The Story of My Life Ch. 03

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Author’s note:

This is a true store, I only sometimes stretch the details a bit to make for better reading. I am always appreciating feedback of any kind, please take the time and write me a few sentences on how you liked my story. I’m writing this for you, after all.

This is the sequel to my previous stories.


My sister had been my wife’s and my first conquest earlier this year. I still recall the evening we spent together playing around and finally ending up making love, all three of us, until we were spend, exhausted, and happy.

Several other evening followed, with similar outcome. One evening, about half a year later though, turned out to be quite different. It was the night of Halloween. Franzi, my wife, and I, Kai, had invited some friends over for a small party. Halloween is still a quite new holiday here in Germany, being introduced over the last few years, but many people already celebrate it every year. Besides, it’s just one more day when you can have a party and not feel bad about it.

The party itself was not worth mentioning. We had a couple of friends over at our apartment, drank some and otherwise enjoyed party games, some funny and some not. My sister was there, too. It was one of the last evening she spent in our town, before she moved away again, and we had planned that she spend the night with us, and after everybody had gone home, to end up in our bed. Jasmin, my sister, was looking forward to this as much as we were. She had dressed here usual style, a little goth mixed with normality. She wore a black, long, wide skirt and a striped shirt in pink and black. The shirt clung to her body and showed her ample curves to everyone who looked. I myself was looking plenty. I had dressed in normal yeans and a tight t-shirt, my favourite look these days. I am the slim type and sometimes wish I had a little more muscle on me, but so far nobody complained, and Franzi likes me the way I am. Franzi is a full head shorter than me. She has blond, long, curly hair. That evening, she wore a black skirt, short and tight, the exact opposite of Jasmin’s skirt. Jasmin being brunette and due to her makeup looking rather dark, they looked like exact opposites indeed. I always liked that fact when I saw the kissing and making out, one blond and slim, the other brunette and with an ample body. One o clock approached, and slowly our friend began to file out, thanking us for a nice evening and leaving us alone. I was looking forward to saying goodbye to our last guest, except for my sister of course, who was of course staying. The last guest to leave that night was Sandra. She is our age, 26, and has been single for most of the last years. Sandra is as close a friend as Franzi and I have. We both know her as long as we know each other, and she has been with us through the years. She lives a couple of hundred miles away, though, and so we only see her on irregular basis. It was a coincidence that she stayed in our town that weekend. We had invited her the moment we heard she was in town, and she happily agreed to our invitation. Normally she would have stayed at our apartment, but as we already had planned for my sister to stay at us, we asked her to take a room in a nearby hotel, which she kindly agreed to.

Sandra has never had much luck in relationships. She was, and still is, one of the nicest persons I know, but she makes nothing out of her body. Sandra is only 5´5″ and really likes to eat, so in the years her body has expanded to what one would call voluptuous. Sometimes it seems to us that she is trying to look unattractive.

Sandra stayed for another 45 minutes after the last of the other guests had called it a night, and Franzi, Jasmin and me were getting more impatient by the minute. Not that we wanted Sandra out as soon as possible, but it was just getting harder to not let something slip. Sometimes we would steal glances at each other, and Sandra could never see one of those, or we would have been busted.

Finally, even her constant talking came to an end, and she said goodbye to Franzi and Jasmin and had me escort her to the door. I led her to the door where she started to put on her shoes, and I looked back into the living room where I saw Jasmin and Franzi kissing. I hid my smile that moment. They couldn’t even wait one minute until I had said goodbye to Sandra! Oh well, I thought, who am I to complain…

I went back to Sandra who was putting on her second shoe at that time. She stood facing the wall opposite me, bending down to tie up her shoe. Me being quite aroused and looking forward to the rest of the night at that time, I couldn’t help but look at her big butt right then. Her tight pants clung to it and showed her curved perfectly, and that moment I wished I could touch it without any of the consequences that would certainly arise.

Sandra bent a little deeper and her shirt rode up on her back, exposing her back and the outline of her panty above her yeans. White and see-through they looked to me…

“White and see-through?” I thought. “What does that remind me of?”

I rummaged through my memories then and escort ataşehir there, and after a couple of seconds, I remembered: We had given her those!

A couple of months earlier, for her birthday! Franzi and I had always tried to awaken Sandra’s sexual senses, so we always gave her stuff like candy-thongs or chocolate-markers to write on skin for her birthday and Christmas. It had developed into a sort-of running gag over the years. That evening, she was actually wearing that underwear we had given her. I remember buying it. Silk-like, white fabric, hot pants. A matching bra. The panties see-through all the way, we had chuckled she would never really wear those, but had bought them and given them to her anyway, maybe only because we then could dream about her wearing those.

And now she actually was.

That moment Sandra stood up again, turned around and made her way to the door. She opened it and stepped outside into the staircase leading to the other apartments. She looked rather disappointed at that time.

Sandra said: “Well, thanks for the evening, it was fun as always.”

“My pleasure!” I said.

My mind was still with her underwear at that time.

Sandra hugged me. “Until we meet again, I suppose.”

She started to turn around and make her way to the elevator.

What was that note we had given her along with her present?

“Enjoy and wear them the next time we meet, and show them to us on that occasion!”

Yes, I remember that sentence clearly now, we had hoped she might really show us how those looked on her. My mind was racing again. Was she only wearing those hot-pants accidentally? Had she planned to really show us this evening?

The elevator arrived. Sandra, with a wave of her hand, stepped in.

As the doors began to close, I leapt across the staircase and into the elevator with her. She looked rather startled at that time, and who can blame her. I quickly found an excuse as I told her that sometimes at this hour the front door is locked and that I would maybe have to open it for her, which seemed to satisfy her for the moment. 4 stories down we went, about 15 seconds time. I made my move somewhere between the2nd and 3rd floor.

“Nice panties you are wearing today.” I tried to sound as normal and nonchalant as possible.

Maybe the alcohol helped in hiding what I really wanted to say: “Show me!”

She seemed sort of surprised by my sudden comment, and I half expected her to not respond to my sentence, but then she chuckled and said: “You should know, you gave them to me.”

She smiled and looked me in the eye.

I smiled back. “Yeah, you are right.” I responded, as if just remembering.

I then added a thoughtful wrinkling of my forehead and said “Wait a minute, weren’t you supposed to show us…?” We had reached the critical point in this conversation.

Sandra still smiled “Well, you never had time this evening, and I waited as long as I could.”

That was why she had wanted to stay for so long, so that she would be given an opportunity to fulfil our request!

“Hm… I guess we screwed that up then, didn’t we?” I said. “Any way we can still enjoy the sight?” God knows I was having a hard-on just then and there, just talking to her like that. I so wanted to see her in those panties, it was all on my mind at that moment.

Sandra laughed. “Sure, let me come back up!”

Without a second thought I punched the button for our floor, and the elevator went back up again. I said nothing more on our way up. I just waited the 15 seconds it took to reach the 4th floor in silence. Stepping out of the elevator I glanced at Sandra’s round butt again, enjoying the sight of the ample curve on those short and rather heavy legs. Still dreaming about those legs I unlocked our door and led Sandra inside.

Inside I took her jacket and Sandra went back to the living room while I hung her jacket away.

I caught up with her at the half-closed door leading to our living room, where she had stopped dead in her tracks. Standing behind her I saw what had stopped her. Franzi was lying on the sofa, completely naked, her legs were spread wide open, and Jasmin was working the magic of her tongue on my wife’s pussy.

We were busted. How could I have forgotten the two were already at it? I should never have brought Sandra back up… Sandra must have been in shock, as she was just standing in the doorway, neither screaming and rushing into the room nor turning around and running out.

I thought about what to do next. Means of damage-control in every possible way came to my mind, but nothing seemed fitting even at the least. How was I to explain to Sandra that Jasmin and Franzi were making love and waiting for me to come back and join them, as we had done on several occasions? The answer was simple. I couldn’t…

I started to say something. I whispered words I don’t remember now; they must have been meaningless anyway. I stopped myself talking and making even more of a fool out of me. Instead, I gave in to the moment.

I looked over Sandra to the kadıköy escort two girls playing with each other. They were still doing what they had done when I saw them earlier, it must have been merely seconds ago. I noticed Franzi had started to moan quietly. She threw her head back, enjoying every second of Jasmin’s fabulous tongue. My cock was instantly at full growth again. I moved half a step forward to get a better look, and that same moment Sandra took half a step back. I held my hands up at her shoulder-height to stop us from bumping into each other, and I nearly managed to. While my hands cushioned her shoulder from hitting my stomach my hips touched her back, and her butt met my left thigh. The contact was only slight, but that only added to the sensitivity with which our bodies met. I could feel part of her butt and back clearly on my oh-so-hard cock. I don’t know if she felt it too, I surely hoped she did not.

But then, why was my hand moving around her side, under her arm, to her stomach? I caught myself the very moment my hand touched her shirt, a couple of inches under her breasts. What was I doing? My other hand still rested on Sandra’s shoulder. Looking down at it, I saw it moving out of its own, too. It travelled down Sandra’s arm, gently locking it in place, until it reached Sandra’s stomach, too. I held her in my arms, ours bodies touching more and more, as she slowly sunk backwards. All the while, Sandra never made a move of her own. I held her a couple of seconds more. What was I thinking? Here we were, both watching my wife and sister, in secret.

She must have been able to feel my hard cock. To me the feeling of it pressing against her back was too intense to ignore. The tip was rubbing against my jeans, as I hadn’t worn shorts that evening. I closed my eyes and imagined it was not mine but her jeans on which it was rubbing. I moved one hand upwards to her breast. It made contact with the fabric of her top, right on her breast. She still did not move. I got bolder. My other hand slid under her shirt, touching her belly, gently caressing her navel. This time I felt a response. Goose bumps on her skin. I moved both of my hands around a little, just to get a feel for everything. I opened my eyes again. Franzi still had not moved a spot. Jasmin shifted her weight slightly, sat up and removed her top. Her bra was nearly unable to support her breasts, so she took it off, too. Then she leaned back down to Franzi, kissing her hips and legs all over. All the while, my hands moved around Sandra’s body some more…

Sandra then did something I did not fully expect. She moved her hands. Not only did she move them, but she moved them to her back, and to my jeans. Her left hand felt the hardness of my cock. She started to open my zipper. As she did this, I leaned forward and kissed her neck. Only later did I think about what we were doing. At that time, I didn’t care about any consequences. I mimicked her move and slid a hand down to her jeans, opening the buttons. I then lifted the shirt off her, in a quick move where her arms were pulled upwards. I flicked her shirt away, and with my other arm prevented her arms from falling down again. I held them up, tight in my grip. I leaned into her and for the first time whispered in her ear.

“Show me your underwear, now. Show me those panties of yours. I want to see how you look in them.”

Silently, she obeyed. Her hand freed herself and opened the last button that was holding her pants. She slowly wiggled out of them, now just standing there in her underwear. Her back was still turned to me. I turned her around and looked her in the eye. She looked upwards at me, a shy look on her face. I bade her to stand still, and moved backwards three steps.

There she was, in just her underwear. All white and transparent. The bra showed the outline of her big dark nipples, not yet fully erect, and the hot-pants showed clearly and without a doubt that she was shaven bare. I took the sight in for a couple of seconds. In the background, Franzi was moaning heavily, close to her first orgasm. I silently cleared my throat and said “Beautiful. Why don’t you show Franzi?” It was a bold thing to say, but what wasn’t…

Sandra stood motionless for a couple of seconds, then smiled, turned around, and walked into the living room.

I remained where I was, probably too stunned to move. It didn’t matter as I was able to see perfectly from where I was. As Sandra walked into the room, Franzi saw her at once. Jasmin didn’t, as her back and ass was turned to the door. Sandra did nothing but standing in the room. And Franzi came. The orgasm that had been building up inside her exited her through a series of loud screams. Her body convulsed several times. She shivered all over and just kept staring at Sandra all the time.

I took the sight in once more. Then I stepped out of my clothes. The time it took me to do this seemed to last forever, and when I was done I followed Sandra’s steps into the living room.

Franzi had recovered from her orgasm. She leaned forward towards Jasmin and whispered something to maltepe escort bayan her. Jasmin turned around, and saw Sandra for the first time. For a moment she seemed shocked, but as Franzi seemed to be ok with this, and because of the fact that I stepped behind Sandra, now naked, she quickly recovered. She even managed a slight smile.

Franzi then stood up and slowly walked over to Sandra, who remained where she was. Franzi stepped very close to her. She was standing naked in front of her, only inches away. Her small breasts nearly touched the fabric of Sandra’s bra. All the while I was standing behind Sandra, my cock pointing at her round, full ass.

Franzi asked: “Is everything all right, Sandra?”

There was partly concern in her voice, as this outcome of the evening had not been predicted by anyone.

Sandra just smiled and nodded. Franzi then smiled, too, and leaned in a bit to kiss her. Sandra did not overtly return the kiss, but she let it happen anyway, because this was her long-time friend after all. It was clear she had never been kissed by a girl before.

I said: “Well, how does she look? Do you enjoy the sight as much as I do?”

Both Franzi and Jasmin took their time eying Sandra, and then nodded very approvingly.

I moved my hands around Sandra and started to feel my way to her breasts. Franzi went back to the sofa, this time laying Jasmin flat on her back. Franzi produced a pink vibrator from under one of the pillows, and started caressing the inside of Jasmin’s legs with it. She knew by now that the best way to return the favour of a beautiful and powerful orgasm for Jasmin was to fill her pussy with a dildo and then suck heavily on her clit. She started this after a short time, her blond hair falling on Jasmin’s legs. When she inserted the vibrator Jasmin started to moan. I always liked the way she did it. Her voice became so low, so hard; you could barely recognize it was her. Her eyes rolled back and she started to massage her breasts.

Sandra and I watched silently for a minute or so, and then I moved my hands around on her breasts. I could feel her nipples becoming erect under the sheer, silky fabric. My cock was not firmly pressed onto her back, as she was too small for me to push up against her ass. Sandra kept her back to me and reached behind her, taking my cock in her hand. I began kneading her breasts harder. They were like gum, not balloon-like like Jasmin’s. Fuller, more distinguished in their form. I opened her bra and felt them for the fist time, her skin softer then I had imagined. Her nipples were big and round, sticking out just a little. I rolled one of them in my fingers and was instantly rewarded by a gasp in Sandra’s breath. Her hand on my cock moved faster from that moment on.

I reached for her ass with my right hand. I felt the outline of her panties, riding high between her cheeks. I felt lower, slid my hand between Sandra’s legs, and felt her pussy lips through her panties. Her outer lips were small, unlike Franzi’s or Jasmin’s, who had both very big lips. Touching Sandra’s lips, I could even feel her inner lips and clit sticking out just a little. I felt the dampness on the fabric, not overtly much, but it still felt incredible. I wanted her.

She turned around, now facing me. I leaned in for a kiss, which, after a couple of seconds, she returned. Her tongue was inexperienced, it seemed, or maybe just out of practice. All the while I kneaded her breasts some more, and each time I tweaked a nipple she would gasp or moan into my mouth. I loved the way that felt, how it made my feel in control over her. I slowly dropped down to my knees in front of her. I wanted to kiss her panties and then pull them aside, kissing her pussy.

Sandra wouldn’t let me. Once on my knees she leaned down to me, pushing my further back, until I nearly lost balance. I lay down on my back. Sandra straddled me. She sat down on my hips, facing me. Her legs felt warm on my sides. My cock was buried under her, pressed tight against my stomach by her pussy. Before I could do anything more Sandra started moving back and forth. The silky fabric rubbed lightly on the skin of my cock. Sandra looked down to see it, enjoying the sight of my cock being treated by the confinement of her legs and panties. I let her take control at that time, as it seemed to me like that was what she wanted.

Sandra did not wait for long before sitting back up. I tried to reach for her and make her sit back down on me, so nice it felt. She wouldn’t let me, instead standing up all the way. Then she slipped her panties off. From where I lay I had an excellent view of her pussy lips, now all wet. She was shaven all right, and freshly so. “Maybe she had done it before coming here.” I thought. It didn’t matter, because Sandra sat back down on me. This time she held my cock upwards before lowering herself onto me. Clearly she was trying to penetrate herself with my cock. I was stunned. I had never expected she would do such a thing. To really fuck me. But that’s what she was planning to do. A moment later she succeeded in sliding my cock into her wet entrance. It felt wonderful, totally different from my wife’s. As Sandra sat down on me all the way, I felt her pussy touch my hips. She was taking me in whole, after just 2 or 3 strokes. Clearly her pussy must have been stretched more than I had expected. I didn’t complain.

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