the refrigerator, I only saw Beth’s girlfriends around the basement and no one else. The basement was pretty nice, with a big, sectional sofa in front of a large entertainment center, a bumper pool table and its own bathroom. Once everyone had a cocktail, Beth asked the three of us to sit while she explained why we had been asked to come over.

Her friends all remained standing while she explained that the five of them had recently been having some disagreements about techniques and, consequently, their skill levels in the arena of oral sex. After much debate, they had come to the conclusion that arguing wouldn’t determine who really knew what she was doing and who didn’t, so they had recruited the three of us to serve as judges. Beth laughed at our reactions of disbelief and stressed that she wasn’t kidding and that the only catch was that we had to be blindfolded. She went on to explain the system that they had worked out where each of them, identified only by a number, would suck off each of us for sixty seconds before switching. We would then rank them by their numbers and, afterward, set to rest what the best technique was. Beth had even set up a tape recording that would tell the girls when to switch and to remind us which number was currently servicing of us. It was obvious by their thorough planning that this was a big deal to them.

There was no question that we were going to do this; five different women blowing us and asking us to rate them? It was a no-brainer. Beth turned on the stereo and got the tape set up while the others spread us out on the couch and got us blindfolded, making sure that we couldn’t see even a sliver of light. Even looking down along the sides of my nose, I couldn’t see anything; they’d clearly planned even the blindfolds down to a science to make sure this was a truly unbiased system. I heard Beth’s voice from the area of the stereo making sure that everyone was ready to go then indicating for everyone to get into start position. The next thing I heard was Beth’s voice over some background music saying that we were ready to start with number one and that sixty seconds would be starting momentarily. I didn’t even realize someone had knelt in front of me until I felt her hands on my jeans, opening them and working them down along with my underwear. My cock was growing steadily as I felt my jeans, underwear, shoes and socks removed.

When Beth’s recorded voice indicated that it was time to start, I immediately felt a hand on the base of my cock, followed by a warm, wet mouth engulfing it all the way down to my pubes. This incredible mouth slowly slid up and down my shaft, causing my cock to swell to its full proportions, as the hand gently pumped the base. As far as I was concerned, we had a winner already; this blowjob far surpassed any I’d had the privilege to receive prior to this. I was briefly disappointed as the lips left my shaft, but when I felt a soft tongue on my balls as my cock was still being pumped, I was certain that no one would be able to top this blowjob. The soft mouth returned to my shaft and slid up and down a few more times before I heard Beth’s voice again, this time indicating that it was time to switch to number two.

The hot, wet mouth left my cock standing stiff and slippery with saliva but when Beth’s voice indicated that it was time to go, another mouth quickly engulfed me. Even without comparing it to the previous blowjob, this one had no chance of being crowned a winner; the only thing this blowjob was better than was no blowjob at all. I never felt a hand on any part of me, just a warm, wet mouth that engulfed my cock and started jackhammering up and down over it. The problem with a mouth moving up and down that quickly on your cock is that you wind up feeling a lot more friction, which isn’t all that pleasant. Also, there is no slow build up; it’s as if the provider is just trying to get done as quickly as possible. My guess was that this was someone pendik escort who probably insisted her technique was better than the first one I had experienced, which was why we were here. I looked forward to telling whomever this was that she had a lot to learn.

I was never so pleased to have a blowjob end as I was when Beth’s voice indicated that we were now moving on to number three. While I wasn’t expecting anything as nice as the first blowjob, I knew there couldn’t be anything as bad as the second. When it was time to go and a new pair of lips wrapped around my cock, I silently thanked the powers that be because they felt pretty awesome. This mouth moved up and down my cock much more slowly, allowing me to enjoy the warm wetness of her mouth and feel the softness of her lips and tongue. It was above average by the standards I was used to, but still not quite as good as the first one. She used her hand to gently pump my shaft as she sucked, but never paused to lick my balls. I did feel her tongue a bit more, particularly along the underside of my shaft. This blowjob more than made up for the last one and I really relaxed and enjoyed it, right up until Beth once again indicated that time was up.

When the next one started, I knew this wasn’t going to be as enjoyable as the previous one and nowhere near as good as the first. Luckily, though, it also wasn’t as bad as the second one had been. This was a technique I don’t know that I’d ever experienced before; her lips didn’t touch my shaft until they were close to the bottom, then she pulled my cock with her mouth. When her lips got to the head, she parted them again and brought them back down to the base again without touching the shaft. Basically, her lips only contacted my shaft on the upstroke and then she was more or less pulling my cock rather than sliding them up it. It was really kind of a bizarre interpretation of a blowjob. It wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as the second blowjob had been, but it felt almost like half of a blowjob and not a very good half at that.

This was another one that I wasn’t too disappointed when it was time to switch again. The fifth and final contestant wrapped her lips around my head and slid them slowly down to the base before reversing course and sliding them back up again. Now this made up for the last one and I could feel an orgasm starting to slowly build up. Her hot, wet mouth moved up and down my shaft slowly, drawing out the pleasure it was producing. Again, I wouldn’t have minded her tongue on my balls or even, in this case, her hand pumping the shaft as she sucked it. Overall, however, this was more on par with some of the better blowjobs I’d received prior to that night. As I felt my orgasm continue to build, I heard from the other end of the couch what sounded like Rob grunting, so I assumed that he had cum. I didn’t know what the procedure was if we didn’t cum or whether we were even supposed to, but I counted him lucky and hoped I’d have the opportunity, too.

As if to answer that question, when the recording indicated for number five to stop, it went on to say that for anyone who hadn’t cum yet, we’d be starting from the beginning again and continuing until we all had. That made me smile because I knew that number one would definitely get me the rest of the way there in less than sixty seconds. I felt that awesome mouth close over my cock again and start sliding sensuously up and down as her hand gently pumped the base. Immediately, I felt my cock beginning to swell, thanks in part the commendable previous blowjob. She tongued my balls again and brought me right up to the brink before wrapping her lips around me again. I had to restrain myself from pushing my cock deeper into her mouth and tried to just relax and appreciate the job she was doing. My pleasure built higher and higher until I grunted myself and started spewing down her throat.

She never paused, swallowing my load and continuing to nurse my cock as it softened. Before she raised her head, I heard from somewhere to my left the sounds of Jim also filling someone’s mouth with his load. Soon after, without a word, my cock was abandoned and I heard the tape being shut off. Beth said that since everyone had finished, it was now time to score so we could take our blindfolds off. We were each handed a notepad that had already been numbered from one to five and told to rank our blowjobs with one being the best. I didn’t even have to think about it really; my list went from number one being number one to number three, number five, number four and, finally, number two. Beth took our notepads and the five of them put their heads together and tallied the results. Michelle and Tara were clearly unhappy, so they must have been my numbers two and four, but Beth, April and Kay reminded them in hushed voices that, apparently, they’d all agreed not to be upset regardless of the outcome.

They turned back to the three of us, none of whom had bothered to put any of our clothes back on, tuzla escort and Beth said she assumed that we were all curious as to which mouth went with which number. We confirmed that we were and she went through the rankings for us. I think we were all shocked that the winner by unanimous decision was Kay because I think we all were surprised that she was involved in this competition at all. She was very preppy and very brainy while sort of average looking; here was a lesson not to judge a book by its cover. Second, by two votes to one was Beth, who was my vote for second, and third, by the same margin, was April, also matching my vote. The last two were unanimous as well: Tara was fourth with her pull technique and Michelle was dead last with the jackhammer. They were all interested to know what they had done right and what they had done wrong, so we laid it all out for them. We talked about what felt best and what felt worst, what the bonus added touches were, like Kay tonguing our balls, and what just seemed unusual.

Michelle and Tara had a lot of food for thought, while Beth and April had some tips to improve their techniques. Finally, I just said that as long as the three of us were there, why didn’t we help them make whatever improvements they needed to? They agreed that it made sense but none of us guys had quite recovered yet, so I said that all we needed was some stimulation and suggested that they all undress. They’d already blown us, so I figured being naked in front of us wouldn’t be such a big deal, and to our delight, it wasn’t. We stripped off our shirts first, so that we were completely naked, then Michelle volunteered to strip down first, since I’d asked them to do it one at a time.

Michelle was a pretty good looking girl with long, brown hair, but her tits were small and her ass was just a little big. She peeled off her shirt and dropped her pants, revealing some pretty plain underwear, but her nipples were pressing out against her bra. She undid the front clasp of her bra, exposing her small breasts and a couple of big, thick nipples that were just begging to be sucked. Her panties went next, giving us a view of her trim, brown bush and, as she bent over to pick up her clothes, she showed us her slightly big ass.

Kay stepped up next and, although she wasn’t wearing her typical sweater vest and khakis, her attire was still along the preppy/brain line. I was curious, though; having received an awesome blowjob from her, I was now wondering what else she might be hiding. I was paying close attention as she pulled her polo over her head and I realized that her tits were squashed into a sports bra; man, I hated those things. Her jeans went next and she looked pretty good in panties that matched her sports bra. As she released her tits from their restraint by pulling her sports bra over her head, I was pleased to see that they were actually bigger than they had appeared through her shirt. They were nice, big handfuls with large areolas and I felt my cock beginning to twitch again as I thought about getting my hands on them. I almost wasn’t paying attention as she pushed her panties down because her breasts were swaying and bouncing, but I did manage to catch a glimpse of her brown bush before being distracted by a nice, round ass. I had to admit, I had never thought about Kay much before that moment, but I knew I’d be thinking about her a lot more after that night.

Beth took Kay’s place and we all watched raptly as she was probably the most perfect specimen of the five of them. She had black curly hair and a bright smile with a body toned by being a gymnast. Her shirt was gone quickly and, shirking tradition, she reached back and popped open her colorful bra next. We were all transfixed as her bra slid down her arms and her breasts came into view, highlighted by the triangular shape of her tanlines. Her nipples were small and hard atop her average-sized but firm and perky tits and, again, I felt my cock continuing to recover. She opened her jeans and dropped them to her ankles, turning to show that she was wearing a thong before slipping out of that as well. Her ass was so firm and toned that you could probably have bounced a quarter off of it and her bush was trimmed to a narrow, black landing strip above her otherwise shaved pussy; both also were highlighted by tanlines. Now I wanted Kay and I wanted Beth.

As April moved front and center, my attention was drawn from Beth because April’s physique was similar; I was just as anxious to see her naked. She followed Beth’s lead and stripped off her shirt and bra first. Her tits might have been slightly larger than Beth’s, but her areolas were definitely bigger. She shed her jeans and was wearing bikini panties rather than a thong, but looked equally as sexy. Her pussy was surrounded by a trim, brown bush that matched the long brown hair that flowed over her shoulders. She stepped out of her panties and picked up her clothes, leaving only Tara remaining with any clothes on.

Of ümraniye escort the five of them, Tara was the most, what I would call, voluptuous, which really is just a nice way of saying she carried more weight than any of her friends. She wasn’t fat by any stretch of the imagination but, I would assume, compared to her four closest friends, she probably felt that way. Personally, I was looking forward to seeing her big tits and never would have passed up an opportunity to see her naked. She was wearing a long shirt and decided to slip out of her pants first, leaving the shirt hanging over her ass. She screwed up her courage and started pulling up the shirt, revealing her curvy thighs and hips and, finally, her bodacious tits. She, too, was wearing bikini panties, which I thought looked good on her curvy frame. She reached back to unfasten her bra, which went slack around her big tits. She let it slowly slide down her arms, gradually revealing more and more of her cleavage while Jim, Rob and I stared intently. Finally, it hung up on her nipples and she shook it the rest of the way off, setting her pointy, torpedo tits jiggling, much to our delight. She seemed emboldened by our attention and, as shown by our now stiff cocks, our appreciation of her body. Her panties were quickly at her ankles, exposing another dark brown bush between her thick thighs.

Their undressing had obviously had the desired result as the three of us were completely stiff once again. I tried to get focused with five naked females standing before me and the potential of more blowjobs helped. I suggested that first, since Kay had won by unanimous decision, the other four watch her work. Starting with me, she blew each of us for a minute or so while each of us explained what she did that was so great in our opinions. April and Beth tweaked their techniques slightly and gave us each a test run while Kay watched and Michelle and Tara studied. Finally, under the guidance of the other three, Michelle and Tara went to work applying what they had learned. It didn’t all happen instantly, but they were open to constructive criticism and it wasn’t too long before both of their techniques had vastly improved. In fact, between the two of them alternately blowing me, the other three milling around naked and offering pointers and seeing Jim and Rob also getting blown, by the time Tara was back to me about the fourth or fifth time, it didn’t take much before I was blowing a load into her waiting mouth.

She raised her head once she’d swallowed it all and my cock had begun to soften and I told her just how much she’d improved and that I wouldn’t mind getting a blowjob from her any time from now on. Since Michelle was in the midst of blowing Jim, Tara moved over to Rob and went to work on him again. It was only a minute or so after she’d started that Jim was filling Michelle’s mouth. While he was telling Michelle how much better she’d gotten, I called Kay over and suggested that, since she had provided so much pleasure to us, not only with her own mouth but in helping to improve the others’ techniques, she deserved to be rewarded with a bit of pleasure herself. I then asked her if she would allow me to eat her pussy; seeming slightly surprised, she agreed. She took my seat on the couch and I knelt on the floor between her legs. Spreading her lips apart, I started lapping up the juices that had been collecting between them while she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

About the time I was slipping a finger into her snug, slippery hole and focusing my tonguing on her clit, I heard Jim inviting Beth to have her pussy eaten as well. I assumed Tara was still blowing Rob and wondered briefly whether the other two girls were getting completely turned on watching the treatment that their friends were receiving. Kay was writhing around and moaning softly as I licked and sucked her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her. I hoped that my generosity would lead to further encounters as I now found myself strongly attracted to her. Her fingers in my hair were basically holding my head in place as she started humping her pussy against my face. I could feel her pussy getting even wetter the longer I ate it and couldn’t help but think that it would feel unbelievable to slip my cock into her. I hoped I’d have the opportunity to find out.

From behind me, I heard Rob grunt as he finally filled Tara’s mouth, followed by some murmurings which I assumed were an invitation to one of the remaining girls to get her pussy eaten. I glanced up at Kay’s face and saw her looking down at me sort of glassy-eyed, though she did smile briefly before a look of ecstasy took over her face. She was rhythmically humping my face while also pulling it against her pussy and I was doing everything I knew how to give her as much pleasure as she had given me. Her moaning kept getting louder and her movements more rapid until finally she tensed up briefly before letting out a long moan of relief and shuddering through an orgasm. I raised my head once I knew she was done cumming, still admiring her naked body before looking into her brown eyes. She smiled and thanked me, to which I replied that any time she wanted me to do it again, all she had to do was ask. She assured me that she’d be taking me up on that offer.

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