The Tailor’s Shop Part 5

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The Tailor’s Shop Part 5
The conclusion I had come to was that Danni was as silly as a rook but in such a lovable way and when I got home Lisa was already home and catching some rays in the back garden, she came inside for a chat and I was wondering if her bikini could get any smaller but then she did look good.
“Interesting Day eh Dad” she said waiting for the story, I told her the events and what Danni had said about her training and Harry the mystery shopper and also how Danni turned totally professional when I left her, I was searching for Lisa’s opinion.
“Dad” she said, “Danni is lovely but she is not the full ticket, she lives in her own little fantasy world, she forgets things but she has a heart of gold, she was like it at school and didn’t get good grades” she was smiling as she told me a few stories from school and we came to the conclusion that the best thing would be to just play along with her as the worst case scenario was we could all have some fun, even Lisa had played along with her although they weren’t that close.
“How was your work experience trial?” I asked and Lisa told me that it didn’t go too well and that she wasn’t going to pursue it, “Don’t worry babes” I said sympathetically, “Something will turn up” as Lisa’s phone went ding with a text which was from Danni, “OMG Dad” she said gasping for air as she read the text, I was intrigued as I watched Lisa reading, “What does she say?” I asked with excitement in my voice and when Lisa got her breath back she said that Danni was over the moon that you went round and paid her for the suit and as a thank you she was going to buy you a present and wanted to know if she could drop it around tonight, I was overjoyed and happy that Danni was appreciative of my gesture and nodded in approval of Danni’s impending visit, “Shall I hang around Dad” she said as she winked at me and of course I agreed wondering what cunning plot she would come up with.
The evening soon came and Lisa had showered and put on a baggy night shirt with just a thong on underneath and I had a button up shirt and boxer shorts on and we sat and watched a bit of TV, had a smoke and waited to see if Danni would turn up, we weren’t disappointed and the doorbell rang.
When I opened the door, Danni stood there smartly dressed in a white blouse with two buttons undone and looking down had a short skirt on cut about two inches above the knee, bare legs and sandals, she was with another young guy, also smartly dressed in trousers and an open neck short sleeved shirt, Danni was carrying a clip board and I waited for her to speak.
“Good evening Sir” she said looking me up and down and seeing I was just in a shirt and boxers, “I hope we are not disturbing you, My name is Danielle and this is Ross, we are carrying out surveys in the local area and for your participation we are offering free gifts” she said very polite and professional while holding up a carrier bag, “Would you be interested?” she continued as I motioned them both inside, “Please take off your shoes and come in” I said with a smile looking at the other guy with her and shaking his hand, he had a very limp handshake but soft hands.
As we walked into the lounge Danni looked at Lisa, “Oh is this your wife?” she asked and both Lisa and I were struggling to hold back the laughter but we managed it, “No, this is my Daughter Lisa” I said as I introduced them. Now it turns out that Ross is Danni’s twin brother and Lisa quickly sent me a text telling me that he was as dippy as she was as she knew him from school but nobody let on and both Danni and Ross acted so professionally.
“Your güvenilir bahis daughter?” Danni questioned, “I may have a free gift for her too” she said with a grin which made Lisa smile, I sat them down on the sofa while Lisa pulled up a chair next to mine and I looked across and although Ross looked a little nervous his sister was quite confidently sitting with legs slightly apart reading from her clipboard which allowed me to get a glimpse up her skirt at her white panties, very nice I thought.
“The survey we are doing today is all about body hair, there are only a few questions and while I document your answers Ross here will evidence them with a photo, any questions?” she said and how we all kept straight faces was beyond me, “Ok” I said back, “And what are the free gifts? I asked and Danni reached into her bag and pulled out a few packs of what looked like underwear, “We have a selection of under garments that you both can choose from” as she laid the packs out on the floor. I was already starting to get a boner and I looked across at the silent Ross but couldn’t make out any bulge in his pants but he was sorting his phone out obviously getting ready for he pics.
Danni was busy writing something down then said, “You both have nice hair, yours is short sir and your daughter’s is shoulder length” and while she was writing it down Ross stepped up and standing in front of both of us started to snap away at all different angles even getting Lisa to bend forward slightly and I am sure he was getting a shot down her baggy shirt, “Great” said Ross as he looked across at Danni nodding his head. “What is the texture like Ross?” she asked and Ross ran his fingers over my head for a minute then said, “This one is heavy” he said as he turned his attention to Lisa and run his fingers through her hair, “Oh and this is very fine” he said not batting an eyelid, Danni was busy making notes but I did notice her legs widen slightly.
“Good” said Danni, “As your legs are exposed we will do those next, would you stand up please Sir” she said looking at me and I was trying hard to hide my obvious erection under my shorts but I did as I was told, now my legs are not really very hairy but Ross got close and was inspecting them while I stood there with an obvious bulge, “Average” he said and he started to take some pics of my legs back and front, “I just need to check the texture” he said as he ran his soft hands up the outside of both legs very slowly before doing the same with the insides but this time going up inside my shorts and I felt his hands linger for a second on my balls before returning down to my ankles, “Very soft” he said to Danni as she again made notes.
He looked across at Lisa and asked her to stand, he then took a few snaps of her legs before repeating the process with his hands, I must say that he lingered a lot longer at the top of her thighs than he did with me but she held her nerve and stayed silent, “Very smooth” he said and we both sat down again. As Ross stood up I could now see a bulge appearing in Ross’s trousers.
“So far so good” Danni said showing no emotion and I hadn’t heard any mumblings as yet but she was giving me a nice view up her skirt so I couldn’t complain.
“Ok Sir, if you could stand again and unbutton your shirt so we can check you chest and under your arms” she instructed and I stood up again and took a step towards Ross and saw he was glancing at my bulging cock, I slowly undid the buttons of my shirt before pulling it off and handing it to Lisa, “Very nice, I mean good” Danni said while making notes, “If you could türkçe bahis hold your arms up please” and Ross took pics under both arms and then 5 or 6 of my chest right down to the waistband of my shorts, my cock was now rigid and there was no mistaking that it was very erect but no mention was made of it, Ross then stood very close and ran his fingers under both arms before running them very slowly and very softly around my chest paying close attention to my nipples before slowly running them down my belly stopping at the waistband of my shorts and then I felt his hand brush against my cock as he withdrew completely, “Average and soft” he said to Danni and she gave him a quizzical look, “Are you sure they are soft?” she asked him to which he then repeated to process again lingering on my nipples and running even slower down my belly, My cock was now bursting as again he touched it on the way back up my chest, “Yes, soft” he said looking up at Danni.
“Would you remove your shirt please Lisa” she asked and Lisa looked at me, “But I am a girl” she said but Danni was insistent, “We can’t discriminate” she said back to which Lisa stood up and pulled off her shirt putting her arms out, both Danni and Ross stood staring at Lisa standing there in just a small white thong and Ross approached and took a pic under both armpits before taking way too many of her chest and belly and then put both hands under her arms before slowly moving across to her chest gently feeling her skin and her now erect nipples, he gave both tits a little squeeze before running his fingers down her belly to her panties, he didn’t stop at the waistband and I clearly saw him touch her pussy lips before returning back up her belly, “Oh very soft and very smooth, No hair” he said to Danni and I have to say that I was getting really turned on by all this, and looking at the front of Ross’s trousers, so was he.
“Ok Sir, if you could turn around and drop your shorts please” was the next instruction so I did as I was told and I didn’t consider myself to have too much hair on my arse I thought that this is where it could get interesting. I stood there naked with my back to Ross and Danni when I heard ‘nice arse’ mumble from Danni and heard the clicking of Ross taking pictures, “Bend down please” he said “and spread your cheeks” so I did just that and again heard the clicking of his camera.
As I stood there I opened my legs wider for him to get access to my dangling balls and he took far too many pics, “Average” he said back to Danni and then proceeded to run his hands all over my cheeks and then run his fingers up and down my crack with me still holding my cheeks wide, he stopped at my hole and gave it a little prod before putting his hand between my legs and cupping my balls giving them a gentle squeeze. “Very soft texture” he said back to Danni and then motioned me to turn around so I was standing full frontal with my cock sticking right out, “Mmm” he said as he took his camera again and took more pictures and at one point her took hold of my cock and pulled it down to take a pic of my pubic hair and then holding it right up to take pictures of my balls.
“Very good” said Danni, “Now what about the texture” and Ross then pulled my cock downwards again and ran his fingers through my pubic region before pulling it up and cupping my balls again, he still had hold of my cock. “Trimmed and very fine” he said back to Danni.
I sat back in my chair as Lisa stood up and with her back to them both she pulled off her thong and handed it to me, Mmm it was damp so I knew she was enjoying it and güvenilir bahis siteleri Ross came up behind her taking pictures of her arse, “Bend down please miss” he said “and pull your cheeks apart” and I was getting so turned on I was slowly rubbing myself as Ross took pictures of Lisa’s arsehole.
Danni looked up and saw me rubbing but didn’t say a word but did open her legs a little bit more ‘nice cock’ she mumbled under her breath as Ross run his hands all over Lisa’s arse, up and down the crack and even in between her legs and then back up her crack before stopping to prod her back door opening. She gave out a little moan as his finger hit the spot before asking her to turn around, it was obvious that Lisa had no hair on her arse, “Nothing to report but very smooth texture” he said back to Danni.
As Lisa now stood facing him, legs apart he started to snap away taking pics from all angles before putting the camera down and running his fingers through her pubic mound, Lisa moaned softly as his fingers wandered between her legs and it was obvious that she was damp down there as at one point he put a finger in his mouth to lick the juice. I think Lisa was getting turned on too as Ross spent far too much time on his inspection, “Very fine and trimmed” he said back to Danni and as he stood back to check the pictures he was obviously very aroused himself.
I was sitting back slowly masturbating while looking up Danni’s skirt when Lisa reached out and felt Ross’s bulge in the front of his trousers and when she got no reaction she found his zipper and pulled it down and then reaching inside she pulled out Ross’s rock hard cock, it was a nice size for a guy of his age and without a word she started to slowly wank him while undoing his trousers and pulling them down to the floor.
‘Two nice cocks’ Danni mumbled as she looked across at her brother with Lisa jerking him and me wanking myself and her legs now opened even wider and her hand started to rub her pussy through her panties. As Ross stepped out of his trousers Lisa reached up and frantically pulled off his shirt before sliding back down and began sucking his throbbing member and I looked across at Danni who was not only engrossed in watching her brother getting sucked but busy frigging herself off.
She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and discarded it and unhooked her bra letting her titties breath and I could see her nipples were like bullets and as she motioned me to stand she came over and knelt before me while slipping her skirt off and it wasn’t long before I had my cock rammed down her throat and fucking her face for all I was worth.
With Lisa sucking Ross and Danni mirroring with me I know it wasn’t going to be long and when Danni mumbled very loudly ‘Facial’ I knew how this was going to end and as I felt my balls tighten and my cock start to pulsate I pulled out just in time to squirt onto Danni’s face, second and then third squirt hit her right between the eyes as I looked down at Lisa just as Ross was pulling out and squirting on to her face, “Mmm, Lots of cum” Danni shouted as the last drops dripped into her waiting open mouth before she took my cock back in to suck out every last drop.
As Lisa looked up at me and winked I saw that Danni and Ross were smiling at each other as if to say, ‘job done’.
Lisa pulled her night shirt back on as I slipped my shorts on and as Danni and Ross got dressed not a word was said.
“Thank you very much for your time” Danni said as if nothing had happened and she grabbed the clipboard and walked to the front door, as we said goodbye she still had cum on her face. I returned back to the lounge and Lisa was busy looking at the packs of undies left on the floor, “Look Dad” she said, “some for you and some for me” and I smiled before licking the excess cum off her face, “Mmm, he tastes good” I said cleaning her up.

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