Two Conventioneers Ch. 03

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…things evolve.

“Later. And I’m not going to bed with three women. Three women and I are all going to bed with each other.”

Gail giggled and pushed me back onto the bed.

“I have condoms and dental dams for later. But we’re well-checked, and if one of you would like to get him hard again…”

Debbie leaned down, her breasts hanging free as she leaned over. She teasingly ran her tongue over the head of my cock, then started to take the head into her mouth. I felt the blood flow into the shaft as it got harder one heartbeat at a time.

Gail touched her neck. “Don’t go all the way down. Leave some for Kim to taste.”

Debbie grunted yes and slowly sucked up and down the top half of my almost-hard cock.

She lifted her head off me and licked her lips. “Tastes like sex,” she whispered.

Gail pulled Kim forward. Kim looked at her then nervously looked down. She knelt and took me in her mouth and suddenly swallowed me deep into her throat. I stiffened and moaned.

She slipped up and down on my cock, her lips and tongue active until she pushed me again deep into her soft throat.

I looked at the ceiling and took her head in my hands. “ohhh” was all I could say. I was fully hard in her mouth again, and she kept slowly pulling partway off me and then taking me deep into her throat again. She slowly – agonizingly slowly – slid my cock out of her mouth and stood up. She leaned into Gail and kissed her hard and deeply. Gail broke to breathe for a second.

“Oh, yeah. Tastes just like sex,” Kim said.

Gail sat back on the bed, spread her legs, and gestured to her sticky crotch. “Want more?”

Kim reached down and tentatively touched Gail’s pussy. She gently rubbed it and stopped with her fingertip on her clit. Gail closed her eyes and bit her lip, the pleasure on her face obvious.

Kim pulled her finger up and licked it, her eyes locked on Gail’s face.

“I’m not sure I know what to do,” she said.

Gail pulled her down to kneeling next to the bed. “Just do what you like to have done to you.”

I stood up next to Debbie and put my arm around her as Kim slowly leaned in, stuck out her tongue and touched Gail’s pussy with it. She slowly ran her tongue up and down the edges of the lips, then stopped and gently kissed her clit. Gail closed her eyes and leaned back. I leaned down onto the bed and gently rubbed one of her nipples and her face softened and she moaned.

When I stood back bahis firmaları up, Debbie stepped away from me, and I stopped her and kissed her, feeling the soft pressure of her breasts on my chest. I reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, and pulled it down along with her panties. She stepped out of the pile of cloth daintily, and I ran my hand down the curve of her soft belly to her soft pubic hair, and then between her legs to her wetness. I kissed her again and I ran my finger over the mouth of her pussy and she reached down and squeezed my hard cock for an instant. Then she stepped away with a smile.

She walked around the kneeling Kim and sat on the bed on the other side of Gail, then leaned over and kissed her softly. Gail grabbed her head and kissed back as Kim slowly moved her tongue and mouth over her pussy. I knelt down and licked Gail’s nipple and then kissed my way down her belly toward Kim. I pulled her face to me and kissed her, tasting Gail and my own come. Kim smiled and said “Look, you’re dripping out of her.”

I looked down at my wife’s delicious pussy – swollen from our fucking and Kims’ licking, and saw the white droplets dripping down between the shiny wet lips. Kim leaned down, stuck out her tongue and lapped them up. She smiled at me and I kissed her nose playfully.

“You’re overdressed,” I told her.

I stood her up as Gail looked up at us, annoyed, and unbuttoned her shirt. I left it on, and then knelt as I pulled down her panties, and kissed her mound; she had light-brown public hair buzzed into a neat triangle over a substantial hood shielding her clit. Her panties were soaked and just kissing her pubes gave me a strong taste of her pussy.

I stood up and pulled off her shirt and then unclasped her opaque bra. As I revealed her breasts, I leaned down to kiss one. She had firm round breasts, just bigger than hand-size, but she had immense areoles – maybe a third of her breasts were covered by the dark brown circle, and she had immensely long hard nipples – longer than my ex-wife’s which had been the biggest I’d seen. I took one in my mouth and ran my tongue over it and Kim moaned and held my head for a moment.

Then she pulled me away. “I’m busy,” she said with a smile, and knelt between Gail’s legs and stuck her tongue deep into her pussy. Gail arched her back and closed her eyes, and I walked over to Debbie. She stood up and I looked at her ample body and smiled.

“You like me?” she asked softly.

“Oh, kaçak iddaa yeah.”

I pulled her to me and pressed my erection into the softness of her belly. She kissed me and slipped her tongue into my mouth, curling it around mine. I grabbed her breasts – gently at first, and then slowly kneaded them more and more firmly.

She broke the kiss. “I like it hard. I’ll tell you if it’s too much,” and then grabbed my cock firmly, milking it with her fingers. I couldn’t help it, I pushed my hips into her and closed my eyes in pleasure.

She sat on the bed next to Gail, who had her eyes closed and was biting her lip as she held Kim’s head between her legs. Kim had reached up with one hand and was teasing Gail’s right nipple. Debbie leaned over and kissed Gail then lay back and pulled me onto her.

We scootched up on the bed and I lay on her, one hand in her crotch, playing with her sodden clit and the other behind her head pulling her into my kiss. She had both hands on my cock and after a moment, she guided me to the opening of her pussy.

She rubbed the head up and down her slit, and then I slowly sank into her. She was soft and her pussy somehow gently compressed my cock but yielded to it as I pushed into her to the base. She arched under me then grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to her and wrapped her legs around me. I kept myself pressed completely into her, and then slowly pulled out until just the tip was between her lips. Then I quickly slid into her. Slowly out. Quickly in. She opened her legs wider and I slammed into her, then again. Then several slow deep strokes, and then I just pressed myself in as deep as I could go.

She had her head back and her neck was flushed and sweaty. I kissed and licked the sweat and then lifted myself and sucked on one of her nipples.

I looked over and Gail was rocking her hips and had her fingers twined into Kim’s hair as Kim gave her pussy the full and complete oral pleasure. Kim may never have licked a pussy before, but she seemed to have a pretty strong idea on how to do it.

Gail reached over and touched Debbie, and Debbie took one hand off me and held her hand for a moment. Then Gail reached up and started caressing Debbie’s breast, hanging off to the side of her chest.

Debbie rocked her hips and I started again. Slow in, slow out, slooooow in, and slooooooow out.

Debbie made a face and opened her mouth to make inarticulate sounds as she began up buck underneath me. kaçak bahis I tried to stay in control, but in a moment was slamming myself into her as she slammed herself up to meet me. We were both sweating, and when we pulled apart, our bodies made smacking sounds. I looked down and saw her breasts wobbling up and down and suddenly I felt the bright line of pleasure rising from the base of my cock. I tried to slow it down, but it reached the tip and I grunted something as I slammed even harder into her and sprayed come into her.

I had one of those orgasms where you lose complete control of your body; I managed to stay up on my arms, but just jerked my hips threw back my head as I pushed into her and released another jet of come, and then pulled out, and slammed back in again as the next pulse moved through my cock.

I finished and jammed myself somehow deeper into her as the last drops of come oozed out, and suddenly her thighs began to quiver and Debbie arched her back and started going “ahhh…ahhh…ohhhh…yes! yes!” and suddenly her pussy was clenching my still-hard cock and she was wrapping her legs around me and squeezing me into her rhythmically.

And then next to us, I heard Gail’s familiar “ohmygodohmygod OH MY GOD!!” as she came on Kim’s tongue.

I lay on Debbie’s soft body and panted, my head nestled into her shoulder. I could hear her deep breathing and feel her heart pounding and then slowing down as she recovered.

I leaned up, and then over to Gail and kissed her and we smiled at each other.

“You owe me $100,” she whispered.

“What?” Debbie asked.

“Oh, I bet him we’d wind up here,” Gail said, smiling broadly. “I just felt it with you two.”

We all laughed.

I rolled off Debbie and lay on my back, my half-hard cock in the air.

Kim moved over and gently lapped at it.

Gail looked at Kim and said “Hey, it’s your turn! What do you like?”

Then she said “Oh, never mind,” and pushed Kim down on the bed onto her back.

Gail knelt between her legs and began to lick Kim’s clit.

“Oh. My. God. This thing is immense!! It’s beautiful, Kim!!”

I looked over. My ex has a clit that was maybe an inch or so long when she was aroused. Kim’s was longer and thicker. Bright pink, glistening. I couldn’t resist and leaned over and ran my tongue around it. She shuddered with pleasure, so I kept doing it, keeping my tongue soft, lapping in gentle circles. Suddenly she arched her back and said “oh FUCK I’m going to come, I’m going to come…” I kept at it and Gail slowly slipped her thumb into her pussy and Kim groaned as she came. Her pussy flooded with her juices and I lapped them off Gail’s hand.

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