Tied for Pleasure

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The evening was planned out well in advance. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what the REAL plan was. Oh, I thought I knew, but I found out that I was very wrong.

The evening started as I thought, Barry and Beth came to our house for dinner and drinks. When they arrived, Beth was dressed in a very sexy domme outfit, short black leather skirt, and a very sheer black blouse. Underneath it was clearly evident that she had on a black leather bustier that was low enough to show off the top third of her nipples. Her ample breasts poured over the top of it. Her legs were wrapped in black seamed stockings and she towered above both Barry and me in 6″ spike heels. She looked truly stunning. The outfit didn’t completely surprise me because the plan was dinner, drinks and some simple sex. The outfit should have given me a clue, but I was so entranced by her stunning sex appeal that I couldn’t think. I gave her a big kiss and hug and squeezed her tight buns and then a hearty handshake with Barry.

I invited them in and offered them wine. I had steaks on the grill and the dining room was set for an intimate dinner. But I hadn’t seen Joy for a while and yelled into the bedroom that our guests had arrived.

Her entrance was grand and I stopped dead in my tracks. Again, I should have gotten some clue because she was wearing an outfit that I’d never seen before and there was definitely a theme developing. The base of the outfit was a black lace and leather bustier, the kind with the breasts cut out. It was accentuated with split crotch panties that just seemed to frame her freshly shaven pussy, black seamed stockings, and her 5″ spike pumps. Her nipples were adorned with some silver dangling rings that I had made for her. Her nipples weren’t pierced so I made some rings that wound around her nipples to hold them on. Dangling from them were some shiny silver hearts. As she strutted out of the bedroom, they bounced and swung and brought your eyes right to them. I could feel my cock harden further.

She walked up to Beth and wrapped her arms around her and gave her a deep, long kiss. Their hands explored each other’s ass. Then she turned to Barry and gave him a similarly long and passionate kiss. It was hot watching them.

When they finally broke their embrace I came back to my host senses and got wine for all of us. I let them relax in the living room and nearly couldn’t bring myself to go back to the kitchen because the sight of the two sexy ladies on the couch together was so HOT. But, we had to eat.

It took me a few more minutes to get dinner ready. I was the chef tonight because Joy didn’t want to risk messing up her outfit. So, I kept it light and simple.

All through dinner, it was nearly impossible to eat because the two sexy ladies commanded our attention. I know my cock was hard as a rock all through to the light dessert. And the wine flowed pretty well and was further loosening up the inhibitions of the two ladies. At one point while I was clearing the dishes and standing next to Beth, she reached up to my hard crotch and cupped my balls and cock through my slacks. She made a comment about how hard I was and that I must like what I’m seeing. As she massaged for a moment, she nearly made me cum.

When we finished dinner we wandered into the living room. At Joy’s request, I had cleared away the coffee table from in front of the couch and laid out a mattress to play on. She said that she wanted to play in the living room so that we could move from the couch to the mattress and experience “multiple positions.” However, she also told Barry and me to grab two dining room chairs and bring them in. The chairs are heavy wood with sturdy arms on them. She directed us to put them opposite of the couch and facing the couch and the mattress. She said that she and Beth had something planned for us.

Beth then directed both Barry and me to strip completely and, of course, we did. Once down to nothing but our smiles and hard-ons, she told us to sit on the dining chairs. As we did, Joy produced a number of soft ropes and the two ladies started by tying me to one of the chairs. They tied my arms to the arms of the chair and my legs to the front legs of the chair. Then a last rope around my chest bahis firmaları pulling me securing me firmly into the chair. I struggled a little bit to see just how loose I was and was surprised that I was stuck tight.

When they finished Beth said to Barry, “Now it’s your turn.” However, then she offered him a hand and helped him to his feet. “Hey” I said indignantly. “What’s going on?” I pulled at my restraints again only to find that they were still really tight. “What’s up? Why does he get loose?” With that, Joy said, “It seems we’re going to have to keep him quiet.” And she produced a gag and wrapped it around my head and tight it tight as well. I managed a muffled comment and quickly discovered that any attempt to speak would be fruitless.

After tying the gag, Joy came around in front of me and leaned in nice and close and spoke. Her sexy tits hanging down right in front of me and the dangling hearts swaying back and forth. My cock was now shrinking slightly. “You’ve been a bad boy lately and because of it, we’re not going to let you participate. You have to be content to watch.” I again managed a muffled moan. But she leaned down and brought her lips to within a fraction of an inch of my cock. I could feel her blow lightly on it and it sprang to life towards her pursed lips. She just looked up and smiled and said, “No such luck.”

In the mean time, Beth had directed the lucky Barry to the couch where she pushed him down into the center section. Then Joy joined her in a Barry sandwich — one on each side. They started with alternating passionate kisses, first Beth and then Joy. I could see his hard cock standing like a mast on a ship destined for a friendly port. Actually, I was getting the strong feeling that it would be destined for two very friendly ports……

They teased him with kisses and touches, never once touching his cock. And then they leaned across him and their lips met, just above his cock. I know that when they started moving that way he thought they would going for him, but their lips met and the embrace grew more passionate as it continued. They moved from him towards the mattress on the floor. I looked down and my cock was just running pre-cum now. The tip completely covered.

They gracefully moved onto the mattress and continued the passion. Their hands were now exploring, their lips entwined. Beth pushed Joy onto her back and playfully flicked her tongue across her hard nipples. She bounced the hearts around and tweeked the tips. Joy’s nipples were now protruding a full half inch plus, swollen to just about as large as a her little finger tip. Beth toyed and teased and as she did so, Joy spread her legs wide open. I could see from my chair that her juices were flowing freely, the lips of her pussy swollen and full and her clit standing hard as her nipples were. The black lace of her crotchless panties framed the blood engorge honey pot perfectly. It brought a visual focus right to her pussy.

Beth was massaging her breasts, licking her nipples and obviously bringing her tremendous pleasure. She started pulling on the hearts now, using them to stimulate those hard nipples. Joy’s writhing about now showed just how excited she was. And I could see the juices flowing even more now, running down into the crack of her ass.

Beth moved her mouth slowly down to across Joy’s bustier toward that honey pot making sure that she did not block my view. Joy gasped as her tongue flicked lightly all around her dripping pussy. And when Beth slid her tongue through the wetness, it sent Joy over the edge. That fueled Beth on and she devoured Joy sending wave after wave of orgasm through her. Me……. I was going crazy and couldn’t do a thing about it. I was forced to watch as these two sexy ladies played right in front of me.

Next, it seems was Barry’s turn as the two women crawled over to him and his hard cock sitting on the couch opposite of me. They kissed and nuzzled his balls and licked the precum that was oozing out of the tip and down the shaft. Joy looked over at me and smiled a very sheepish grin and then flicked her tongue over the tip and then in one motion, slid the full length of his cock down her throat. As she voraciously sucked Beth licked and sucked kaçak iddaa his balls. I could tell that he wasn’t going to make it very long and she was just able to pull his cock from her lips as he blew a huge load all over her face, lips and mouth. The first stream covered her, and then she wrapped her lips around and slid him deep again. I knew that he was shooting a second stream into her mouth. As she devoured his cum it oozed out and dripped down onto Beth’s eagerly waiting face and mouth while she sucked his balls. I was going crazy but still could do nothing.

Joy stood up from Barry and playfully let the cum drip down onto her breasts. Meanwhile, Beth assaulted his cock and kept him hard. After a few moments, Beth pulled away and Joy kicked her leg up over him and straddled him facing me. Beth guided his cock as she lowered herself down. She was licking his cum from her lips as Beth guided his cock deep into her.

Her movements were slow and deliberate at first, then gaining speed as she rode his cock right in front of me where I could see everything. Meanwhile, Beth began to lick his cum from Joy’s breasts. Another wave of orgasm engulfed Joy and she drove him deep.

My cock ached and my balls felt like they were going to explode. My head was spinning. Beth came over to me and hung her big tits down right next to my face. She told me that they were going to fuck Barry over and over again while I watched. She brushed those tits against my face and I thought I’d faint. Joy was riding Barry with wild abandon and was hitting her third or fourth or maybe even her fifth orgasm.

After her next peak subsided, she pulled herself up from Barry. As his cock slid from her, I could hear the cock leave her. I could see that he was covered with her juices and Beth moved over and began to lick them up and suck on him. Joy moved over to me and stood in front of me. Barry’s cum was still covering her face and mouth and she leaned over and put her hands on top of my arms and put her cum covered face within inches of mine. I could smell his cum all over her. I didn’t realize what was happening until I saw her face contort. Barry was standing behind her and he pushed his still hard cock deep into her and started to fuck her. I looked down to see Beth slide between their legs and then she said, “I’m going to suck his balls while he fucks your wife.” I couldn’t see her but obviously he was liking it because his voice changed.

I watched as Joy’s face contorted and with each thrust, he would push her close to me. The room was full of the smell of sex. He pounded harder and Joy went over the edge again. I could do nothing but watch. Joy’s tits were swinging as he pounded his cock in her. The heart-shaped dangles swaying wildly as he fucked her.

Beth pulled him away and put him flat on his back on the mattress in front of me so that his balls were pointed right at me. She guided the somewhat weak-kneed Joy over onto the mattress facing me and guided her onto him reverse cowgirl style. Again she guided his cock into her as she lowered herself down. As she rode him, Beth would suck on each of her nipples. I could tell that his cock was hitting her in the right places because her hips moved faster and faster. I watched as he was buried up to his balls. Her clit massaging his balls each time she flicked her hips forward. Her hips moved faster and faster. She was heading toward another explosion.

Judging from Barry’s voice, he was close as well. I expected that she would pull off and let him shoot and she buried his cock deeper. His balls tightened and he pushed into her and pumped her pussy with his cum. She arched her back so that I could see and I knew now that he was pumping her full. That sent her over the edge one last time and then I could see his cum oozing out of her pussy. She pulled up and a flood of cum flowed out of her gaping slit and onto his cock. Beth jumped down between them and began to lick the mixture of his and her cum from his balls and cock while Joy fell off to the side in exhaustion. Beth gobbled it up, lapping and licking and sucking his cock. She also leaned over and lapped it directly from Joy’s dripping pussy. I was going nuts. My balls ached and I was ready to rip the ropes kaçak bahis right there and then.

It was obvious that it was having a similar effect on Beth. She was more involved but not necessarily getting what she wanted either. She rolled off of Barry and laid back on the mattress. Barry and Joy’s cum was covering her face and her hands began to massage her big tits. As Joy got up she proudly stood in front of me to show me how the cum was dripping from her pussy and leaned in close to show me the dried cum on her face and then she moved around behind and took the gag out of my mouth. “Please let me loose.” I said. “LET ME LOOSE!”

Joy asked me if I’d like to be fucked. I said “Yes.” She reached down and untied my ankles. She asked if I would like to fuck Beth. I said “Yes.” When she untied my right arm, I reached out and slipped two fingers deep into her dripping pussy and pulled them out and put them to her mouth. She licked and sucked them while she untied my left arm. Then she got behind me and whispered in my ear, “Look at Beth. She’s ready for you. I want you to fuck her every way that you can.” Beth was spread open in front of me and frigging her clit on the way to her first orgasm. Joy untied me and I dived right on top.

I dove between her legs and drove my cock straight into her pussy as deep as I could. It only took about 6 deep hard and fast strokes and I knew that I was going to cum. I pulled out and exploded all over her face and tits. Four long streams of hot cum. The first hit her right on the mouth, the second swirled across those big tits, the third right down the center of her cleavage and the last into her open mouth just as she closed her lips around it. She milked my cock for a minute or two and I pulled back. My cock made a distinctive “pop” as I pulled from the suction. I wasted no time and moved down between her legs and began lapping her sweet juices. Just as soon as my tongue touched her clit, she started bucking and heaving. I could feel her spasms on my tongue as I drove it deep.

Joy was now licking and lapping my cum from her tits. The sight of seeing my wife lap up my cum from another woman’s tits was too much for me to take and I moved back up and drove my cock deep. I banged her hard and she screamed about how good my balls felt banging against her. I felt her spasm at least two times while fucking her hard. I pulled out and rolled her over onto her knees and Joy moved underneath her so that Beth’s big cum-covered tits were hanging down in her face. She let them bounce and drag across her while she started frigging her own pussy.

As I banged Beth doggy style, Joy moved carefully underneath until her face and mouth were getting hit by my bouncing balls. I could feel her mouth trying to catch a ball while I was banging and according to Beth, she was licking her clit as well. The sensation was growing and I felt my balls tighten up. From underneath of Beth I heard Joy scream, “Pump her pussy full, Baby.” About three more thrusts and I let go another huge load. I could feel at least three hard shots and then heard Joy say, “Oh Baby, it’s oozing out…… Oh God, it’s so sweet. Cum in her Baby. FILL HER PUSSY!!!!” I pushed deep again and looked over at Barry. His cock was hard again watching things that were unfolding.

I could feel Joy’s tongue lapping at my cock and balls and Beth’s pussy as my cum oozed out. I pulled out and looked down just in time to see a stream of my cum waterfall out of her gaping pussy into Joy’s waiting mouth. It was a time like this that I needed the camera close.

Beth rolled over on her back in exhaustion and I sat back up in the chair that in which I had been restrained so tightly. It was only a second and Barry jumped down onto his freshly fucked wife and pushed his now hard again cock into her cum-filled pussy. He fucked her for a few minutes and I think added his now probably smaller load to mine.

Joy moved over on the floor at my feet and very softly and gently licked and sucked my wet cock. She was spent, but still needed and wanted to feel it in her mouth.

Barry just collapsed onto Beth. We were all too spent to move. Eventually, Joy and I joined Barry and Beth in one big snuggle on the mattress. I know we all napped there together and only woke when someone moved.

After showers and another glass of wine, Beth and Barry dressed and went on home. Joy and I snuggled in bed and fell fast asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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