True Self Pt. 03

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“Damn,” Kyle said as he pulled his thick white cock out of my ass. He had dumped his second load of the day into me, and as usual, it left me wanting more. It had been three days straight that he had used me as his personal cum dumpster.

“Finally,” I said as I pulled myself together and buttoned my jeans.

“Shut up,” Kyle said as he buckled his belt. “You love it and you know it, so quit the tough, sarcastic act.”

He was right, of course. I had loved every moment of his thick, long cock fucking my ass relentlessly and without mercy. Kyle didn’t care about my well being or if I had got off, all he had cared about was getting his. If I got off to it, then so be it.

But he wasn’t the man in charge like he acted either. “I might like it,” I said as I stepped close to him. “But remember who is pulling your string, you little puppet!”

Kyle’s face twisted into anger. He had tried to outsmart Ryan and didn’t send him a daily video. When Ryan confronted him, Kyle threatened never to send another video or picture, claiming Ryan had nothing on him.

Even now, as Kyle held his phone and started to send the latest video, I had to smile. “She looked good,” I said as I walked out of the broken down office of the abandoned warehouse.

“Shut up!” Kyle shouted as he followed.

“Or what?” I quickly turned on him. “What would you do exactly?”

Kyle stopped, and for a quick second, I thought he would hit me. But, instead, he pushed past me and walked down the stairs. “I thought so!” I yelled at him.

What happened with Kyle came fast and furious. One of his ex’s from college, who now had her own radio show, had a segment about guys that couldn’t last long in the bedroom. What ensued was a play by play of what exactly happened between her and Kyle. She wasn’t the only one, as many women from Kyle’s past called into the show. One of them happened to have a sex video of what happened during this time.

Memes and gifs were flying through the internet with Kyle’s face all over them. Ryan had put him in his place and let Kyle know that he wasn’t the man in charge.

That didn’t stop him from acting like a jerk to everyone at work and myself, not that I took any mind to it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Seriously?” Claire said as I told her that nothing had changed.

“Nothing,” I shrugged as we sat down in my apartment, waiting for Stephanie. She said she had something for both of us from her visit abroad.

“I was hoping that after feeling what you and the others felt for a change, he would come around,” Claire said as she looked at me.

“Nope,” I said as I took another swig of my beer. “Still the same asshole, pity he has gotten better than his college years.”

“You say that, but I know you don’t mean it,” Claire said, shaking her head.

Claire thought it would be easier for me to deny being the punching bag for the two of them and simply don’t do what they say.

I had thought about it, hell, I thought about it every night before I went to bed. But, I couldn’t bring myself to be the reason other people that I liked getting hurt. Sure, Stephanie might be able to land a real job or do the online sex worker thing, but I knew her kids. They called me Auntie, for Christ sakes. Their life will drastically change if Stephanie had to take a lower-paying job. Then there was Jacob and Francis. Jacob was still getting therapy for what happened in High School.

I couldn’t be the reason he would have to relive that again. Francis had married a conservative husband, and now she had three kids. Her husband was trying to get into the political world. If word got out, his wife used to be not only a Lesbian but used to riot and march against the same values he was now running on would destroy both of them.

“I can’t,” I said, shaking my head. “He has too much on anyone.”

“Isn’t what he is doing illegal?” Claire asked.

“Nope, not at all,” Stephanie said as she came around the corner. She had the keys to my apartment and let herself in. “Technically he isn’t doing anything, just because people have hidden skeletons in their closet, doesn’t mean releasing them is illegal.”

“And again, technically he isn’t the one releasing them,” I said.

“Kyle’s ex-girlfriends calling a radio station and telling stories, isn’t illegal,” Stephanie said. “We know it was Ryan that got in contact with all of them, but can we prove it? And so what if he did?”

“They didn’t say his name, just nicknames, the college he went to and the position he played in football,” Stephanie said as she sat down. “Anybody could see from the video, he was the one that set it up, and was a willing participant.”

“Well I am glad he has nothing on me,” Claire said.

I remained silent. Stephanie shook her head. She knew me too well.

“He does?” Claire said. “What?”

“Swimsuit incident at someone named Barkley’s house during summer break?” I said.

Claire’s face went into instant horror. “No!”

I nodded my head. I didn’t want to bring it up, but she acted all high and mighty about me, etimesgut bayan escortlar just accepting my fate. She had to realize that she was touchable, just like the rest of us.

“No, no, no,” Claire said as she stood up.

“What?” Stephanie said.

“Don’t you dare!” Claire shouted down at me.

“Oh, so it’s okay for the rest of us to feel vulnerable?” Stephanie shouted back. “He can literally end my career with a phone call, not just put it on hold, end it!”

Stephanie had a button that once pushed. It was tough to calm her down. “Your sister is being used as a fucking sex toy for an asshole, as well as being taped and put on responsibility for people she cares about and you, well you think you’re untouchable, and now finally you feel like the rest of us and now it’s oh no don’t tell, well welcome to the fucking party!”

“It’s not only you,” I said, looking up at Claire.

“No,” Claire said, shaking her head.

“Julian,” I said with a faint whisper. “Supposedly he had a run in with the law, a few weeks ago?”

“No, I mean yes,” Claire said as she sat down and stared at us. “He was drunk, it was partially my fault, they said…” Claire said as she stood up again. “Fuck! He can’t, it would ruin his chances of getting his citizenship.”

“Like I said,” Stephanie said as she popped open the top of a beer. “Welcome to the fucking party.”

“Still want me to just say no?” I said, staring at Claire.

“No, please, not just for me,” Claire begged with tears in her eyes. “I don’t care if it gets out about me, but I don’t want it too, I told them to stop taking photos.”

“What happened?” Stephanie asked.

“Fine, since you won’t fucking let it go,” Claire said. “It was a pool party, Barkley was the popular guy in school and his pool was fucking huge, I mean fucking huge, everyone who was anyone was there.”

Stephanie and I nodded. I didn’t know everything; I just knew there was a swimsuit and an issue, and there were still photos flying around somewhere.

“My mom bought me a new swimsuit just for the occasion,” Claire said, shaking her head. “She told me to try it on before I went, but she always knew my measurements and always got me the right size on everything. So I said I did and it was fine.”

“Your boobs fell out!” Stephanie shrieked.

“No, if only it was that, I would be happy,” Claire said, shaking her head.

“Keep going,” I nodded.

“Well, there was this guy named Clark, I was really into, and he was there,” Claire said, shaking her head. “Some of the girls and I went into the bathroom to change.”

“It didn’t fit,” Stephanie said, interrupting again.

“Shut up,” I said as I stared at her.

“It did fit, a bit too snug in that area,” Claire said.

Stephanie and I both inhaled. “No!”

“Yes, I looked like the underside of a Camel’s foot,” Claire said as she shook her head.

“Okay,” I nodded. “So, wrap a towel around yourself or wear shorts,” I said as I thought I would have done.

“I hadn’t shaved,” Claire said, rolling her eyes.

“No!” Again, Stephanie and I said.

“I wrapped myself in a towel and went out,” Claire said. “I was going to call my mum from the landline and tell her to make an emergency call so that I could leave quickly.”

“Good idea,” Stephanie said. “That way you looked like you were dressed to party, but something came up, good call.”

“Except when I got outside, Clark ripped the towel off me as I got close to the pool area,” Claire said. “He didn’t know and he tried to hide me from everyone once they started taking pictures and laughing, but …”

“Wow, well yeah, I wouldn’t want those pictures coming out either,” Stephanie said.

Claire picked up a bottle of beer, which was surprising as she hardly drank. “What now?” she said as we all sat back.

“Well, now that the mood is ruined, guess I should give out the presents,” Stephanie shrugged.

She picked up two boxes out of her bag and handed them to us.

“A necklace made out of bones,” Claire said as she pulled a long necklace, it looked like it was made out of small bones.

“Fertility necklace,” Stephanie said. “You said once you and Julian got together and stuff that you both wanted a large family. Supposedly it makes you very fertile.”

“Local superstition, huh?” Claire said as she attempted to put it on.

“Nope,” Stephanie said, reaching for it. “Only once your ready, the lady was very adamant, once you put it on, bam, your fertile, no turning back.”

“Oh, hell no,” Claire said as she put it back in the box. “We got a while to go before we are ready for that,” she laughed.

I laughed as she closed the box and set it aside. Something told me that the box would remain closed for a long time.

“What you get?” Claire asked.

“A ring,” I said, looking at the black ring with a red line running around it that stopped at a large red gem at the centre.

“Supposedly,” Stephanie said. “It’s a trapped Genie,” she smiled.

“A what?” Claire said as she looked at it.

“Genie,” etimesgut seksi escortlar Stephanie said

“Jinn, I corrected her, I mean it could be a Genie, but where you visited it’s more likely to be a Jinn,” I said, staring at it. Stephanie knew I was fascinated by things like this, there were little statues of monsters, imps, demons, and all kinds of things littered around my apartment. I loved looking up myths like the loch ness monster or other mythical creatures.

“You like it?” Stephanie asked.

“Love it,” I said as I put it on.

“So, do you get wishes?” Claire smiled.

“That’s just Hollywood,” I shook my head. “They usually were said to play pranks on humans, and feed off us, more than grant us wishes.”

“So, give us exactly what we want while they eat us,” Claire nodded.

“Something like that, it’s complicated, you would have to read about it, not all of them were bad, some were…” I started to say.

“Got it, complicated and a whole bunch of reading, not my wheelhouse,” Claire shook her head.

I looked at the gem, trying to see if there was anything inside.

“You’re seriously not trying to see if there is a little man inside, are you?” Stephanie asked.

“No, of course not,” I smiled.

My phone went off as I received a text message. “Great,” I said as I saw it was a message from Ryan, he wanted me to meet Kyle at a hotel downtown. “The master calls,” I said, shaking my head.

“Sorry,” Stephanie and Claire said in unison.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyle looked at me wearing jeans and a shirt and shook his head. “What?” I asked as I looked around the high priced hotel.

I was getting looks from everybody. “Change,” Kyle said as he handed me a large duffle bag.

“No,” I said, shaking my head.

“That wasn’t a request,” Ryan said from Kyle’s phone.

“I thought I had choices, or am I just your slave?” I said, snatching the phone away from Kyle.

“You have choices as well as I do,” Ryan smiled as he stared back at me. “Your choices influence my choices and so on and so forth.”

“In other words, do it or you…” I started to say.

“No, I don’t do anything, get it right,” Ryan smiled again.

“Of course, you’re mister innocent,” I nodded as I gave back the phone and took the duffle bag.

“Room 112,” Ryan said, “It is your room for the night, when you are finished getting ready, meet Kyle in the lobby.”

I snatched the room key away from Kyle and went to my room.

“You have got to be kidding,” I said as I opened the duffle bag.

It was a complete kit, including shavers, toothbrush and paste, and change of clothes, among other things.

I took a shower and got myself ready for whatever they had planned.

“I look like a slut,” I said as I met Kyle in the lobby.

“That’s because you are one,” Kyle said as he walked towards the elevator.

I had worn slutty outfits before, most of them were worse than this one, but I never stood in a lobby with rich people staring at me as if I was a prostitute. The short red dress did nothing to make them stop looking. Luckily, I didn’t have boobs, or they would be spilling out.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we got into the elevator.

“The penthouse,” Kyle said.

When the elevator stopped, we walked a short distance to the only room on this floor. “Well, I said as I entered the room. There were five men and two women. The idea formed in my head, and I just shook my head.

“The last one has arrived, I take it,” Ryan said from a laptop sitting on a table in the middle of the large room.

“Ladies, meet the number one draft pics in the NFL,” Ryan said. “Well five of them anyway.”

“Get to the point,” one of the ladies said.

“Men, since I am your agent you will come to me for anything you need, including getting your dick wet,” Ryan said. “I don’t want some high priced hooker coming out to the media that you took advantage of them, or that they are pregnant with your baby. You want to fuck someone you come to me, you want drugs you come to me, you want anything at all, you come to me.”

“For real?” One of the men said he was tall, dark-skinned and dreads.

“I don’t joke around when it comes to money fella’s,” Ryan said. “I can be your best friend or the worst thing that could happen to you.”

“He’s not wrong there,” the other lady said.

“Now Carmen,” Ryan smiled. “You got yourself in this predicament, don’t blame me.”

“Let’s just get this over with,” the first lady said as she walked over to one of the guys. “Drop them,” she said.

“Enjoy yourselves, fella’s, remember what I said earlier, no posts about this on your socials,” Ryan said as the screen went blank.

The first woman was sucking on the only white man’s cock like it was the last one on Earth. The other woman just stared at me.

I was going to wait for the other woman to get done. There was no way I would be with any of the coloured men, even the Hispanic one.

“Drop your trousers and she will be all yours,” bayan sincan escort Kyle said. “Don’t let that stern look fool you.”

I stared at Kyle as he sat down in one of the long couches.

Sure enough, all of them dropped their pants and took off their shirts. My eyes went straight for the tall one. What hung between his legs made Kyle seem a little smaller.

“Wow,” I said as I walked in a trance towards him.

“Told you,” Kyle said as he flicked on the television. “A true slut, that one.”

The others were average at best, but the one in front of me was fucking huge.

“Suck on it,” he said.

He didn’t have to tell me twice as I was already on my knees with my mouth open. He took my head in both hands. What happened next was pure ecstasy. He fucked my mouth and throat relentlessly without mercy.

One of the others put their dick in my free hand while the other fingered me from behind. “Damn,” the one behind me said. “She’s already wet.”

“She loves the cock,” Kyle shouted.

I didn’t know what the other two women were doing, and I didn’t care. I didn’t care about most things at the moment. All I cared about was this huge cock in my mouth.

“Sit down,” I said with saliva dripping from my mouth. I didn’t care that he was black and that I had sworn to myself that I would never be with a coloured person, ever.

“Damn,” he said as I throated him over and over again.

Then I felt it from behind one of the others had put his dick in me. Now he was fucking me hard while I sucked on the giant black cock in front of me.

“I want more,” the man said.

“I can do that,” I nodded as I stood up. “Relax boys,” I said to the others.

I pushed the large cocked man back on the couch as I got on top of him. I moaned deeply as his large cock filled and stretched me as I sank down onto it. I finally got into a rhythm when one of the other guys aimed his cock at my ass.

“Finally, you took the hint,” I said, looking back at him.

The two of them were pounding into me when the other pulled my head towards his cock and started to fuck my face.

I don’t know exactly when it happened. But somewhere in the night, all five of them ganged up on me. All five of them were switching positions. Not once did any of my holes go empty for long. The other two women had left the hotel room leaving me all alone with the five men.

Kyle lay sleeping on the couch. But I was getting fucked, repeatedly. I loved their vitality and stamina. When one finished, another took his place. On the sofa, on the floor, bent over the bar. Up against the window, outside on the balcony. I was being used like the genuine slut I was, and not once did I tire or ask them to stop.

They came inside me, on me, on my face, down my back. Then, finally, after the sky had been dark for hours. I looked around, and all five were lying out on the floor or the couch.

I slowly stepped over two of them as I made my way into the bathroom. The steaming hot water felt good against my skin. Their cum was even in my hair and stung my eyes as I washed it from my face. It was pouring out of me.

“You enjoyed that,” a voice said from behind me.

“Not as much as you enjoyed looking,” I said as I continued to get clean. It was everywhere, and the more I got, the more it seemed to appear.

“They used you like a cheap whore,” Kyle said as he stared at me through the steam.

“That’s what I am, right?” I shrugged. “That’s what you and your master want, isn’t it?”

“He is not my …” Kyle shouted.

I peeked out of the shower and stared at him. “We are both under his finger, the only difference between you and I, is that I have acknowledged it. You on the other hand still think you have an option.”

I stepped out of the shower. “I am going down to my room; I can probably clean myself better down there in privacy.”

“I’ll walk you down,” Kyle said as he leads the way.

I didn’t bother putting the red dress back on as it was covered in cum. “She’s leaving now,” Kyle said as all of them had regained their strength. They were either playing video games, on their phone or by the bar. “Unless any of you want to go another round or two.”

They all looked at each other. Part of me wanted all of them to say yes, in which case I would drop my jeans and shirt and be their fuck toy again. The other part of me was glad when all of them shook their heads.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It took me hours to feel like I was thoroughly cleaned. The bed felt comfortable, and I knew sleep would come soon for me.

‘You, okay?’ a text from Claire said.

‘Yeah, spending the night at a hotel,’ I replied.

‘Did everything go okay, with Ryan?’ was her reply.

“Are you shitting me right now?” I said as I called her. “This morning you were saying that I should tell them to fuck off and now you want to make sure he is okay?”

“You’re right,” Claire said. “I am being a selfish bitch.”

“Damn right you are,” I shouted back at her. “Now it has something to do with you, and now you have something to lose, now you want to be part of the picture?”

“I don’t know what to say,” Claire replied. “I can’t lose him.”

She started to cry. I didn’t care. “We all have something to lose in this,” I shook my head. “And you made me feel like I wanted this, that I liked being at their beck and call.”

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