Vacations in Heraklion

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Heraclion. Summer.

My cunt craved dick more than ever, so I dressed up for what felt like a promising night.

I groomed my pussy and it was a sweet little strip of soft down there. I lightly sprayed my perfume over my body, pulled on my high-heel patent leather pumps, and went out the door in search of a man.

I ended up at a spacious cafe and bar at the city’s center. Boys were stealing glances at me when they thought I wasn’t looking.

I sat at the bar with a drink in my hand, and soon I felt two pairs of eyes looking persistently my way. Both men were very masculine and attractive. I lowered my eyelids as I returned the gaze, and smiled. My bedroom eyes were inviting them to be close to me.

They were Greeks, well built males, their chest hair escaping from their open collars, carrying that “everyday man” scent I adore… what a pair!

Typical Mediterranean beauties. Hard bodies, tight pants, golden skin.

The wedding ring on both of their left hands denoted they were taken, but their gazes, full of lust, vouched for their naughty intentions.

They appeared to be two hot-blooded men, who were looking for a woman to share.

I could not resist their gazes any longer. They were stripping me all this time with just their eyes. I smiled again, they approached and introduced themselves.

“Lina,” I said, when asked my name.

I brought their glasses together and I clinked their drinks. The boys exchanged looks of approval.

Ilias was Dimitri’s best man.

Two men, close friends, hungering for me, heightened my already raging arousal. I was imagining all sorts of kinky sex. It ignited my imagination and I was thinking of all the possible ways these two could enjoy my body, and the thrill of two hard cocks, my pussy, and three sets of moist lips, blended together.

What I love when bedding two men at once is their collaboration while they are inventing spontaneous, powerful, crazed ways of fucking me.

Soon I found at the table, with these two men freely touching my body, with their hands beginning to roam lightly all over my body.

We finished our drinks and I let them follow me back to my place.

As soon as were inside, I closed the door behind us and they pressed avcılar grup yapan escort me between them and began feeling my body all over, kissing me in turns, and having their way with me, a passionate, eager slut.

Ilias, who was a bit larger, was groping my ass with his massive hands. Dimitris, more athletic, was groping my wet cunt with his long fingers, reaching in through the top of my panties.

They lifted me up and took me to my bedroom, drawn to the darkened room.

I was thrown onto my bed, atop the covers.

Dimitris pulled off my tight skirt, and was soon between my thighs. He pulled down my panties and threw them at Ilias, who caught them in mid-air and gave them a good strong sniff.

Then Dimitris started licking me like there was no tomorrow, rubbing his nose viciously on my strip. I was in heaven.

“This pussy is delicious,” he told his partner when he lifted his head from my cunt.

‘Let me see’ said Ilias, and he pushed his friend away, and placed his lips on me as I lay on my bed with my legs spread wide.

“You wanted to be fucked hard, didn’t you?” he asked. “I can smell your perfume down here. You were determined to get dicked tonight, weren’t you, you slut?”

I nodded, pretentiously shy.

Both men were then at my cunt, tongues lapping as they continued eating me out. They didn’t miss a spot! My clit was passed from tongue to tongue… My mind was reeling with the fact of two men between my thighs, completely lost in my wonderful pussy, now wildly wet and inviting. I was moaning and twisting my thighs, pinching and pulling both of my nipples in ecstasy.

They then paused and both undid their pants and pulled off their shorts beneath. They kicked the clothing aside. Two large, hard dicks were above me.. Ilias had a very thick one, Dimitris was longer. The two cocks were ready to fuck me, and I was now crazy with lust.

They removed their shirts and lay against me in bed. They seemed such a confident pair, which made me realize that they had lots of experience with threesomes.

I got between them legs and began to suck on their hard dicks one at a time, and soon they had both of their cocks pressed against each avcılar masöz escort other, and in my mouth.

They both fucked me this way, dicks shoving in and out between my wet lips, and they started to emit cum slowly. I eagerly swallowed every drop. I was frantically sucking the two gorgeous cocks, although I found it difficult to manage both of them in my mouth.

Ilias drew himself from me, moved behind and shoved his massive dick quickly into my wet, throbbing, hot pussy. I screamed loudly. Dimitris shoved his long cock violently deeper in my throat, silencing my intense response to being so forcefully fucked.

They were now fucking my mouth and pussy deeply, and after a short time, they changed roles. They swapped many times during the following hour, and both their dicks explored my pussy in different ways. One was in me deeply, while the other was spreading my cunt widely. I could not get enough.

Then ilias pulled out, turned to his friend and said, “Time for both of us in her at once.”

Before I realized it, Dimitris was on the bed holding his huge erect cock upwards, made me lean all the way over him and pushed my cunt all the way onto his dick.

Ilias thrusted his thick dick violently alongside his friend’s cock, forcing me to accept them both. He was in me from the rear, and they both fucked me, each at his own pace.

Cocks moved in and out of me, at time both in me but never fully withdrawing. They slid against each other, wet from the precum and my creaming cunt.

I moaned and sobbed and cried out with lust, wanting it to continue, wanting all of them inside of me, wanting both of them to cease the ravishing.

There was nothing to silence me, and I loved hearing my voice express my ravenous appetite for cock.

My pussy stretched to it’s full potential. The boys were ripping me apart with no mercy.

I could feel their dicks against each other, deep in me, reaching the limit of my lust. It hurt. I loved it.

There pleasure was overtaking them. They both were speechless, sweat appeared, and they were plowing into me faster and faster. I sobbed… “Stop.. stop… ohhh..”

I got up, and looked at them ecstatic with lust. Both held avcılar otele gelen escort their hard cocks in their fists, stroking the wetness. Continuing to sensation.

“I want you both to cum in my mouth.”

I got on the floor, and went to my knees. I and started rubbing my pussy and nodded for them to come closer.

“Jerk each other and cum for me,” I gasped, softly. My eyes were on two men’s hard cocks, inches from my face.

They both grabbed the other’s dick and started jacking in front of my face. Ilias moaned and his legs started shaking. He quickly began to ooze cum from his cock, and Dimitris pointed his dick at my mouth when it started shooting. Cum spurted in long arcs, past my face, on my eyes, and most fell in my open mouth. Hot, sweet and watery jizz soaked my tongue.

Dimitris shoved his friend’s cock into my open, cum filled mouth.

I was so hot. My clit was on fire.

I moaned as my orgasm built up. My body was rocked by spasms. I looked at them, both still jacking each other off.

I was filled with seed, that had me enjoying that sweet taste. I kept on rubbing my clit furiously, My wet cunt was dripping onto the floor, my hot juice sometimes reaching one or the other’s feet.

I faced Dimitri’s dick. I spit my cummy spit onto his cock, lubing Ilia’s grip. I knew right away that it droved him crazy, because he moaned like a beast and he started shooting even more cum into my face. His thick and very savory cum flooded my mouth.

I looked in to his eyes with lust. He was still hyped up from the orgasm.

I smiled back at him and kept on playing with their cums in my mouth, mixing them together. I got lost in that rich sense of taste and texture. My mouth was filled, and l liked it. I swallowed all the juices and opened my mouth to reveal an empty throat, looking deeply into his eyes.

They both looked at me with distant gazes. Their breaths were short and shallow, recovering from their intense orgasms.

“You are one hell of a fuck, aren’t you?” Dimitri asked.

Each of them grabbed his own dick and fed it to me till they were all clean again.

We lied in bed, soaked with sweat, with me in the middle. I sucked on their softening dicks till they went down.

I offered them a cigarette, they hit the shower, dressed up and walked out of the door.

Their perfect performance only left me hornier. I checked on the clock, “1:30”.

I dressed myself again, after a shower, tied my hair on a quick pony tail, and went out to seek my next cock. This was turning out to be a wonderful vacation for a single girl.

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