Third In The Marriage

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My wife is extremely beautiful and intelligent. She is a Doctor with a large patient load in our community so when we considered couples swapping it was no small decision for us.

The logical place to advertize is Crag’s List but it would be impossible to use photo’s that would be revealing so we settled on Black and White photography that would be discreet but exciting to look at. At the same time the photo’s had to be real, they had to be us. We didn’t just want cock, pussy and tit shots but pics that would be revealing.

My wife has a darling 34B-24-34 body with shapely legs and small size 5 feet. Her pussy is a small mound of very light fine short blond hair barely covering the tightly pressed lips of her vagina that had the muscles surgically corrected shortly after child birth restoring the tightness prior to pregnancy giving her the tightness of a June Bride. She has below the shoulder length tri-color blond hair and pacific blue eyes with high cheek bones and pouty lips accented by a Memphis southern accent. She stands 5 feet tall and weighs 92 pounds. Her breast are perfect globs with aurora pink nipples that become hard to the touch. She has an oversize rose colored clit that reacts to the tongue in a quick and sensitive manner often squirting in the pursuer’s mouth.

I am 5’9″, 200 pounds by no means the sexy example my wife, but pretty good looking guy. I have a full manicured beard with salt and pepper hair, a strong back, chest , arms and legs. Small waist. small waist accented by body hair, a bronze tan and tiny ass. Women always comment that I have the most beautiful hands and feet. I seem to find that funny. My cock is just under 8 inches and uncut with huge scrotum and balls that I love to get swinging into a woman’s ass crack when I’m fucking.

About 3 months ago when this started I was having a problem sustaining an erection and thought it might be disinterest in my wife causing the problem. It was time for my annual physical and I told my Doctor that I would like for her to give me a script for something to help me with this problem. We discussed it and arrived at the solution to go with Cialis Daily. She asked if I want 2.5 or 5.0 mg. I said I couldn’t get it up at all give me the strongest.

I’ve told about this because this shit is amazing. It has given me a hard dick like you wouldn’t believe. She also found my testosterone was low and put me on medication and which got that back up. Now all I want to do is fuck all the time. I’ll tell you about it latter but my cock stays up like forever and my cum load is up to like a half cup. I think the fact that I eat avocados three times a day is also an add to pumping up an erection. Hope I don’t start having Mexican kids.

We live in a 55 + Community (you don’t have to be 55 to live in one of these the law says only 80%. 20% can be as young as 40). Golf course, minimum home $750K, ours is a 2 Master Bedroom, with King Beds, Walk-in Showers, with access to each other. Game room 80 inch flat screen with porn, private pool, hot tub, sauna, pool table, really nice place to live or fuck.

We have been swapping steady for several months now but I wanted to tell you about last week end. We meet Harold and Lynn on line at Craig’s List. Harold is a Doctor also and Lynn is a Nurse. Or conversation went on for a couple of weeks and Harold sent me several pictures of them telling me Lynn was very excited about wanting to ride my uncut cock. She is a Double D breast and a little heavy. I prefer fucking little women like my wife, but I will occasionally fuck a larger woman especially if she is good orally and Harold assured me Lynn can really pleasure me when it comes to sucking my cock and she would also suck Donna’s pussy.

We had emailed back and forth but had never met. We discussed about meeting at a restaurant and then said that seemed like such a waste of time we were meeting for a purpose we had discussed on line. I told Harold and Lynn to put their things in a tote bag and come to the house. “When you get within a block call me and I’ll raise the garage door and you can pull in.” I told Harold.

They were at the house izmir escort bayan in about an hour and a half. The called about 30 minutes before they got there and kind of talked their way to the house. We got comfortable with them as they came to the house. We let them pull into the garage and then we lowered the garage door. Donna and I both walked out and greeted them nude, Lynn had her top off when we came out. It is like we were starting to get on the same page. Harold got a hard on when he saw my wife. We both walked over and felt Lyn’s nice double D rack and I massaged her mound and she reached down and stroked my cock.

We all went in and we showed them the guest room, where to put their things and they finished disrobing and placed their cloths in the closet and drawers.

We then all stepped into the guest shower together so that we would all be nice and clean. Donna loves the Cucumber Dove liquid soap and a saw her place a generous amount in her hand grasping Harold’s cock she began to jack him off with one hand cradling his balls with the other. Lynn followed her motion only she was on her knees with a quick cleansing of the cock she engulfed my cock with her mouth to the balls bring it to full life. Reaching around she pushed to fingers up my ass and I felt the back of her throat gargle against the head of my cock. Grabbing both ears and beside the head I did what was natural for a first meeting, I started to rapidly skull fuck my new found matron of the deep.

Donna was hands against the shower wall with Harold’s cock to the ball deep inside her pussy. What a way of introduction. They hadn’t been in the house fifteen minutes and Donna was being fucked Doggie Style and I was Skull Fucking a woman I had only seen get out of the car braless a few minutes ago.

We returned to the den where Donna had prepared us a glass of ice tea, we don’t smoke, drink or use alcohol as it dulls the sexual responses. There was some chilled strawberries, watermelon and avocado slices for treats and stimulants, also energy drinks.

Harold sat across from Donna not wanting to be forward but eager to plant his pole in her again. He couldn’t take his eyes off her tits. They are small compared to Lynn, but beautiful and Donna has such a beautifully sculptured body it is hard to believe just a few months ago I couldn’t get a hard up for her. It was obvious all her could think about was fucking her.

We talked long enough to drink tea and eat part of the fruit Donna had prepared. Donna made the first move. She took the fruit and placed the cover over it and placed it back in the fridge and said that will keep until latter, if you want some fresh tea we can always get that. With that she took Harold and my hand and we walked back to the bedroom with my arm around Lynn.

I would love to tell you that first time in the bedroom was spectacular but I would be lying. It was good, but not great. Both the ladies had an orgasm; of course both of the men got their load. Harold talked about how great Dona’s pussy was, he was probably more thrilled than any of the rest of us. I truly understand that.

We went for a swim and played around in the pool. Both of us got blow jobs in the pool, but I made sure it wasn’t to completion for me. I don’t know about Harold. Then we set in the Hot Tub for 20 min and I saw Lynn giving Harold another Blow Job. I was pleased that happened because we were going into the sauna next and Donna always liked to do 69 in the Sauna.

We stepped into the Sauna and Donna was laying on her back on the top step. I knew what she wanted and I also knew Harold would take advantage of this situation so I popped up on the step, hovered over her with my cock above her mouth and slipped it into her beckoning mouth as I darted my tongue into her waiting cunt. Her hips lunged upwards and she sucked my cock trying desperately to take the nearly 8 inches of relatively thick white cock in her thin delicate throat. I couldn’t help myself as I began to skull-fuck her hoping to drop a full load in her throat

By now it was late and we decided to go in and watch a movie or some porn. Of course escort izmir ever one settled on porn instead of a movie and decided to watch in our master king bed together. We settled on some interracial porn for a petite blond with a black stud with a 14 inch black cock. He stuck her with that 14 inch black cock and I thought it would come out her mouth. She was laying flat on the bed and he put that cock in her pussy and pushed it up inside of her. Kept pushing it up in her until it was buried to his balls, then he started fucking her as hard and fast as her could.

When he pulled his cock out he was still Cumming. His cock was still hard and he laid it on her belly with his balls lying in her pussy and his cock was hitting her between her tits. I’m like to know where this guys cock was inside this girl when he was fucking her, unbelievable. It did turn me on to see this massive cock in this petite girl, but I don’t know where the fuck it went in there. My wife was cringing. Donna was smiling. Harold was rubbing my wife thighs wanting some of that pussy. Lynn tapped me on the shoulder, I rolled over and she mounted me. My cock rose to the occasion and I was in like Flynn.

Tearing my cock up. I had the Cialis complex going on again, what a wonderful drug. I reached up holding her Double D’s as they swung above me, her nipples were hard and growing. She was relentless as she rode my cock. I tried to rise up to meet her but she beat me back down into the mattress, circling occasionally almost taking my balls into her vagina at times. Donna took her small hands and reached under and supported my balls while Donna fucked me. Donna kissed me on the side and rubbed my chest.

I didn’t realize it at first but Harold had been eating Donna when she started holding my balls but was now fucking her at the same time she was kissing my side and rubbing on me while Lynn was riding my cock.

We all pretty much fell asleep after this. I woke up the next morning with a piss hard and everyone else was still sleeping. I carefully slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom but woke my wife up on the way out. She kissed my piss hard cock and said, “You think maybe I could please have some of that when you get back.”

When I got back she was laying on her back with ass to the edge of the bed, legs straight up in the air and her pretty little pussy right there available for the taking. Edging up to the bed with an extremely hard cock I took her legs and placed them on my shoulders.

Harold and Lynn having been waken by the sound of the flushing toilet were all eyes at the edge of the bed. Seeing what was happening Harold took his right hand and gently taking my cock he inserted it in Donna’s pussy while Lynn took her finger’s and spread Donna’s lips to help my thick cock go in. When Harold moved his hand away Lynn grasped my cock with her hand to guide me. I enjoyed that and so did Donna so we made entrance go slow. I only let the head of my cock go in her pussy while Lynn held my shaft and I let her work it around in Donna’s pussy for a while, rubbing it around over the clit and around on the inside. Donna told me latter this drove her crazy to have another woman holding my cock and rubbing it around inside her pussy was a wonderful experience that she couldn’t explain. She was kind of embarrassed about it later.

Once I was in her I just wanted to fuck her forever. She is so tight and feels so good. The reconstruction of her pussy is such a great job she is actually much tighter than before she got pregnant. Maybe it is because she does all those exercises that are to build up the muscles in the walls of a women’s pussy. When I fuck her she is so much different than other woman. Her pussy is like little ribs inside that rub my cock when I fuck her. Others are just a hole, no muscle, but hole that feels really good to fuck.

As I slid my cock all the way in to Donna’s pussy Lynn takes her hand away and I pull Donna closer to me. I see a smile across her face as she enjoys the feel of my cock in her knowing she is going to get a good fucking this morning.

I decided to tease her a little and I pull the way izmir escort out except for the very tip of my head in her slot. I see her squirm wanting my cock in her. She hates being teased but it brings her to untold heights. I rub my cock on her clit and I can feel her toes start to curl down. She starts to hit at me with her hand and I rub her clit with cock more. Then I feel her squirt all over me. When she does this I ram her as hard and quick as I can all the way as sudden as I can and I hear her gasp for breath.

Lynn and Harold are playing with her breast and are taken by what has just happened. Donna starts a low whine like a puppy going into a rapid panting for her breath.

Her hips begin to raise off the bed and I am fucking as hard as I can wanting to cum but I can’t. I can feel the cum in my balls but nothing wants to come up the shaft. My cock is just as hard as it was when we started probably 30 minutes ago. I am not tired and I am really enjoying this piece of ass.

Lynn layed down beside the wife with her skin touching hers. I slowed down while they joined in but kept fucking. Lynn put her ass to the edge of the bed with her legs in the air and Harold put her feet on his shoulder. He said, “We have never fucked like this before.” I reached down and took hold of his hard cock inserting it in Lynn’s pussy. I held it while he fucked her slowly at first. Then he returned the pleasure by reaching to the side and holding my cock as I slowly continues to fuck the Doc.

I pushed Donna’s Knees up exposing her ass at the edge of the bed. I fucked her hard for a few minutes and then rolled her to the opposite side of our visiting couple. Changing her position made it more comfortable for her giving Harold a better view provided he wanted to watch.

Harold was now fucking Lynn hard and fast and I knew he was close to cuming. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get to cum today or not.

Harold said, “I don’t have your staying power, I’m going to cum pretty quick.”

I said, “Well, I am going to be fucking a while, as much as Donna loves cum in her pussy she may not get it from me today.”

“Let Harold cum in her and you fuck me until he gets through and then if you want you can go back to Donna.” Suggested Lynn.

“That isn’t our Call” I Said.

Doc took her hand, pushed me off and rolled back over on her back with her legs in the air. Stepping back I made room for Harold to move in with his hard cock and I slipped between Lynn’s legs and slammed my cock into her waiting pussy.

Looking over I saw Doc biting her lower lip and I knew she was starting to have an orgasm. It was exciting for her to change partners in the middle and knowing that she was going to get a load of hot cum in her was sending her over the edge. She was starting her low whine once again. Her hip coming off the mattress I saw Harold bury his cock into her pussy up to his balls and the look on his face told me he was shooting his load into my wife’s tight little cunt. The excitement of having another man fucking and Cumming in my wife was starting to rouse the cum in my balls and I could feel it starting to begin to bubble up in my shaft.

Continuing to fuck Lynn I asked Harold if he had anything else to give and he said he wasn’t sure. He would sure like to fuck more but he had enjoyed unloading in the Doc. Donna was coming off her orgasm and as I fucked Lynn I asked Donna if she would help Harold get up again. She slid off the bed and taking the sheet she wiped herself out and Harold’s cock off . Playing with his cock and balls she took him in her mouth until he slowly began to come to life again. When he was rock hard I pulled out of Lynn and told him to have at her again.

Doc returned to her back on the bed and I befriended her with a poke once again. This time the cum had begun to rise in my cock and I told her it want be long until I fill you with hot jism. She bite her lip and closed her eyes raising her hips she rocked her pussy on my hard cock while I fucked her. It still took about 20 minutes of hard enjoyable fucking, but when I erupted I spilled approximately ½ cup of hot jism in Donna beautiful blond pussy.

So, the third on in bed is Cialis Daily, Which gave me an incredible hard, superior increased cum volume, unimaginable staying power and the courage to begin the style of couple swapping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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