The Unforgettable Flight

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The figure tapped her booted foot on the dun colored carpeting. She had switched her sitting position five times already, and was getting ready to modify it once again. Leaning forward in the chrome and fake leather covered navy blue chair, she laid her forearms on her knees with large hands clasped together. It was obvious, to anyone watching, that she was nervous, and it was only going to get worse. She raked long fingers through the inky black tresses of her shoulder length hair, letting out a huge breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.

“Flight number 483 to Tampa is now boarding at Gate 3.” The mechanical voice from the sound system bellowed out.

Cory grabbed her duffel bag, releasing another sigh as she tried to muster up the courage to get on the plane. Falling into line with the other passengers, she looked out the expansive wall of glass to see the enormous gunmetal gray monster ready to swallow her into its cavernous and presently hollow interior. Her knees felt rubbery as she entered its belly, and quickly made it to her seat. She hoped there wouldn’t be a passenger in the seat next to hers so that she could have at least some kind of peace during the flight.

Everyone finally entered and finished their various squabbles as they attempted to get their luggage in the overhead compartments. A stewardess emerged from the mysterious maroon curtain at the front of the plane, and began instructing everyone regarding their seatbelts and the safety procedures for the course of the flight.

Cory tuned the auburn hair woman out because she didn’t need to hear about possible emergencies in the condition she was in. She felt like a wreck already without having to listen to what she by now resolved as what actions she would take in a crash.

After about ten minutes, the plane’s engines roared and pulled out of the gate. The overhead sign lit up to silently announce that all seatbelts should be buckled and cell phones turned off. The plane bumped along the runway, picking up speed as it prepared to ascend. Cory held onto the arms of her seat with eyes closed. The joints of her fingers gripped the arm rests tighter as the plane lifted, turning her knuckles white.

Now in the air, the stewardesses prepared to do their first round. Going down the aisle, they began distributing drinks. As one of them came upon Cory, she noticed the woman’s face was scrunched to the point of pain, and her hands still gripped the armrests.

An ebony skinned stewardess saw the state that this passenger was in, and took pity on Cory’s condition. Pondering her thoughts, she decided that this was a job for Maxine.

Cory desperately tried to retain her image of Drew Barrymore naked and writhing in pleasure as a long and wide wet tongue broadly stroked her erect clit. Suddenly Cory felt a cold wet towel softly brush against her forehead and then down either side of her face.

A melodic voice spoke. “You’re going to get a headache if you stay like that. Will you open your eyes for me?”

This voice was beautiful to Cory’s ears, and she wanted to hear it again. As her facial features relaxed a bit, but still keeping her eyes closed, she heard the angelic sound again.

“That’s it. It’s okay to relax. Now come on, let me see you open your eyes.”

Sapphire eyes slowly fluttered open to gaze into emerald green pools. The stewardess’s breath hitched at how striking the blue orbs were. She was instantly riveted to their beauty. Mesmerized, she gently dabbed the cloth across Cory’s forehead again. Neither of them moved their gaze from the other.

The short stewardess knew she felt compelled to move closer and kiss those supple looking pink lips that she swore were calling her.

Cory felt a soft hand cover one of hers.

“Will you relax for me?” The angel’s voice gently questioned.

Cory’s desire to please this small woman pounded at the forefront of her mind. “I’ll do anything for you,” she said under her breath. But they both heard it.

The strawberry blonde stewardess smiled shyly, and rubbed the now loosened hands with care. “I’m going to get you a stiff drink — to help you have an enjoyable trip.”

“Actually… wine would be better,” Cory commented.

“Ah, she speaks.” And how beautiful that contralto voice is. Max silently thought. “Well, then, a glass of wine is what I’ll bring.” She patted the hand and walked off.

Cory leaned over in her seat to watch the retreating form. The sway of those luscious hips and muscular calves made the tall woman’s body temperature rise. She gulped, and sat back having forgotten her some of her nervousness. Damn, I would love to get to know you. I can only imagine how you must taste, and how soft your skin would be beneath my palms. I should ask her name. Maybe she’d like to go for a drink after the flight. Suddenly Cory’s nerves began to jitter as the plane dipped for a moment. Um, that’s if we survive this flight.

“Okay, here’s your wine,” Max softly announced as she set the cup down. “Oh, and pendik escort don’t worry, it’s on me.” She ended with a smile, but noticed a flicker of fear in those captivating azure eyes. “You’re nervous again, aren’t you?” Leaning over, she whispered the next question into Cory’s ear. “What can I do for you…to help you…relax?”

The words were seductive in nature, and it made Cory’s eyes roll back a moment.

The stewardess noticed the reaction immediately, and she couldn’t help the corners of her mouth turn up into a playful smirk.

“Your…voice…” Cory began, “it’s…”

“Ohh, so you like the sound of it?” She purred, and then saw Cory’s head nod speedily. “My name is Max, short for Maxine. What’s yours?”

The tall woman licked her lips before answering. “Cory, with a ‘y’. Short for Corynne.”

“Well Cory, it’s definitely a pleasure.” She slightly leaned forward again and declared in a hushed tone, “I wish I could crawl in right next to you, and talk your ear off, but I’d get in trouble. I need to tend to other things, but I will definitely come back and check on you.” She gently squeezed Cory’s shoulder and then gave her a wink, before she retreated down the aisle.

A large hand raked through the jet-black hair before a much-needed sigh escaped her lips. Cory grinned foolishly because she was being toyed with and was enjoying it. She took a swig of the wine and let it begin to settle her.

Throughout the flight Max took every opportunity to make some kind of contact with the raven haired beauty. A couple of times she went so far as lightly brushing the back of a finger down a chiseled cheek. Cory’s eyes and mind were solely captivated by everything the strawberry blonde stewardess did.

There was forty-five minutes left to their destination. Max came by one more time. “How are you doing?” She softly purred into Cory’s ear. The answer was positive, so she then whispered, “Meet me in the bathroom.”

Cory frowned a moment at the request as she watched Max walk to the back of the plane. Blinking a few times in disbelief, she hesitantly unbuckled her seatbelt and walked to the back. She ducked behind the curtain and came face to face with a petite free-spirited African American stewardess.

“You must be Cory,” she said matter-of-factly. Then in a hush, she said, “The two of you better not make any noise or it’ll be our jobs. You know what I’m saying?”

Wide-eyed, the tall passenger nodded slowly in understanding even though she maintained a furrowed brow. Reaching for the bathroom door, she pulled it open to see Max leaning against the wall with her arms folded across her chest. Suddenly Cory was pulled in by the front of her shirt, and the door was shut and locked.

“I’m glad you decided to join me,” Max commented sensually.

They stared at one another for a moment, and then their mouths came together in a crushing kiss. Tongues dueled as moans escaped their mouths. Hands roamed under clothes, seeking the contact of warm flesh.

Suddenly there was a split second of turbulence that caused the tall woman to pull back and quickly reach for the door. Gripping her shirt, Max stopped her. Gently turning her back, she said, “It’s okay. It’s over.” Feeling the dark woman slowly calm once again, she stated softly, “Don’t be nervous. Let me help you feel better.” She undid Cory’s black jeans, and pushed them down part way along with the black boxer briefs. She fingered the downy patch of dark curls as she gazed into cerulean eyes.

Cory leaned forward capturing ruby lips. The small fingers entered her hot chamber, and she moaned deeply in the short woman’s throat. She pushed Max up against the wall with her body while trying to work a large hand under the strawberry blonde’s skirt. With determination she managed to push aside the silk panties her hand encountered, but it wasn’t enough. Cory broke from the kiss and growled in frustration.

Max saw the flicker of primal passion that passed over the tall woman’s face and it excited her. She pushed her fingers deeper into Cory, curving them forward to reach that one particular spot that makes all women’s hips buck. The result was a deep guttural grunt from the tall woman followed by yet another growl of animalistic lust.

Irritated by the hindrance of the panties, and her hand not fully reaching the object of her desire, the contralto voice whispered vehemently in Max’s ear. “Forgive me.” And then there came the impetuously quick tear of the silky material. The force by which the panties were torn aroused Max beyond all measure, and she could feel the wetness at her nether region. Now the long fingers slid inside her effortlessly.

Soon two sets of hips were bucking against each other’s hands as they came closer and closer to the pinnacle of their release. Fingers dug deeply inside through the slickness and the heat. Tongues embraced, seeking out their mate. Cory reached the precipice first. In reaction, she curved her fingers forward wanting to şerifali escort bring Max to the same height of ecstasy she was experiencing which followed immediately. They stifled their grunts and cries into one another’s mouth as they fell into the abyss of their orgasm. Panting into the other’s shoulder, they kept still fingers inside as the shudders coursed between their bodies.

Abruptly there came a coded knock on the door. The two women hurriedly composed themselves, and kissed one more time before Cory exited the tiny room first. She looked at the ebony queen and nodded her appreciation and thanks. Returning to her seat, Cory heavily blew out a breath and giddily smiled at no one in particular.

Max emerged from the bathroom almost a minute later after having thoroughly composed herself and made sure her make-up was in order. She glanced at her co-worker with a lopsided grin, and said, “Jonelle, thank you so much for being the lookout.”

“Girl, I can’t believe you actually did such a thing.” The African American stewardess then whispered, “Did you have a good time?”

The young blonde’s Cheshire cat of a smile spoke volumes.

“You little devil,” Jonelle commented, and then grabbed her friend’s hand as they giggled.

“I know this is totally crazy, but I think I could totally fall in love with her.” Max proclaimed.

“What? Are you serious?” Jonelle asked excitedly.

“We didn’t talk, but there was something about her touch — it was like our bodies knew each other. I’ve never come so easily with anyone else, ya know? It was usually difficult for me to achieve orgasm, and I know past lovers just didn’t have the patience. God, this is weird, isn’t it?” Max pushed a lock of reddish gold hair behind her ear as she recalled those hands on her.

“So are you going to see her again?” Jonelle curiously asked.

Sea green eyes looked into dark brown. She nibbled on her bottom lip, and then said, “I hope so.”


The stewardesses made their way down the aisle one last time to make sure everyone was doing well and if anything was needed. Cory was peacefully asleep when Max approached her. Not wanting to wake her, Max was about to lay the folded napkin on Cory’s lap; but the small woman’s fragrance caught Cory’s nostrils, and she woke before Max walked off.

“Hey,” Cory announced softly.

“Hi. Did you sleep well?”

The tall woman nodded. “Would you like to go out for a drink or dinner after the flight?” She hurriedly asked, not wanting to miss her opportunity.

Max smiled with a twinkle in those green eyes, and handed the napkin to Cory.

Ocean blue eyes watched her walk away. Looking down, she immediately read what was written.

If you’re not busy, meet me in the terminal lobby. Otherwise, here is my cell number. 555-9999.


The overhead seatbelt signs lit up announcing with an annoying chime that all belts should be buckled. The plane began to make its gradual descend as it located the runway. The captain made his announcement of their destination, what the current time was, and what the weather was like outside.

Cory braced herself for the landing, but she noticed that she wasn’t as terribly nervous as she was at the beginning of the flight. She briefly chuckled at the thought of all that happened in the past two hours.


Now a booted foot tapped the gray carpeting of the terminal, but excitedly this time. Hands raked through raven hair, as the tall woman tried to patiently wait for the flight’s crew to finish whatever it was they had to do after all the passengers were gone. Finally, she decided to read the newspaper she had, in order to pass the time. The words were read and re-read, and yet not much was comprehended. Boy, am I in trouble. Cory thought to herself. And over a gorgeous and delicious looking short blonde. She couldn’t wipe the goofy grin of her face as she blankly stared at the news article.

“Hey there.” The young woman in mind softly said with a smile.

Cory quickly tossed the now forgotten paper into the chair next to her. “Hi,” she answered with some nervousness. Standing up, she grabbed her duffel bag, and asked, “So, where do you want to go?”

“Well….how much time do you have?” Max questioned with a mischievous grin.

“Uhh…” Cory could not mistake the feral look that appeared in those sea green eyes. Clearing her throat, she continued, “I…uhh…actually have all the time in the world. I was just returning from a business trip.”

Max momentarily looked around to make sure all of her co-workers had already left the gate area. Reaching up with an extended index finger, she gently and ever so slightly brushed the tip of it from Cory’s chin right down to the first button of the shirt. It resulted in the tall woman shivering all over, and Max very much liked the reaction she got. “Well, I actually have some time off, so maybe we can make the most of it.”

Cory gulped again. silivri escort “Sounds great.”


They hopped into a cab, and Max declared an address to the driver that was unfamiliar to Cory.

With a frown, and a nibble of her bottom lip, she asked, “Where are we going?”

Max leaned over to whisper in her ear. “You owe me a pair of panties. So, we’re going to Victoria’s Secret.”

The seductive and warm breath that Cory felt caused ocean blue eyes to roll back and then flutter close. When she came back to the present, she looked at the beautiful stewardess who was in the process of unpinning her hair. Waves of strawberry blonde locks cascaded down to the uniformed shoulders. Cory noticed that pure sensuality oozed out of the way Max was now looking at her. Finding her voice, she asked in a hushed whisper, “So…you didn’t put any on after our…?” She somehow had trouble finishing her sentence.

Max reached over, grabbed a large hand within her own and placed it under her skirt far up between her legs.

Azure eyes widened as the answer registered in Cory’s mind. Fingers felt the soft downy cropped curls. Mustering up some of the boldness she normally had when it came to women; Cory shot her new friend a raised eyebrow. With a sinister smile, she moved the fingers slowly across the lips, and then dipped her index finger between the folds in search of that sensitive nub. She saw the somewhat surprised look on Max’s face as an equally raised eyebrow was returned to her.

They both looked over at the driver to make sure he was solely focused on reaching the destination. Satisfied, Cory began to slowly circle the moist little button.

Max’s emerald eyes glided close. As the sensations were building in her belly, a hand suddenly shot up to her mouth, and she began to bite down on her fist in the hopes of not making any noise. She loved the feel of those fingers and how commanding they would become to achieve their desired goal. She turned her face to the window, and with eyes still closed, she reveled in the pleasure she was receiving between her legs.

All of a sudden the cab came to a halt, and the hand between Max’s pussy lips disappeared. It left her empty and wanting, and Cory thought she heard a slight growl escape from the blonde’s mouth.

The driver looked into the rearview mirror to see a goofy grin plastered on the raven haired woman’s face. Wondering what that was about but not caring too much, he announced their destination and the amount of the fare.

Cory was quick to pull out the cash, and pay as they exited the vehicle.

They entered the huge shop with the short stewardess leading the way. Mentally, Max tried to regain her composure from their little fiasco in the cab. She came to a rack of panties that she enjoyed wearing, and began picking through the packages.

Cory stood back just to be able to watch that delectable ass sway from side to side as Max searched for the item she wanted. Suddenly Cory realized that a pair of emerald green eyes was staring at her, but not before those eyes caught sight of the predatory gaze that was evidently coursing through cerulean orbs.

Again, an amber eyebrow rose up Max’s forehead. She knew she was still hot and bothered from their earlier incident, and as she watched Cory casually sniff at the fingers that were beforehand buried between her lips, Max felt a shudder run through her body. She quickly turned around, and thought to herself. So, you too can play this game of seduction…and very well, I might add.

Cory grinned devilishly as she sauntered over to a table displaying the shop’s newest line of feathery soft lace panties. She found something that caught her eye —- a blood red pair of panties stood out from all the rest. She picked them up and immediately felt the incredible softness of the material against her fingertips. She knew that she wanted to see these on a particularly succulent body. Snapped out of her thoughts, Cory’s shirt was tugged, and she was half dragged to the back where the fitting rooms were located.

Max led her past the fitting area where they came upon a door. She reached up and softly knocked, and then checked the knob to see if it was locked. Opening the door exposed a single bathroom, so she pulled the tall woman in behind her. Facing one another again, Max declared in a low voice, “You’ve managed to get me so hot that I can’t fucking wait anymore. You need to finish what you started in the cab.”

Cory gave her a sinister smile before capturing Max’s lips in a heated, passion infused kiss. She extended her hand down and under the uniform skirt to tease the moist lips. Discovering the amount of wetness she encountered there, she moaned with delight.

“Fuck me Cory…please,” Max declared against bruised lips.

The tall woman did not hesitate to hoist her friend up onto the short counter that ran along side the sink. “Wrap your legs around me baby…and hold on tight,” Cory stated firmly. Her hand resumed its spot between those legs while her free hand snaked its way around Max’s waist. Two long fingers sunk themselves deep inside the short blonde’s hole. She began a rhythmic pumping as the knuckle of her thumb rubbed Max’s clit with determination. She devoured the tender neck exposed to her when Max threw her head back in pleasure.

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