The Sunbathing Daughter

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Tyler heard the doorbell ring through his heavy breaths and turned off the treadmill, patting his face with a hand towel and then throwing it over his shoulder. At 45, he was proud to boast a healthy diet and six well-defined abs. With high cheekbones and a charismatic smile, he had been quite active in his earlier days, before settling down with Margaret and eventually having Brittany.

Still sweating, he made for the door on the other side of the fairly large house, the doorbell ringing over and over again. Tyler had a sneaking suspicion as to who his visitor was, as only one person in his life was rude enough to make this kind of hassle.

Tyler opened the door to see Brittany, his twenty-year-old daughter standing in front of him, a smile lighting up her whole face. She was somewhat underdressed, even for the hot afternoon, with a pair of white booty shorts and a tank top that clung to skin, giving emphasis to her generous bosom. Tyler drew his eyes from her chest and smiled back, hopefully before she noticed he was staring.

“It’s so nice to see you!” Brittany laughed, wrapping her arms around her father’s neck, pushing her boobs against his chest. He returned the favor, praying she did not feel his stiff cock. She did not react to his erection, but she did take a deep breathe, apparently enjoying his post-workout odor.

“You too!” Tyler replied, pulling away and trying to calm himself down. “I’m surprised you came. Isn’t it spring break?”

“Yeah,” Brittany said, looking down and pushing her long straight hair behind her ear, just like Margaret used to do. “I had a bit of a falling out with some friends, and, well I was hoping I could stay here for the week.”

“Of course! You’re always welcome here,” Tyler smiled, and ushered his daughter inside. They chatted for the rest of the day, about college life, and grades, and boys. He tried to coax her into telling him about the fallout with her friends, but Brittany stayed tight-lipped, and he was not one to push. Eventually, Margaret came back from the office she was so often at, and more reunions were had, with drinking and reflection on all the past years together.

Eventually, the three went to bed, and Tyler was alone with Margaret, the pair preparing for bed.

“She looks pretty, doesn’t she?” Margaret said from her position on the bed.

“Brittany? Of course,” Tyler said, climbing into bed next to her.

“I mean, how she’s able to dress, due to her age…” she trailed off, and Tyler cut her off before she could continue.

“She looks a lot like you,” he whispered, playing with her slowly greying hair. Margaret had been one of the most beautiful people he had ever met in their youth, but time had not been the kindest to her. However, she was still gorgeous in her own right, and the lust Tyler felt as a young man had never truly gone away.

Tyler kissed his wife, their tongues intertwining, and he began to slide his hand up her thigh, underneath her nightgown-

“Stop,” Margaret commanded, her body becoming rigid as she pushed her husband away. “You know I get pendik escort headaches constantly,” she murmured, rolling over, her back to Tyler.

“It’s just been so long,” Tyler could not help but respond, clenching his fist. Margaret had been an animal when they met – even more so than him. Over the years her sex drive has diminished exponentially, and while Tyler has been patient and kind, he was starting to lose control of the mounting frustration.

The next day, Margaret went to work and Tyler went up to his office to finish a report. On the second floor, he had a nice view of the backyard pool, and on warm days such as this one he cracked the window open slightly, to let the fresh breeze in.

After his late lunch, Tyler went back to work, but noticed out of the corner of his eye some movement by the pool. He turned, looking through the partially open window to see Brittany sunbathing, her body barely covered by a tiny bikini and sunglasses framing her serene smile. Tyler rolled his chair slightly closer to the window, his fascination with his daughter written all over his face. Her top had two small triangles over her erect nipples, giving him a clear view of her tits’ ample curves. Brittany’s sizable bosom was contrasted with her flat stomach, which then led to her wide hips and hairless legs. Sunbathing seemed common for her, given the subtle tan she had all over her body.

Tyler caught himself. He moved away from the window, trying to get his mind back to work, but every so often Brittany would reach for her glass, or stretch, and Tyler would lose himself in the soft curves of her breasts and generous ass. Eventually, as the sun began to lower, Brittany stood up and began to collect her things as Tyler was drawn to her beauty. She seemed to move slowly as she picked up her towel and glass, placing her back directly to Tyler and reaching down, exposing her bubbly ass – barely covered by a small black thing. She made her way back inside, stepping slowly, swaying her hips back and forth as she walked.

That night at dinner, Margaret asked what Brittany was doing with her Spring Break.

“I’m performing,” Brittany responded, the hint of a grin appearing on her face.

“Oh, that’s exciting,” her mother responded, filling her plate. “And who are you entertaining?”

“Just this one guy, he’s helped me through a lot and I think he needs it right now.”

“Well that’s nice of you. Did he like the show?”

“Yeah, I think so. But he’ll love tomorrow.”

Tyler had stayed quiet the entire time, looking down at his food, afraid of what his eyes may give away. As Brittany finished her last sentence however, he looked up at her, fear, surprise, and lust all mixing inside of him. She smiled mischievously at him before winking and quickly changing the subject before Margaret could pry further.

The rest of dinner went on as normal, but even as he climbed into bed later that evening Tyler could not shake the feelings deep inside of him that had awakened at seeing Brittany in her true form for the first time. He had known she was attractive maltepe escort – told countless times by fellow fathers who had seen her at block parties – but never so confident, so stable in her own femininity. That was what had initially drawn him to Margaret, but the deterioration of his wife’s confidence had left a hole in their relationship, one that could now be filled with Brittany. Tyler pondered this, tossing and turning, eventually falling into a fitful sleep.

Tyler went to his office the next day, his thoughts stilled filled with Brittany and her gorgeous breasts and alluring ass, and tried his best to stay focused on his work. Around the same time as yesterday, something caught his eye and Tyler peered out of the window, only for his heart to skip a beat at what he saw. Laying down on a lawn chair that was now turned to face Tyler, Brittany sat with a pair of sunglasses on and nothing else. Her nipples were small but standing straight up on top of her perky breasts.

Tyler watched as she took lotion into her hand and lathered it over her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples. She moved downward, towards her clean-shaven pussy, and coated her inner thighs with the lotion, spreading her legs wide for her father. His work completely forgotten, Tyler watched as Brittany moved her left hand upward, fondling her breasts, as with her right hand she took two fingers and pushed them inside of her, a small moan carrying to Tyler through the open window. Brittany continued to fuck herself, pinching her nipples and letting out low moans. As she started to aggressively massage her clit, Tyler was painfully aware of his stiff cock pushing against his shorts. He deliberated for several moments over the morality of masturbating to his daughter, at the end of which he watched Brittany orgasm, her whole body shaking in pleasure as she squirted her juices over the lawn chair and cement below. This sent Tyler over the edge, and he rushed to the bathroom, taking his huge cock in hand and masturbating to the image of his daughter pleasuring herself. He shot a gigantic load onto the bathroom wall, which required extensive clean up. Afterwards, Brittany had already returned inside, and Tyler still felt conflicted.

He skipped dinner that evening, feigning illness and staying in bed. He was frightened of the day’s events, unsure of his faithfulness to his wife and to his morals. What morals were they? Tyler asked himself. Was his right to love less important than the seemingly arbitrary rules of society? As for his wife, she had long ago forgotten several of her vows from their wedding day.

These thoughts troubled Tyler, and he had an even more difficult time falling asleep.

Tyler awoke, much later in the day than usual, and hesitantly checked the house and pool for Brittany, but she was nowhere to be found. He had the house to himself, and, still somewhat conflicted by his own thoughts, he decided a few laps in the pool would help clear his mind. He put on his speedo and climbed in, trying to work away his anxiety.

Instead, it seemed the kartal escort workout backfired and he came out of the water with his heart beating out of his chest and his mind focused only on Brittany, and what it was like to watch her in ecstasy. He brushed his hand over the spot where she had squirted the day before, and he became hard at the memory. He was so distracted with his own thoughts he did not even realize Brittany was standing against the counter in the kitchen until he had entered the house and was standing in front of her.

Brittany had watched her father workout, his muscles straining against the water, and had undressed herself and waited for him just inside the doorway to the backyard. She looked down to see the massive bulge in Tyler’s speedo, and – lust and love mixing inside of her – she embraced him in a passionate kiss.

He was shocked at first, but instinct took over and he returned the kiss, tasting his daughter for the first time. He took the chance to grope her bare ass, his hand unable to take in a full cheek. Brittany ran her hands up and down his body, feeling his defined muscles and appreciating his firm ass, before ripping herself away from him and pulling his speedo off in one fluid movement. She gawked at the size of his rock-hard cock, and stroked it as she stood back up.

With another quick kiss, a smile never leaving her face, Brittany turned around braced herself against the counter, pushing her lovely ass into the air, inviting her father’s dick.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Tyler asked, the last of his uncertainty making a final stand.

“Do you want to know why I had a falling out with my friends, Dad?” Brittany asked, positioning her drenched pussy just in front of Tyler’s cock. She was looking behind her, and saw the confusion in his eyes.

“It was because I fucked my best friend’s dad – just because he looked like you.” Tyler’s eyes widened with surprise, and just as he grabbed onto Brittany’s hips, she thrusted backwards, impaling herself on her father’s cock. Tyler moaned as he impaled his daughter, feeling her tight pussy for the first time. The kitchen was filled with noise as they fucked, the shrieks of joy from Brittany, the low moans of intense pleasure from Tyler, the slapping as his balls hit against his daughter. She felt every thrust as her father rammed her, working his way deeper and deeper inside of her.

“Slap me Daddy, punish me for being naughty,” Brittany gasped in between moans, and Tyler complied, turning her ass cheeks red before continuing to focus on fucking her. This is what he had needed; something that no amount of thinking or working out could relieve.

Suddenly, Brittany was shaking, an orgasm rocking through her, and as she let out a squeal of ecstasy, Tyler realized how close he was, and told her so.

“Cum inside me, Daddy, I know you want to. I want to feel my Dad’s cum inside of me.”

Unable to hold on at the sounds of her begging, Tyler came deep inside of his daughter, his hot, white cum filling her and leaking out as he pulled his cock from her.

From this experience a loving relationship was born, and Brittany decided to forgo anymore years at college. While Margaret was somewhat taken aback by this, her father jumped to her support, offering her a place to stay for the foreseeable future.

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