The Stepsister Part 11

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The Stepsister Part 11

~~Start of Part 11~~

Sis comes back in and sits down and sees that Becky and I seem to be having a little personal look at her and she smiles so we both catch it. Mandy is sitting on the end of the couch and I get up and move in between her and Becky and they make room for me to sit down. Mandy perks up immediately now that I am down by her and cuddles up on to my arm and makes sure my hand is right on her warm and slightly wet pussy.

She puts her head on my shoulder and whispers into my ear, “I love you sweetie…” I look over at her and give her a passionate kiss, which she gladly returns. I notice my fingers getting a little wet again and look at her, her eyes are burning with passion and she gives me the…let go in the bedroom look. As we get up Mandy says, “excuse me ladies, but the events of earlier this evening have left me wanting to have some alone time with my boyfriend…is that ok with you two?”

Becky speaks up first, “of course honey…and thank you very much for letting me have a short time with your wonderful lover…” She winks at me and blows me a kiss. Sis just looks at us and give us the of course you can go play…have fun look.

We get into the bedroom and Mandy goes over and pulls the sheets off the bed…another laundry day soon…I think to myself…I did not notice at the time, but she left the door wide open and just turned off the large overhead light.

As we lay down on the bed, she looks over at me and says, “I know that must have taken quite a bit out of you honey, but I really am fine just laying here and getting you to myself for a little while…”

I look over at her and say, “that is very kind of you, young lady…but I can rest when I am dead…” she giggles a little and looks at me seriously. “Would you mind if we just ‘69’ for a little while?” I nod my head in agreement and start to move and she stops me…She gets up on my chest and lays down with her cute little pussy right in my face and starts to stroke my cock as I put a pillow under my head and begin to gently lick her slightly swollen lips and clit.

We just lay there gently and slowly enjoying each other. It was nice and relatively relaxing after the previous night and mornings activities, and now what this evening has offered up as well. We continue this for quite some time and then Mandy starts to move around a little and I release my arms from her waist and she gets up and says, “stay here…”

I lay there and can hear the ladies talking in the living room and then Mandy reappears at the door and asks if I mind if she brings them in and we all lay there for a little while…I say sure and the parade of amazing women come in and take up different part of the bed. I am looking at this and wonder what is about to happen…

Sis lays down next to me and puts her hand on my chest and tells me softly in my ear, don’t worry Mandy wants to try something and asked me and Becky to help her out…because she is not sure if you have enough go left at the moment…I kind of smile at and nod ok…I have plenty of go with these three in bed with me but I relax and let Mandy continue with her plan.

She gets out the KY jelly and puts a good amount on her hands and starts rubbing it in to my cock gently but firmly enough that I am starting to get very hard. I just lay there and let her do her thing. She looks over at Sis who tells me, “Becky is going to help her get on you…but she wants to take you in her little hole hon… you understand?” I nod my head yes…do not get over excited and start pounding her like this morning just let her ease into it and control it from her position…

Becky is down there helping Mandy get ready and it sounds pretty fun I just lay still so I don’t upset the apple cart. Mandy is moaning slightly so I look down and see Becky using the larger vibe that sis has on Mandy’s pussy and then moves it quickly to insert just the head of it into Mandy’s little hole…Mandy moans slightly but takes it in without too much pain that I can see at least…

Becky looks up at Sis and nods, and she grabs my cock and starts pumping very fast and expertly I might add. Mandy now moves over and with Becky holding my freshly stiffened cock, guides Mandy on to the head of my cock. Wow this feels good with Becky holding my cock and Mandy’s cute little hole just starting to take in the head of me…

I feel her start to relax a little as she is used to the size of the head now, and very slowly and gently she glides down the whole way on to my cock and lets out a very nice, but mellow moan…Wow she is amazing and this on her first try…I just lay very still and Mandy starts to move up and down slowly on me. This is fucking amazing…I feel every move of her muscles as she is working very hard to keep everything slow and still as possible.

I notice that Becky is now up on the other side of the bed laying next me and she puts her hand on my chest too. Mandy is now slowly riding my cock in her small little love hole and looking at me with these amazing eyes that say thank you honey for letting me do this my way…

I just lay there keeping very still and quiet…not sure why, but it felt right…Mandy is now really getting into this newfound sensation and starts to move a little faster and is putting more downward pressure on me with every thrust it seems. Becky and Sis seem to be more relaxed now and they are taking turns licking and biting on my nipples and ears and every once in awhile letting me steal a kiss from one or the other.

Mandy is watching all of this from her perch on my cock and starts rubbing her clit with one of her hands and pinching her nipples with her other hand. I just lay back and let these women take full advantage of me.

Suddenly Mandy’s butt clamps down on me very hard and it feels like 10 times the power of her pussy from the other night. I wince a little and Sis and Becky jump as I do. They ask me if I am ok…I said yeah, I think so…but Mandy is really clenching down on my cock hard right now. Mandy stops as soon as I jump…She was cumming quietly and that is why her muscles cinched down so hard on me…I notice the puddle of cum laying at the base of my cock and smile at her…

She is worried that she hurt me badly, so she slides off me gently and starts to inspect my cock to see if it looks like anything is obviously not right. Becky moves down to help her and Sis looks at me and says, “are you really ok or does it hurt really bad in any one place?” “I tell her, I am fine Sis, really it was just a very intense grip she had on me and I jumped because it was even harder than the other night…”

Mandy looks up at me and says, “are you ok honey? Becky agrees everything looks fine down here unless you are having really intense pain canlı bahis şirketleri anywhere…”

I tell everyone that I am fine and do not feel any intense pain in my cock…It was just really a really hard muscle contraction you had, and it shocked me, more than anything…

Everyone feels more at ease now and Becky says something to Mandy and she gets up and comes back in with a wash cloth that is soaped up and a towel…I look at her funny and she just gives me the reassuring eyes and says, “lay back honey, everything is fine…” Mandy finishes up and comes up to Sis and whispers something in her ear I cannot hear…

Sis nods her head and gets up as Mandy takes her place and looks at me as she lays down and says, “I am very sorry hon, I did not think my orgasm would do that to you…will you forgive me…?” I tell her, “nothing to forgive Mandy, you did not do it to hurt me, you did it while you were having an orgasm and that was partly due to me…” I smile at her and then I lean back and close my eyes as Sis just put her mouth on my cock and is giving me a very soft but amazingly erotic blow job.

I see Mandy out of the corner of my eye as I am in the middle of one of my waves of pleasure from Sis and she gets my attention… “Do you mind if Becky finishes you off hon?” I nod my head yes that is fine with me.

Mandy lets them know and there is a short pause as they move around, Sis is now up on the other side of the bed and joins Mandy in watching Becky start to suck on my cock.

Becky is a woman that knows what she likes and she likes my cock…She took me in immediately, taking my entire length the whole way into her mouth and I know I was feeling the back of throat when she started twisting her head a little and then used her hands in a reverse motion to the way her head was spinning…Wow this was an entirely new feeling and was very nice!

As Becky is doing her magic on my cock Sis and Mandy decide to play a little too and are taking turns with their hands first getting them nice and wet in their pussy and then moving them up and letting me suck and lick on their fingers. This was incredible.

With all of this stimulation I forgot to tell anyone when I was about to cum…and suddenly my body stiffens up and Becky stops moving and allows me cum in her mouth…Oh my god that felt good and she took every drop of it in…She looks up at me just as I am coming back down to earth and had just a little cum on her lower lip…she stares into my eyes and licks it up and then give me a big wet kiss on the head of my cock…

This woman is amazing, and Mandy and Sis are laying there watching her do her thing with admiration (?) it looked like. I am completely wiped out and just put my arms around Sis and Mandy and Becky leans forward and lays her head down on my stomach and I drift off in a well-earned sleep.

I wake up when I feel Becky move from my stomach and she gives me the shh signal and goes out into the hall. I notice that the sun is coming in around the blinds again, so I just lay there with two of my lovely sex kittens still purring in their sleep.

Becky reappears and says ok…wake up the girls, so I do, and they start to move around and wake up from our blissful sleep. Mandy looks around and asks, “Where is Becky?” I motion to the hallway and her and Sis get up and put on some panties to go see what is up. I hear them talking and get out a clean pair of shorts and throw them on and go out to the kitchen…

Coffee is set up and 4 mugs are on the table and the women are all sitting at the table already. I go to the open seat and sit down, take a sip of the fresh coffee and say, “ok what are you all up to now?”

Mandy looks over at me and says, “Well your Sis and I have to go into our part-time jobs today, so we will be gone for about 8 or 9 hours…”

I look over at Becky and take her hand and say, “Are you abandoning me too? Or would you like to stay? If Mandy and Sis agree of course…”

Sis looks at me and says, “Mandy was just going to ask you if you would like for Becky to stay…but I guess we have that answer already…” Mandy and Sis both giggle, Becky just got off from her 24-hour shift at the hospital and has 4 days off. They both wink at her and me…They get up and start working out the logistics of getting two women ready to go to work at the same time and Becky and I are still sitting there at the table and I am holding her hand.

Becky just has this very sweet smile on her face and her green eyes look very bright and happy today…not like last night when she came over. She looks up at me and says, would you like some breakfast?

I told her not to get to fancy…just need some food in me. She turns around at the cabinet and says, “Hash and eggs over easy?” I look at her in disbelief… “ok you have been taking to Sis and Mandy…”

She looks at me and says, “Nope, after a night like we had last night…any red blooded good American man would need some good old meat, fat, and protein in them…” I laugh as she gets the can out and start setting up the stuff on the stove.

Sis and Mandy both poke their heads in towards the kitchen and say, “He is not having you make him breakfast, is he?”

Becky looks at them and says, “after last night if wanted me to do his laundry for him right now I would…but no this was my idea…he needs energy after last night…”

They both accept her answer and go back to their preparation for work.

Just as Becky is finishing up the cooking the ladies come out all dressed up and do a spin and ask if they presentable. I tell them of course you are, but I am not impartial…I love you both so…” Becky says, “you both look very professional and sexy as hell.” She smiles at them and they return the smile.

Sis comes over first and give me kiss and a hug and says see you in a few hours. Then Mandy, and she whispers in my ear as she is rubbing my cock through my shorts, “save some for us too honey…” A kiss and hug and they are out the door.

Becky and I finish up breakfast and she zips around doing the dishes and then putting them away and will not hear of me helping her…When she is finished, we both go out to the couch and sit down and just relax for few minutes.

She looks over at me and says, “mind if I ask you a question or two?” I tell her to go ahead…
She thinks for few seconds and then says, “you don’t have to answer if you do not want to but, why were you interested in an older woman when you had two of the most beautiful young ladies I know at your beck and call?”

I consider my answer carefully, this is a mature woman I am talking to not, with all do respect to Sis and Mandy, a young lady…I look her in the eyes and say, “have you looked in a mirror lately?” She nods yes with that look of oh boy here comes youwin a line face on… I decide this would better actually showing her, so we get up and go in the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. I am standing behind her and I start at her head. “I did not know Sis and Mandy were going to do this, I was half teasing them, but look at your hair” As I run my fingers through her long flowing red mane… “it is beautiful and you just woke up after a night of great sex…” She does the pashhhaa thing… “Look at those bright green eyes that are full of life and happiness…” She is now staring at me in the mirror more seriously.

“Your high cheekbones and those cute barely visible freckles on your cheeks and nose… and your full and beautiful lips…” I continue, “now move down lower, look at your amazing chest and how well it is balanced by your slim waist and beautiful butt.” “And those very toned and sexy legs…I know as a man; this is woman who will accept nothing but the best and deserves it too.”

Her eyes get even brighter and I think I was able to show her how I see her, and she turns around and give me a big hug. She says, “I used to think that way, but that was years ago…it has been a while since I heard anyone say those things about me…” “thank you, I know you were being sincere, I could tell by the way you were talking…”

We go back out to the living room and sit down, and I look at her and say, “does that answer you first question adequately?” She smiles and says, “yes it did. You see me as I saw myself about 4 or 5 years ago.”

“Anything else you would like to ask me?”

“She thinks for a minute and then says, “yes…” “I know what you were doing last night with the keeping my panties on thing, you wanted to capture my “essence” shall we say…” I turn a little red, but not as bad I did the first few times with Sis and Mandy. “Did you really like it, or is it possibly why my husband is staying away from me?”

Doh, shit…now that is big question so, I approach it as slowly and delicately as I can…I need to try and get her to understand how I feel about it… I explain the episode with Sis when we were younger and then the current recreation scenario her and Mandy did for me. I look at her half expecting her to pick up her things and run out the door, but she sits there for minute and then looks at me and says, “ok, so this is a very important thing for you that happened in your formative years, and your Sis and Mandy understood that and wanted to let you know it was ok…that is pretty sweet of them…”

I look at her and say, “And you? Does it really creep you out and make you feel uncomfortable?” See looks me in the eyes and says, “No, it is actually pretty incredible and if you think about it very sweet and romantic…Each woman you have been with to this point in your life has a very delicate balance in her body that creates her own ‘personal signature’ if you will…and you like to know what that is and from all indicators, it really turns you on and makes you feel closer with them right? Am I close?”

I look at her and say, “uh…Could you write that down for me?” and I smile at her… “I know Sis and Mandy understand it too, but you put it very nicely, almost my exact feelings but I was not able to put it together in that way…” She smiles at me and gets a sheet of paper out of her purse.

For some reason that little talk really got me excited and knowing she completely understood what I was doing. My cock starts to grow a little and gets tangled up in the netting in the sorts and I jump up and am fumbling with the shorts to get untangled…

Becky looks over at me and says, “Are you ok hon? That looks a bit painful…” I tell her I am ok, just my dick was getting hard knowing she understood what I was talking about and well I got twisted up in the damn netting in the shorts. She looks at me and says, “just lean back on the couch and I will help you ok?” I nod yes and lean back.

She gently pulls down the shorts and very carefully untwists the netting fabric from my cock that was all twisted up in it somehow. She looks at me and says, “sweetie, I am not expecting sex and do not be ashamed if you grow in my hand ok? But I just want to make sure you are ok, and nothing is left over from last nights little incident…ok?” I nod my head yes.

She is gently and very expertly moving my cock around and looking at it from all directions and then she gently presses in on it with her thumb and index finger and runs them up the entire length, moves a little and goes down again until she is satisfied everything is ok. She looks at me and says, “everything is fine hon, I just wanted to make sure after last night…you can damage a penis if you bend it too much when it is fully erect. Everything is just fine though ok?” I nod yes and go and get a pair of underwear out of the drawer and put on some regular shorts…enough of that damn netting crap!

When I come back out to the living room Becky is sitting there working on some notes it looks like for work, so I just go in and get some water and sit in the chair next to the couch. She is busily making notes in what looks like shorthand or something and blasting through it pretty fast. She notices I am back and starts to pick up her stuff.

“Don’t worry about it, Becky, you have a real job and it is an important one…get your stuff done I am not going anywhere…” She nods at me and smiles and then dives back in.

I look over at her and smile as I can see right down the leg of the shorts she has on and she does not have on any panties. So, I sit there for a few minutes smiling and enjoying the view. She grabs for something on the couch over near the chair I am sitting in and catches me looking down at her shorts…she looks and notices that her fiery bush is out a little and so is one of the lips of her amazing love mound. She looks up at me and says, “yep you are 18 for sure…but thank you for the compliment…Your cock is very nice too.” She smiles and blows me a kiss and then keeps working.

It is about 4pm now and she finishes up with one final chart and closes It up and gathers up everything and puts it back in her bag that has tons of files in it. She looks at the clock and says…oh hell, it is almost time for those cute little vixens to get back home and frowns a little. I have a hell of an idea, I tell Becky and she says, “that sounds like fun and a good way for me to get them trained up for their ER rotation they have to do anyway…good idea!”

Becky goes over to the phone and dials someone up, she waits for the other person to answer and she says, “No I am not going to be home tonight either, I am training up some new interns and it was very nice of them to invite me over their place youwin giriş so we can get a lot of this done before they start up in late August…that way they can hit the ground running and be ahead of the other interns.” “No, I don’t care if you go out to the bar with the guys…just make sure you clean up the makeup and lipstick this time limp dick…” as she slams the phone down.

At first I was wondering who she called and then as she started to speak she started turning a light shade of red and it almost looked like she was sweating…Then the last part of the call happened and I figured out pretty quick it must have been hubby on the other end. Yikes…I almost forgot this amazing woman was already married…reality check.

She comes over and sits down next to me and looks at me and says, “Sorry, he is quite an asshole these days, but I also do not want him calling the police and saying I am missing or something…” “Sorry you had to see that, but I really did not want to do that in front of Sis and Mandy either.” I just nod my head in agreement and put my arm around her and we sit there for a little while just hugging and relaxing…

Mandy shows up first and comes in the door and Becky and I are just sitting there talking and laughing about her hubby’s stupidity, so she goes in and tosses her purse in the bedroom and does a quick change to some shorts and a cute little halter top that makes her boobs look at least a full cup size bigger and comes in, walks over and gives me big kiss and hug and flops down on the couch next to me. Sis comes in next in a whirl wind and does the same thing and comes in as Becky is getting up and going to the chair and Sis flops down next to me on the couch and gives me a big hug and a kiss…

Becky is sitting there watching us all get caught up on each other’s day, and Sis looks at Becky and says, “So can you still walk honey?” Becky busts up laughing and I am laughing too…they both look at us with those what the hell is wrong with these two faces…

Becky looks at them and says, “Ladies I had an amazing day with your man, but we did not spend the entire day fucking our brains out. He was very sweet and indulged me by answering a couple of questions I had about him and was a prefect, gentleman to me…” Mandy puts her hand on my head and fakes checking for temperature, and Sis plays like she is checking my pulse… “We did have a minor issue with those god damn PT shorts the Army gave him though…They should not put that flimsy netting in those things…he got a little excited during our very frank sexual conversation and somehow managed to get his ‘member’ knotted up in them.”

Mandy looks at me and gently puts her hand on my crotch, “damn it I did hurt you last night, didn’t I?” I get ready to answer her and Becky says, “no sweetheart, you did not hurt him he is perfectly fine, but after this afternoon’s incident I made sure, I did a complete exam of his penis.” Sis and Mandy wink at each other and Sis says, “I am sure it was very thorough too!” Becky blushed a little this time but continues, would you two like to learn how to do a real deal penis exam and not have to do that with some 75-year-old man in the hospital this fall?”

Mandy says, “So if I am overcome with passion and accidently suck on his cock, do I fail?” I laugh at that and answer, “no dear, you get an A for enthusiasm, but an F on execution…” Becky almost falls out of her chair and says, “give that man a hand…wait I retract that with you two…give him an A!”
Mandy and Sis agree and right there in the living room I have all three of these complete knockouts foundling my cock and pointing out major structures and landmarks for different procedures, etc…I learned more about my dick that night than I knew and the damn thing is attached to me!

After class was over, I raise my hand and Becky looks me with one of those ok what you plotting Mr. looks and says, “yes Mr. Anatomical study person…

“I have an operational inquiry…”

She rolls her eyes and the girls look at me…” let’s hear it?”

“At the end last night, you did something, very amazing and mind blowing, both literally and figuratively when you were giving me that amazing blow job; could you instruct your assistants on that technique?” Becky commences to turn full on fire engine red in the face…

“you little sneak…you had this planned the whole time, didn’t you?”

I just put on my shocked and unknowing face and say, “no madam I did not…” and laugh… “but that was simply amazing and a very wonderful thing do for a man…thank you so much.”

Sis and Mandy do their little awe, thats sweet honey thing, and then look back at Becky eager to see if she is going to teach them how to do that!

Becky comes over and pulls a pair of panties out of somewhere and says if he can tell me if these are mine or not, I will teach you two how to do that…”

I have no idea where she got these panties from but she had them somewhere and right at hand so she must have known I was going to pull something at some point…She hands them to me and says, “you have 5 mins Sir…the clock is ticking…”

Sis and Mandy are looking at me intently and hoping I guess right…I get them in my hand and for one they were the wrong style, two they did not feel as soft or fancy as the pairs I had seen Becky wear to this point and then I did the old nose detector…nope these were not Becky’s panties I could guarantee you that…

I look at her and say with full confidence, not those are not yours Becky…I do not know who’s they are but they are not you…and look at her hoping I did not make an ass of myself.

A tear wells up in her eye and I think oh shit I just screwed up….

she comes over and sits on my legs and says, “I know hon, but I was sure you could tell too after our talk this morning…those are from some skank my hubby is fucking instead of me…and she gives me a hug…” Sis and Mandy are speechless and they give us a hug and look at Becky and ask her, “how did you get those?”

Becky runs down the whole scenario she was working a night turn, comes home and thought there was another woman there but did not see anyone and she went in to her bedroom to go to sleep, there these lie in her hamper at the top…a pair she had never seen in her life and were not from the only place she bought her panties…she knew then it was some skank fucking her hubby, but she also knew I would be able to tell too.

I said, “shit that sucks…I am sorry hon.” She looks at me says, “I am not, if it were not for those panties, I am positive I would not have even entertained your Sister proposal the other night…and that for sure was an amazingly right decision.” I blush a little and she grinds her shorts into one of my knees and I feel her warm and soft lips pressing on my skin.

She says, “So, are we going to learn the Becky head whip job or what?”

The girls look at her and I jump up and say, “I am the prop!” and run into the bedroom with all three of them in tow.

~~End of Part 11~~

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