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They had met for lunch a few days before and the plan had been all arranged then. It wasn’t a bad plan and what few flaws it had were worked out over the lunch with the five of them. The timing and the environment and other small such things that in the long run were easily resolved.

The hardest part was going to be after the fact, but they had all decided that it was a chore they would all undertake together and make sure it got done right. They smiled, had a few more beers a piece and went off on their own ways to get their part in the grand scheme accomplished before the event tomorrow.

For two of them it was a simple matter of setup. One of them would rent the room and get the supplies they had all agreed on and get it all set up in the room. The other would make the physical alterations to the room and the furniture in it to make sure that it was all set and things would not have to be stopped once everything got started.

Another one was in charge of making sure that everyone involved had a good alibi. It was the old game that they had played as kids. He would simply call everyone involved and say they were going to be with the other and the like. By the time anyone figured it out, if they even bothered to try, everything would be done and it would be a non-issue anyway. They all had very understanding spouses, but some of them preferred to simply not know what their husbands did for fun on a weekend afternoon.

The fourth was in charge of getting the young lady to where she needed to be and when she needed to be there. She was more than amiable to the situation. It wasn’t as if they had hired a whore or something so profane, they had simply looked for a found a woman who wanted to receive what they all wanted to give. It was a simple matter of a message or two, a schedule and making sure that everyone felt safe and secure with all the arrangements.

As the unofficial Master of Ceremonies for this grand party, My job was to simply show up and partake in the delicious bacchanalia that had been planned. Perhaps it wasn’t fair that I had nothing to do, but it was My idea, and I had found her, so they had no right to bitch anyway. Some of these guys hadn’t seen tits since high school, and only a few of them knew that tits above a D cup were out there for playing.

We had agreed that it was going to be a long day so after everyone had had their morning cup of coffee and kissed their respective ataköy türbanlı escort significant others goodbye for the day, things would begin. A phone call was made to inform Me that she had been picked up and made the phone call she had needed to make to let everyone know we were not crazy and that she was on her way.

I arrived at the hotel and made My way up to the room and when I opened the door I saw the four of them were there and she was sitting there smiling on the bed. They all looked like terrified men on prom night, but it was to be expected, this was a real woman, not the waifish things they had always known their entire lives.

She was what was referred to as a Big Beautiful Woman. She was sitting down so there was little I could see of her except from the waist up, and that was enough o get Me hard right there. Her tits, so magnificent, were as advertised, 40 G if not more. They were covered up for now, but that would soon be taken care of. She had a gorgeous smile and captivating eyes. They lit up the rest of her face and set the mood for the day right then and there.

I made My way to her and made introductions to all involved and asked her to stand up. When she did the cocks of the men around Me were visibly tented looking at her luscious body. She turned without being asked and her ass came into view and I started to smile and decided that the time for show and tell was over and the interactive part of the day was about to begin.

I told her to lean forward on the bed, palms flat on the mattress, ass high in the air and legs spread. She did as I asked quickly and without comment and I walked up to right behind her and smacked her ass hard with the palm of My hand. She shoo a little, but gave no indication that she wanted Me to stop. She was wearing a pair of pants, so those had to go. I told her to strip down to nothing from the waist down, a thing she seemed to do quickly and with a smile on her face as she did so.

Her ass was a piece of heaven. A nice canvas for Me to begin working on. I held a hand up and gestured the guys over. I slapped her hard on the ass and gestured for each of them to do the same thing, which, having been prodded to, they all seemed to do with a matter of delight. Her ass reddened nicely and I dropped My pants and the rest of the guys followed suit, not touching her, giving Me the lead. Four little sheep, ataköy ucuz escort I smiled to Myself, but it was alright, I had known going in I was going to have to force these guys to play rough with our little toy.

My voice deepened as I told her to turn and sit on the bed. She sighed happily when she saw all of the cock meat on display in the room. He smiled softly to her as he looked down at her and pressed his cock between her tits, nothing too much, just feeling the cloth on his cock for a second before moving back and slapping her across the face with the shaft of it, motioning the guys once again to follow My lead and do the same.

She seemed energized as each cock smacked her, her lips trying to find a cock but never finding one that she could grasp. As they finished I walked up and took the neck line of her shirt in My hand and pulled hard, it ripped almost to the navel and her tits spilled out. Her nipples were huge and hard and dark just the way I liked them and I instantly reached out and grabbed a handful of her tit and squeezed hard. She moaned and I smiled. The others now seemed to move on their own.

I pushed her back onto the bed, leaving her knees bent over the end of the mattress and spread wide. One of them moved to her mouth and started kissing her hard and deep, his tongue tasting the depths of her mouth. Two more found her tits and were licking, biting and sucking hard on her mammoth nipples as she thrashed around under the sudden onslaught. The fourth stood a little off and started stroking his cock near her belly, his eyes locked on what was going on.

I dropped to My knees between her legs and shoved a finger hard and deep into her sopping wet pussy. She partially sat up before the weight of everyone else brought her back down and she moaned loud and hard for all of us. I fingered her fast and hard, trying to get a quick orgasm out of her, which worked combined with everyone else and she screamed her pleasure into the mouth of the one kissing her and her nipples seemed to get even harder in the mouths of those at her colossal tits.

I heard a groan and a rope of cum flew across the bed and landed on her stomach and thighs inches from My face. I grinned and shoved My whole face into her pussy, My face instantly coated with her cum and juices. I licked and tasted for a minute before diving into her pussy and running My tongue up and down ataköy üniversiteli escort and inside and out of her. I moaned and groaned and screamed into that pussy for what seemed like hours.

The two on her tits had come to a decision and had their cocks out, stroking them for all they were worth, the heads pointed and her tits. They were moving there hands as fast as they could and two shouts came from them as her tits were instantly coated with their cum, it coating them quickly and running in a stream off the sides before dripping onto the sheets. They wiped away the most of it and their mouths moved back to her nipples, suckling like baby’s and pulling the nipples hard in their teeth.

I moved at last to her clit, it was hard and wet and throbbing under My tongue and I flicked it on her over and over as she moaned, a constant noise now, mouths on everything. The one at her mouth moved back and filled her with his cock in a second and she greedily took all of him into her mouth at once. He grabbed her hair and forced fed her his dick, she moaned as he fucked her face and her eyes begged for even more.

The two at her tits had their cocks out again and were stroking, slower this time, watching the blow job and the pussy eating and trying to make it last a little longer. Even as they did I heard a groan again and a thick wad of cum hit her in the neck and chin, inches from where she was sucking cock. It seemed our straggler was enjoying himself as a voyeur and was cumming buckets because of it.

I stood and wiped My face on her inner thighs and smiled as I saw her. Her tits were raw and swollen from the bites and sucking and her face was in ecstasy as she took the cock into her throat. Tears running down her face as he throat fucked her.

My cock was throbbing and I wasn’t going to waste it. I shoved it deep and hard inside her wet pussy and felt and heard it slide all the way in. My hands grabbed her upper thighs and I fucked her slow and hard, slamming My hips on each thrust as she screamed into the cock in her mouth. The two on her sides were back to her tits, their mouths going insane over her and nearly ripping the skin as they licked and bit her. I felt her shudder as he came in her mouth, she greedily sucked and licked it up, sucking and squeezing his balls with her mouth.

I sped up My fucking and dug My fingers into her thighs as I slammed into her over and over again. I was sweating and moaning and getting ready to cum and I did just that, I screamed loudly and long and filled her hot little pussy with all the cum I could squeeze out of My balls. She moaned like a slut on the cock that had replaced the one that had been her mouth, it seemed our straggler had finally woken up.

Good thing we had the room all day.

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