The Two Singapore Malay Hotties

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Harlina told her Malay friend Suzannah all about their fucking with Reymon and how she ran into Julianah and aunty Sutinah when they were fucking each other with a dildo. She also told her about Reymon’s cock and its size. Suzannah was thrilled to hear about his size and his stamina. Suzannah told Harlina about her eagerness to meet Reymon. That evening aunty Sutinah and Julianah had gone to meet aunty Sutinah’s Rohaiyah. So Harlina brought Suzannah to her home in the evening. Reymon was thrilled to meet his sexy Malay woman who was Harlina’s colleague and friend. Suzannah was a little plump and had big buttocks. She was fair complexioned with a sexy face.

Both of them took of their Baju Kurung and were on the bed waiting for Reymon. Reymon entered the room naked holding his huge erect cock in his hand. Suzannah was thrilled to see his muscular physique and his thick cock. She let out a loud moan. Suzannah touched his hard cock. “Harlina I have never seen such a big cock, its huge lah” she said. “Suzannah, touch it…take it in your hands” Harlina said. They both started giggling and stroking his erect cock and all Reymon could do was just sit back with is eyes shout and watch the two Singaporean Malay beauties caress his cock. Harlina soon got down between Reymon’s legs and put both her hands around his cock and looked up at him with those beautiful and hot eyes, and gave it a lick all the way up and down to his balls.

Suzannah sat besides Harlina and licked the cock head a little. Then they both started taking turns sucking Reymon’s big cock. Suzannah held his cock at the base and shook it up and down making him moan. Reymon ran his hands through their silky hair and stroked their cheeks. They both could not take his cock into their mouths. “Its so big!” exclaimed Suzannah. Suzannah gasped, her wet tongue swirling out and stroking the thumping erect hard cock feverishly. Meanwhile, Harlina’s rapid hands were all over her friend’s luscious body. She squeezed Suzannah’s luscious body and stroked her dripping cunt with her fingers. Suzannah sucked the head of Reymon’s gigantic cock head into her mouth and dove on it crazily; squeezing and pumping the fat bulging cock head with her hands. She moaned and hissed deliriously as Harlina’s fingers slid up into her neatly trimmed haired cunt. Suzannah sucked the thick cock head and bathed it with her saliva. Reymon raised his hips and shoved his giant cock into Suzannah’s willing mouth. He held her head and started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth.

The three of them were extremely horny. Harlina tugged Suzannah’s body back on the floor, moaning and cooing with lust as her mouth found Suzannah’s big and thick nipples. Harlina sucked on the thick nipples and circled her tongue over the rouge. She imagined how she would help Reymon fuck aunty Sutinah’s friend Rohaiyah. The pleasure of Harlina sucking her luscious boobs was too much for Suzannah and she was forced to release Reymon’s cock out of her mouth. Suzannah’s creamy white stout thighs splayed apart, and she gazed passionately at Reymon’s thick cock. Her black cunt hair was neatly trimmed and her dark pussy lips could be clearly seen. Her cunt lips were long and puffy. “Reymon, Suzannah needs your thick cock, you wanted to fuck her didn’t you?” asked Harlina caressing Suzannah’s dripping cunt.

Slipping an arm beneath each of Suzannah’s knees, Reymon locked her long legs in his arms and swooped them upwards, pinning her stout thighs back against her shoulders. He leaned over her, his twitching thick cock only a few inches from her waiting horny cunt. He smiled and pinched her erect nipples and kissed her sexy lips. Harlina slithered down Suzannah’s body to her big ass kneading Suzannah’s up tilted big ass with her hands. Harlina kissed all over Suzannah’s creamy white big fat buttocks. She kissed and licked her big buttocks and prodded Suzannah’s anal hole, which looked like a black button on her creamy white ass.

Suzannah stared into Reymon’s lusty face, her eyes wide and shiny. With crackling excitement she gasped and whimpered, “OHHHH, THIS ONE WILL

TEAR MY PUSSY ITS SO SSOOOOO BIG! OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE … UNNNNN”. She shut her eyes and gritted her fine row of white teeth as she felt him lower his hips and place the head of his long thick cock in the puffy, wet cunt lips of the sexy Malay lady Suzannah. Her body tensed, she stopped breathing and then cried out, “AAAAAGGGUUNNNGGGGGGGGG!”. Reymon had unleashed the full force of his strength and forced his big cock all the way into Suzannah’s wet cunt.

Pinning ikitelli escort her knees back against her shoulders and bending her body double, Reymon rode Suzannah’s big ass up and pumped sharp rapid jabs of his raging cock in and out of her wet and tight cunt. Harlina managed to slip her hand between Reymon’s dangling balls and Suzannah’s big ass, and inserted her finger into Suzannah’s dark asshole. Suzannah whooped and cooed with surprise and double pleasure, “OHHH!!!OOOOOOHHH”

The voice of Suzannah made Harlina whip up her lust to a higher pitch, and she swarmed against Suzannah’s dark asshole. Harlina let her tongue roam all over Suzannah’s sexy and luscious body. She licked all over Suzannah’s dark asshole and her inner thighs and her big ass cheeks. Reymon drilled Suzannah’s horny cunt so viciously that she was simply shattered by the mad explosion of her climax. Her wild orgasm ripped and tore through her and she screamed loudly, “AAAAAAAAIIIOOOOOOOOOOOO”

But Reymon’s continued to pump his cock in and out of Suzannah’s cunt as she was gripped with orgasm after orgasm. Reymon turned Suzannah over and made her stand on her all fours. Her big ass was raised up and she looked so intoxicating. The big ass was ripe and tight. Reymon spread her big ass cheeks and placed his cock head on her pulsating dark anal hole. Suzannah knew that his huge cock would not go into her wet and tight ass hole. Holding her big ass cheeks he pushed his huge monster cock into Suzannah’s tight ass hole and she screamed in pain. “Relax, Suzannah dear, it will be alright and you are going to enjoy it” said Reymon as he slapped Suzannah’s big ass cheeks. Harlina spread Suzannah’s ass cheeks and licked the dark crevice and the anal hole to make it wet. She then pushed two fingers into Suzannah’s wet ass hole making it ready for Reymon’s cock. Once Harlina had made Suzannah’s ass hole wet and dripping with her saliva she opened it for Reymon to enter. Suzannah held her breath and clenched her teeth as Reymon lodged the huge bulb of his cock into her tight asshole. Holding her big ass cheeks apart he inched his cock slowly into Suzannah’s big and tight butt. While he tried to shove his cock in, Harlina began fingering Suzannah’s neatly trimmed cunt and stroked her clitoris that was hidden in the upper folds of her thick cunt lips. Reymon tried to shove his cock into Suzannah’s tight butt, but it refused to go in.

Suzannah grunted and grunted and pushed her big butt against him. He continued to push and her wet anal hole opened up and she yelled, “AAAAAAAAAAAAUUNNGGAAAAAAAAAA!!! OOUUUCHCCCHCHCH! !OOOOOAAAA!!!! AHHNG!!”. Her anal hold hugged the fat bulging head of his big cock as it entered into her big butt…the sexy and intoxicating butt that most of her admirers loved to fuck. Reymon holding Suzannah’s hips shoved his cock all the way into her tight ass hole. Suzannah was breathing heavily as Reymon’s thick cock went deeper and deeper into her rear hole. “OOHHH… ITS… TOOOOOOBBBIIIGGGG!!!!! AAAAAAAUUUNNGGGGGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!” she yelled. Harlina shoved her fingers into Suzannah’s cunt and finger fucked her hard at the same time. This seemed to work pretty well. Suzannah was getting turned on, which gave Reymon to start fucking her super tight asshole. He squeezed her big ass buns as Suzannah was rocking her hips to meet his thrusts in her big butt. Suzannah felt every hidden nerve in her body flutter and spurt and pop and burst again and again. She rocked her hips and lifted her big butt even further…she wanted more…and more. Reymon had shoved his cock into her big butt and now lay slumped on her naked back, his teeth roaming and nipping the flesh of her plump shoulders and creamy arms. But Suzannah was delirious with impatience. She tilted her big butt up to him, begged him in incoherent gasps, “FUCK ME!!!HARDER!!!!FASTER!!!!FUCK, YOU ARE A WONDERFUL FUCKER…”. Her erotic voice and her big butt turned Reymon a lot and he began to give Suzannah what she wanted. He reared up behind her, pulling his cock out to the edge of her anal hole, grasping her stout thighs with is strong hands plunged his cock hard into her tight ass hole. He fucked her harder and harder with long and deep strokes in her tight big butt. “AAAAOOOUUNNGGGAAAOOIIUNNSAAAAHHT”, Suzannah grunted as his cock drove into her again and again. His hard lower belly slammed and slapped into her jouncing, quivering juicy big buttocks. She thrust her big butt taking his penetrations in her ass.

“UUNGGG!!!UNGGGG!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGUUOO!!!!!! AAAAA!!!!!” kadıköy escort she screeched and cooed. She dug her elbows and her knees into the carpet and tilted her big butt up to him, swirling it in small circles, twitching it back into his plunging tool grunting loudly as she slammed forward and crammed her asshole with it. Harlina could almost feel the fiery, stabbing, piercing tip of the immense steel-hard cock in her own ass as she watched her friend and colleague being fucked in her big butt. Suzannah reached her exploding orgasm as Reymon was fucking her big buttocks. She came and came, and still the fiery cluster of nerves in the clenching ring of her anal hole spurted with hotter and hotter flames. Suddenly she felt his cock grow even bigger inside her anal hole. Suzannah felt it swell and elongate and grow harder still harder than a rock, harder than steel. Now instead of fucking her ass, he kept his hard cock deeply buried inside Suzannah’s big butt.

Reymon bit Suzannah’s shoulders cruelly, and she screeched, throbbing and twisting and thrashing with blinding burst of a new orgasm. “CCCUMMMINNGGG….!!!! AAAAAAAUNNN!!!! OOOOOOOOSSSUUUUWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” Suzannah shouted.

At the same time Reymon exploded inside her tight ass filling it with his cum. He kept pumping her big butt until he emptied his gobs of warm juice into her deep anus. When Suzannah eventually felt the throbbing stop, Reymon withdrew his still erect cock from her tight anus. Harlina moved over to Suzannah’s just fucked anus and licked around her anus wetting it with her saliva. She spread Suzannah’s big ass wide and buried her face in the crack of Suzannah’s big ass. “Harlina you need a solid good fuck dear, I will do that before I leave to Malaysia,” said Reymon. Harlina placed her lips onto Suzannah’s stretched anus, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down onto the floor until Suzannah was seated on Harlina’s face. Then Harlina started sucking and sucking on Suzannah’s anus. Suzannah was going wild with the incredible feeling of her anus being licked and rimmed by her friend Harlina. Harlina pushed Suzannah off her face. She sat up looking at Suzannah and Reymon. “You both are great,” said Reymon. Suzannah moved forward and kissed Harlina on her sexy thick lips.

Harlina was herself crazy with hot incredible desire. She was positively dying with fuck hunger. After watching her aunty Sutinah fucked by Reymon and now having watched her friend Suzannah being fucked in her big butt. Harlina’s own wet cunt, the dense hairy cunt was coursing and bubbling with horny prickly fire. Harlina got down between Reymon’s legs and grasped his semi-erect cock in her soft, skilled hands and began to lightly stroke her hand up and down the length of his cock, stimulating the super-sensitive underside with her supple fingers feeling it still growing and swelling in her hands. She held his almost erect cock in both hands and started sucking it harder. Suzannah bent down and held the cock with both hands for Harlina as she was sucking the life out of it. Her sexy thick lips formed a perfect “O” on the thick shaft. Suzannah bent down and sucked his balls and his inner thighs. Reymon’s was going nuts, and Harlina’s magic blowjob brought his cock back to life. Harlina loved the taste of his cock and its warmth made her hairy cunt to quiver and ooze her cunt juice. Harlina slowly moved her head downward, savoring every inch of his cock she sucked into her mouth. She felt the head of his red, steaming cock pressing her throat, but sweet Harlina relaxed and let it slide deeper inside her mouth.

Inch by inch Reymon’s big cock disappeared into Harlina’s voracious mouth, filling her mouth and throat until she thought she couldn’t hold any more. Harlina opened her sexy mouth even wider and sucked in the last few remaining inches of his huge dick into her mouth. Harlina loved the feeling of Reymon’s thick dick in her mouth, feeling her thick lips brushing his pubic hair and his cock throbbing and pulsing in her mouth. Harlina raised her head back up to the top of his cock shaft and began another downward plunge. Harlina sucked Reymon’s cock faster this time, hearing him grunt in response. She began sucking his cock faster and faster. She pulled it all the way out of her mouth and plunged it n again. Whenever he pulled it out, Reymon’s thick cock glistened with her sweet saliva and was drenched. Harlina sucked strongly and smoothly, savoring the feeling of his big cock sliding in and out of her mouth with her thick lips sticking kartal escort tightly to the wet cock shaft. The horny nature in her cunt was getting stronger and she knew that she wanted his monstrous cock shoved deep inside her cunt. Harlina slowly pulled the wet cock from her mouth, lingering just long enough to press her tongue once more into its piss-hole.

“Don’t wait Reymon, Fuck me!” breathed Harlina lustily. Reymon positioned himself between her spread legs and pushed her knees up to her boobs. Angling her spread hairy cunt toward his red-hot cock, he rubbed its dick on her thick and wet cunt hair. “UUUMMMMMMMMMMMUUOOOO,” Harlina moaned as she felt his hot cock head touch her sensitive cunt lips. “Fuck me Reymon! Fuck me harder!” cooed Harlina in her erotic voice. Holding his cock shaft with is hand, he gently pushed his throbbing cock into her wet and open cunt. Her puffy cunt lips gripped his cock tight and her thick cunt hair caressed his shaft as he pushed in.

Suzannah had been watching passionately beside them, tickling her clit as she watched them. Suzannah shoved three of her fingers into her juicy cunt as Reymon began to push his monster cock into Harlina’s extremely hairy cunt. “Fuck her hard Reymon! Fuck Harlina the harder you could!” groaned Suzannah as she touched Harlina’s erect pink nipples. Suzannah clutched Reymon’s tight butt and pushed him harder into Harlina’s wet cunt. “Fuck Harlina as you fucked me Reymon!” said Suzannah with lust in her eyes.

Harlina screamed as the huge cock stretched and filled her hot cunt. She screamed from pure sexual pleasure the massive cock was giving her. Though Reymon had fucked Harlina a couple of days before, but today he was doing it just perfect and Harlina enjoyed in every move. Her puffy cunt was stretched and it convulsed and quivered around his thick shaft squeezing it tight. “You really have a huge one Reymon, no wonder aunty Sutinah worships your cock…AAAAUUUNNNGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” growled Harlina and wrapped her long legs around is waist. He couldn’t hold back seeing the sexy and horny Singapore Malay women in heat. Harlina’s tightening legs…Suzannah’s pressure on his butt…the maddening sensation of Harlina’s cunt…the sight of her thick cunt hair. He thrust forward as hard as he could. He felt that his cock slammed its full 10 inches into Harlina’s quivering cunt. He saw her head jerk back and her mouth open wide in passion. Harlina was breathing heavily and moaning loudly. He began to fuck Harlina in her tight cunt with wild abandon.

Harlina let out a sharp cry each time he slammed into her dripping cunt and her voice was very erotic and that turned him on. Her legs continued to pull him in harder and deeper into her cunt with each thrust. He watched with delight as Suzannah grabbed both of Harlina’s straining, gorgeous tits and squeezed and pulled them. Harlina responded by reaching her hand between Suzannah’s spread stout thighs and shoved her fingers deep into Suzannah’s dripping and puffy cunt. Reymon continued to fuck Harlina faster and harder. The incredible tightness and heat of Harlina’s cunt was bringing him rapidly to an orgasm that he felt was going to flood it. He knew that he was going to come so much that his hot cum would overflow the thick lips of her tight cunt and run down to her dark anus. “AAAAAA….UUNNGGGAAAAAAAAA!!” Reymon grunted loudly. “Empty your balls in Suzannah’s mouth Reymon!” Harlina cried out as she felt him approaching his orgasm. “Fuck Suzannah in her mouth and empty your cum in her mouth” Harlina said again and pulled her legs back from around his waist and began trying frantically to push him out of her cunt before he came.

Suzannah gasped as she felt Harlina’s pleading voice send shivers of lust through her cunt. She loved seeing Harlina so excited. She moved away form them as Reymon withdrew his wet cock from Harlina’s cunt with a loud slurping pop. Suzannah could tell by the way Reymon was grimacing and panting that he was trying hard to hold his cum. Harlina urged Reymon as he positioned his cock in front of Suzannah’s mouth. Harlina leaned forward and grasped his red-hot cock in her hand and aimed it Suzannah’s waiting mouth. Harlina began stroking it vigorously. “Give all the soup to Suzannah” Harlina growled as he began jerking his cock in her hands. He looked at Suzannah’s face, her sexy mouth open and her tongue protruding. He placed his cock head on her lips when the first hot jet of cum spurted out of it and almost filled Suzannah’s mouth. Harlina squeezed his cock hard with each spasm of his hips, milking spurt after spurt of thick jism out of his balls into Suzannah’s mouth.

Harlina released a moan of pure passion from deep in her throat, as Reymon’s boiling hot cum filled Suzannah’s mouth. With a nice and lovely fuck and suck they all cleaned themselves up. Suzannah kissed Harlina and Reymon and left for her home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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