Twenty at the Hunt Club

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“Gentlemen, thank you for coming.”

The man speaking was referred to as “Mr. Secretary”. Technically his title was “Secretary of Entertainment” at a club called “The Hunt Club”. The Hunt Club is an exclusive club for very rich and powerful men. There are no women members, although women are very much a part of the festivities. The Hunt Club, sometimes the members jokingly referred to it as “The Cunt Club”, is a club where men come together to enjoy sexual experiences. Some men like to go hunting or fishing. These men like to win in business and fuck. There are chapters in major cities all over the world. Members include Judges, Congressmen, Doctors, Lawyers, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs. Membership in The Hunt Club is very exclusive, and very expensive. But the rewards are well worth it. The Secretary of Entertainment is an elected position from the local membership. He serves as the MC for 1 year for various parties and events. Tonight was no different.

“Gentlemen,” he continued, “tonight’s theme is ‘Sloppy Seconds'” he said with a slight smile. “Many of you have requested the opportunity to fuck a slut repeatedly and fill her pussy with loads of cum. Tonight you will have your opportunity.”

“Tonight, we have only one whore”. He motioned his hand over to a door.

The door opened and in walked a tall, thin woman with very short, dark hair. She was wearing black, 4-inch high heels, and otherwise was completely naked. The woman was nameless. This is how things were done at the club. The woman was simply referred to as “the whore”. She existed for no other purpose than to sexually satisfy these powerful men. These are men that know what they want and ask for it from life.

The women for these parties are selected with very strict, uncompromising standards. First, they know what they are getting into. They are very happy and excited to get fucked in various ways. They love it! Also, they must be at least 18, and free of any disease. The members of the club are not interested in anything illegal, just carnal.

The Secretary continued, “For tonight, we also have two fluffers”.

In walked two women. The first was an Asian woman, dressed like a schoolgirl with pigtails and short plaid shirt, and knee high socks. The second was a medium height red head with very large tits that hung down a bit, and glasses. She was dressed in a grey suit, with skirt and glasses. The job of the fluffers on this night was to suck the cocks of the members and get them ready for the event.

Tonight, there were 20 members that were participating. The whore was led over to the placed where she would be used. They took her to the apparatus called “the horse”. The horse is about 4 feet long and covered in black leather. It looks like a sawhorse, but has the leather body to it so the whore can lie on it comfortably. Her pussy was completely shaven, but her pussy lips were swollen. The whore mounted the horse and laid her on her stomach. Her elbows rested on two leather arm rests, with handles. Her wrists were then strapped in with buckles. He sexy feet were placed on foot rests, and her ankles were strapped in as well. She was laying on her stomach and her ass and pussy was hanging off the end. The whore’s head and shoulders were slightly lower than her butt, giving the men the optimum angle to fuck her. She felt a little cold and vulnerable… and it turned her on to know she was about to be used by a train of 20 stiff cocks. A breeze of air blew in the room, perhaps from a door opening, and the mere touch of air on her skin made her jump. The whore was very sensitive and ready.

Mr. Secretary continued, “Here are tonight’s guidelines. You may get your dick sucked by one of the fluffer sluts, but you may not cum. All 20 of you have the privilege of cumming in the whore’s cunt. You may not fuck her in the ass. You may fuck her mouth, but again, you must first cum only in her cunt. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” said the men in unison.

The whore’s pussy was wet and ready.

walked up behind her. He was naked now. His cock was hard. Their whore for the evening was ready and almost panting in anticipation of being fucked by 20 powerful men.

put the head of his dick bahis firmaları at the lips of her pussy. He slowly and gently eased it into her until he was balls deep. She felt hot and wet inside. Both

and the whore let out a slight sigh at the penetration. He grab her hips and began to fuck her in a steady rhythm. She moaned softly and he grunted as he thrust into her. He could feel he balls tighten and quickly he was cumming inside of her. He pumped his cock in and out, letting the whore’s pussy lips clench on the base of his dick and milk the cum from his balls.

dumped a good-sized load into her, and he pulled his dick out of her. When he pulled out, all that could be seen was a small drop of cum that had collected at her hole. And with that, they had begun.

pulled his hard dick out of the red-heads mouth, which was kneeling before him. He walked up to the whore and looked, and sniffed a bit at her freshly fucked cunt. Lying before him, ass in the air, was a used whore, and it excited him to know that he was about to fuck her…..second. His cock slid into her easily, her cunt lubricated by another man’s cum.

was very turned on and he began fucking her doggy style, very quickly. He looked around to see three other men standing by him. They were all naked, and all had hard-ons. They were waiting their turn to fuck her next. But he was jolted back to the whore as she began to cum. His body shuddered as he felt her cum on his dick, and he started cumming too. He continue to pump in and out of her as they came together.

pulled his dick from the whore to see that it was wet and glistening. He looked again at her cunt. It was clearly filled with cum now. He watched it as cum began to collect and run down to her clit. The cum was stopped there until a little more and then a little more was there. It slowly built up until it could no longer be contained. A drop fell from the whore’s pussy and landed on the ground.
quickly stepped up and shoved his hard dick up into the whore and continued fucking her.
came in her pussy. came in her pussy. took his turn using the whore.

came quickly in her slit.
pounded her hard and made her cum twice before spilling his semen in the whore’s dripping pussy.

#8 stood behind the dark haired, high-heeled whore, strapped to the horse. She had been fucked non stop for the last half hour by seven guys that came in her pussy. This brought a whole new meaning to the term “sloppy seconds”. #8 smiled to himself. His lust for such a nasty fetish made him so giddy he could barely keep from laughing. Before he took his turn riding the whore, he knelt and looked over the scene. By now the whore’s cunt was oozing cum from the seven men before him. Sperm was running down both of her legs, on the inside of her thighs. A puddle of semen was directly below her dripping cunt on the floor. And he thought about how she had 12 more to go after him. He slide is dick into her easily. He has never felt a pussy quite so warm and wet – soaking wet.

The whore began cumming immediately. He felt her vaginal walls pumping on his dick. He just stood there, in total bliss. His dick was shoved up some beautiful whore that had just fucked a bunch of men, and she wanted more. He pulled his dick almost out and then shoved it in to the hilt, and stopped. The whore groaned. He pulled it back a second time and shoved it back in. He was so horny he could hardly hold back. He already wanted to cum and add his seed to her fuck bucket. #8 pulled back a third time, and as he crammed his dick back into her in one motion, he began shooting his load inside of her and adding his sperm to the rest of the group. He just held his dick there, balls deep as his cum pumped into her. He pulled out to look at his dick. Cum was running down his balls and was all over his dick. He smiled. The whore smelled like a whore. She smelled like a used whore. No one was more turned on by this than the whore herself. She thought to herself how she was the luckiest person in the room. She gets fucked by 20 guys, and gets to feel 20 fresh cocks fill her up. She smiled to herself — and then she was suddenly jolted back to reality as dick #9 began fucking kaçak iddaa her.

#9 picked up where #8 had left off. His balls slapped against the whore’s shaven and nasty hole as he fucked her like a dog. He could hear a “skwishing” sound as he fucked her. This made an almost hydraulic look. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction — every time #9’s dick went into the whore, cum would shoot out of her cunt onto the man’s balls and legs, and onto the floor. Squish, squish, squish went the fucking. A string of jism about 3 inches long swung back and forth from #9’s balls. The whore’s pussy was frothy white. It was covered with cum that had been whipped to a foam by repeated motion. He grabbed her hips, shifted gears, and began to pound her. He was determined to jamming his hips into hers as he came. “Do you like that cum you fucking whore?” he asked. She said nothing and just groaned. Her mouth was now full with

0’s hard penis. #9 began to cum suddenly. The whore squinted and moaned, cumming with #9, but never taking

0’s cock out of her mouth. Not that she could.

0 had his 7 inch cock shoved down her throat and there was nothing she could do about it — even is she wanted to. #9 road his orgasm, pumping and pumping and pumping his cum in her. The cum of the first 9 men ran down his balls as he continued to add his to her hole. After #9 came in her, he pulled out. Pulling his dick out of the used fucking slut of a whore was like pulling the cork out of a bottle. Cum poured out of her and dripped into the floor.

0 pulled his dick out of the whore’s mouth and went around to her used pussy. She had him so close to orgasm with her tongue and he stuck his dick inside of her just in time to cum.

1 took his turn and came inside the sloppiest pussy he had ever seen.

2 worked her over as if his dick was a piston. In and out he went until he shot his load into her already full pussy.

3 came in wave after wave.

4 fucked the whore for 30 seconds before he could hold back no longer. With every guy that came, it got the whore off and made her cum. If they came fast, she almost didn’t have time to finish one orgasm before starting another.

As number

5 pulled his dick our of the whore, she yelled at the room of men in impatient frustration, “hurry the fuck up! Who’s next?! FUCK!”

6 almost ran as he hurried and slammed his dick into the whore to make sure she wasn’t too long without a cock in her pussy.

6 fucked her fast and hard and soon he too was squirting his load inside of her.


7 walked up.

7 was a very thoughtful and clever man. The first thing he did was lean over and get his face very close to her’s. Her eyes were closed and she was panting and whimpering softly. This little fuck slut was tired. But

7 was a bit older than the others in the club and he wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. He took his time with this whore. He walked around behind her and squatted down. Sperm dripping out of her as if a faucet was not quite turned off. The pool of cum on the floor was bigger now — enough so that he had to be careful not to step in it and slip. So much cum had been pumped into her and then fucked out of her that it ran all the way down her legs and stained her fuck-me pumps.

7 took his position behind the whore and smiled. He reached down, grabbed his dick and guided the head into her. Despite considerable girth, he slide inside of her easily. The whore was so exhausted that she barely let out any sign that she knew the next cock was taking its turn with her. She had been fucked for over an hour non-stop now. She had enjoyed more orgasms than she could count. Yet the little whore craved more.

7 fucked her in-and-out in a steady pace for several minutes. The whore’s sopping wet pussy felt very hot. Then he stopped. He pulled his dick completely out of her to looked at it. His cock was covered with white cum. The sploog ran down his balls. He walked back around to the whore and lifted her chin up. She opened her eyes to see

7’s cum covered cock in front of her face. “Suck my nasty cock you whore” he said to her. His cock smelled like sex. She loved it. She quickly took it into her mouth and it tasted kaçak bahis even better.

“Mmmmmmm…..,” she moaned as she tasted the fuck juice of the 16 men that had used her so far.

She had never felt so sexy or alive. She loved sucking cock and loved the taste of cum. She had never tasted this much before unless a cock was actually jumping and pumping in her mouth in the process of an orgasm. Her eyes bulged open as

7’s cum covered cock, fresh from her own pussy, shoved down her throat and

8’s cock was shoved up her pussy. Two men were using her. She continued to suck and get fucked, loving being the whore of 20 men.

7 felt his balls tighten and knew it was his time. He pulled his dick from her mouth as her tongue reached for him as he walked away.

8 was also close to cumming, but pulled out and waited to take his turn. The Asian schoolgirl fluffer was close by and he quickly stuck his dick in her mouth to make sure not to lose his mojo.

7 entered the whore again and immediately began squirting his seed. He came and came and came. When he was finished, he looked at


7 withdrew, with cum running out of her, and

8 stuck his dick in her quickly, as if to put his finger in the dike and plug the leak. He immediately started to cum. To the whore, it felt as if one cock was cumming in her continuously for over a minute.

9 started in on her. He fucked her and worked her over good. She was so tired and worn out that it was hard to keep up with him. With every stroke the leather straps held her in place. She rested on them now and used them to her advantage. She could feel herself getting close to yet another orgasm. But, before she could cum, she could feel

9’s hot semen filling her. As he took his turn with the whore, pumping his load, she got closer, but still didn’t cum. She was just so spent. It was taking her awhile to catch up. She wanted to cum with him but she just couldn’t get there yet.

9 pulled his dick from her. She opened her eyes to look back and see who was next. When she did, she noticed


0 and

1 were stroking their cocks in her face.
started shot his load on her face and soon all five men were cumming on her face and in her mouth. She could smell their spunk and was turned on to know they were so horny after just cumming in her love canal.

As these 5 men gave her a bukkake facial, as cum shot into her mouth and throat, she finally came. She had no penis inside of her, just the cum of

9 men. Her pussy lips laid open in a permanent hole. She no longer looked young and tight like when she walked in. As her cunt muscles clinched and flinched, it help to push the cum out of her. What a whore! What a nasty wonderful fresh-fucked whore she was.

0 walked up, the last to use the night’s slut. Her face was covered in cum. She had white strings of cum in her hair. She straddled the horse, with cum running out of her pussy and down her legs.

0 reached down to the puddle of cum on the floor. He scooped it up and rubbed it on her ass checks, asshole and pussy. He scooped it up again with his other hand. She was a cum slut, no question about it. In went his dick. His body slapped against her cum covered ass, legs and pussy lips. Cum was now pouring down his own legs. Her pussy looked as if it had been covered in white icing. The whore licked the cum on her lips and began cumming. As her pussy walls clenched on

0’s hard cock, it got him off. He shot his wad, cumming with her in spurt after spurt.

0 felt so good and turned on. But it was nothing compared to the whore. She felt euphoric. She smiled to herself, so happy to use these 20 guys for her personal pleasure. As cum dripped from her used twat, she was completely satisfied.

The whore’s straps were released from her wrists and ankles. Two men held her in each arm and helped her stand up. She smiled and the group of 20 men applauded for her lightly. She could feel the cum of 20 men running out of her. She could smell it and taste it on her face and lips. It was dripping from her shaven pussy lips, running down her thighs and legs. She was a thoroughly used and spent whore. The thought of it made her want to cum again. As she walked around the room the cum continued to run down her leg.

The secretary held her hand up, look at the whore, and then looked around the room.

“Gentlemen,” he said, ” thank you for cumming.”

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