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“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” That’s what all the ads say, but Fran was wondering, “What happens in Vegas?”

On their second night, Fran and her roommate, Kelly had been hit on at one of the many lounges along the Strip. Well, actually, Kelly had been hit on, Fran got minimal attention from the guy’s wingman, just long enough for him to score, then Kelly was gone and Fran was on her own.

“I didn’t come to Vegas to be by myself,” Fran thought. “I could have stayed in San Jose for that!”

She and Kelly were not that close, really just workmates who both happened to be single. But, whereas Kelly was 35 and passed for younger, Fran looked every one of her 45 years.

Divorced, with a grown daughter, Fran had let herself be talked into this trip, based on the expectation that Kelly wouldn’t abandon her at every turn.

“Well, I might as well make the most of it,” she thought. Being on a limited budget, she couldn’t afford the superstar shows on the Strip, but plenty of the casinos had top-notch entertainment for free at their lounges.

Decked in her tight red cocktail dress, and three inch heels, she proceeded to hit the lounges, smiling at bartenders, who would comp her, knowing she wasn’t a hooker, and hoping she may attract some big tippers to buy other drinks for her.

There are no clocks in Vegas, time is of no importance, so Fran was feeling tipsy when she arrived at her third club, sliding up to the bar, giving the barkeep her best smile, ordering another Cosmo.

He winked, said “That’s on the gentleman in the corner, Honey.”

Fran squinted. No glasses tonight for this girl! At the end stood four young men, all in their twenties, and the one who was clearly the ring leader, held up his beer as a toast.

“Oh, what the hell”, she thought, waving and mouthing “thank you.” She turned back to the Dueling Pianos on the small stage.

After a moment, she realized she wasn’t alone. The four guys were there, all smiling, and the leader said, “Hi, I’m Mike, this is…” Fran didn’t even try to remember, not expecting the chat to last long.

They were a bachelor party, with Mike as the best man, the little one being the groom and the blond and the Latino guy were ushers. Fran knew they were trawling for meat, but, unless they thought she was a hooker, why were they bothering her?

“Look, fellas, I’m waiting for my date…”

“Oh? The same date you were waiting for in the last bar?” Mike asked.

Fran smiled. “Okay, I’m not. Whatever, I’m not for hire, okay? That’s not my speed.”

They all started apologizing at once. “Oh, no, that’s not what we thought, Fran, really!” Mike said, as they all agreed. “We didn’t mean any disrespect! All we wanted was a picture with you?”

“Me?” Fran saw an image of herself in her mind. Five-foot-six, 150, very busty, with shoulder-length red hair and green eyes, pretty enough but no beauty. Probably not too bad in her new dress and heels. But, no way they are confusing me for a movie star, that was for sure. “Why me?”

“Ms. Barbara Akers. Our eighth grade teacher,” avcılar üniversiteli escort Mike announced, proudly, and they all nodded their heads in unison.

Mike bought another round for all of them and explained. “Miss Akers was our first combined crush, Tony (the groom) most of all. you look so much like her! I wish we could show you her picture from back then. Anyway, Tony spotted you first and we just had to talk to you. Of course, she’d be a lot older than you. You look like we remember her when she was 39 or 40. Oh, didn’t mean you look forty!”

Fran smiled. “Forty, I’ll take.” These kids were great for her ego!

“Anyway, before we could talk to you, you left and we followed you here. Hope you don’t mind…”

“Well, never let it be said that the Groom didn’t get what he wanted at his bachelor party. Sure, does anybody have a camera?”

All four had their cell phones out and ready, and Fran laughed. She posed with Tony hugging her and Mike, naturally, then different combinations. After another drink, the bartender took all five of them together. And Fran was surprised to think how much she was enjoying these four 24-year-olds. Tony was pretty wasted and his hands were roaming a little too much, but it was all in fun, right?

“Well, boys, I’m sure you want to take Tony here off to someplace more conducive to a bachelor party, not with your fifth grade teacher.”

“Eighth grade!” Tony protested, as he grabbed Mike’s arm and whispered to him in a drunken grin.

“Eighth grade, then. What? What did he say?” Fran asked.

Mike snickered. “He wants you…” They all laughed, in that school yard way. “No, no, I mean he wants you to come up to our suite. For drinks. His treat! Food, too!”

“I don’t think so,” Fran barely got out before they all started in.

“Yeah, sure! Why not! Get something to eat. Come back out later!”

“Mike, always the voice of the group, said “Why don’t you? Tony’s Dad is rich! He’s comping this whole party! We order steak, lobsters, stuff we never even tried! Really, come up for a while. Then we go out again, and find Tony some fun, okay?”

Fran knew she shouldn’t but since they were from Phoenix, she’d never see them again, and, after all, this was Vegas! “Alright, just for a bite.” She was famished.

There were four bedrooms off the main area, and the place was half-trashed already, with beer cans and champagne bottles scattered.

The boys ordered food and booze and a pitcher of Cosmos for Fran. The view was spectacular, and Tony was beside her again, his arm around her waist, whispering to her, how he loved her since eighth grade as the others hooted at some basketball game on the flat-screen.

Fran saw Mike eyeing her, smiling. He’s cute, she thought. About the same age as her son-in-law, who was pretty cute, too.

Tony wandered away, and Mike came over. “Having fun, yet?”

“Yes,” she smiled. “So, are you always the leader of the group?”

He grinned. “Sometimes somebody has to take charge.”

“And you’re avrupa yakası escort the man to do it?”

Mike seemed to take that as a challenge. He stepped closer to her, took her arm and pulled her closer. She hesitated, but obeyed. “Somebody has to take the initiative. Why not me?”

Their bodies met and she stared into his eyes. “Why not you?” she breathed through open mouth. His lips were on hers and his tongue flicked boldly. She felt light-headed from the many Cosmos, and when she looked around, the others were watching, intently.

Fran felt so wicked, like she was teaching these boys, using Mike as a volunteer in class. Their eyes were never this focused on the original teacher, Fran thought.

She reached behind Mike’s neck and drew him to her again. This kiss got the boys to forget about sports. Their eyes strained and Mike, for one, was hardening quickly. Fran could feel him against her and moving her hips, she was confident that Mike was well-equipt.

For his part, Mike had reached around and cupped her ass, holding it tightly against him as he moved in a slow dance, knowing the others were watching, wondering what Fran would allow. His one hand moved up to the zipper and flicked it up. Fran didn’t protest, so he slowly slid it down, feeling the warmth of her flesh as the seam separated, and his hand was inside, brushing over the bra clasp. His eyes opened to see the guys kneeling, a couple with their hands on their own situations.

Fran had never done any exhibitionism. She had read about how exciting it could be, but never thought she would have the nerve. The correct combination of age, alcohol, and situation, made her feel almost natural being watched, and she felt the excitement they spoke of.

Emboldened, Mike slid the dress off her shoulders, peeling it down, exposing her black lace bra. He broke their kiss to catch a glimpse and she held her chest back, proudly, those 40DD flowing over the lacey front. The gasps, and “oh yeahs” from the guys made her glad she’d spent time dressing tonight, not just throwing clothes on.

The dress hung on her hips as Mike bent his head and began kissing the flesh as his fingers unhooked the bra. As if in slow motion, the bra fell away, and she turned slightly, wanting the boys to enjoy, too, as Mike chased her nipple, catching it and sucking.

Fran looked out at her new students, each eager for a private lesson. Tony clearly had his cock out, behind the couch, stroking it while he watched. Fran became wet, knowing he was so excited. She tore at Mike’s shirt, which he promptly tossed aside, now sliding the dress to the floor, her black panties going with it, and Mike dug his hand in between her legs, finding her to be drenched in juices.

Fran’s eyes met Tony’s and she nodded and as if in a trance, Tony stood, and his hard cock dangled as he moved towards them. “No” she said, and he stopped. “The chair.”

Tony backed against the chair, and Fran bent at the waist, aiming for his cock head, devouring it. Mike took the initiative again and knelt, bağdat caddesi escort spreading Fran’s cheeks as she bent, sliding his hard tongue up her full length as she growled in approval.

Tony’s eyes rolled back as Fran slathered his cock with her saliva, making her head bob while her tongue swirled. Mike had her so worked up. She intended to have Mike first, but Tony was ready and he was the groom.

Fran pulled away from Mike and turned, offering herself to Tony, grabbing his shaft and guiding him into her. Oh, it felt so good! The blonde and Latin guys were naked, too and stood close by, while Tony slammed into her. She reached for Mike and he dropped his pants. They began kissing again as Fran stroked him.

She had never been with two men at the same time, and her mind raced on the possibilities, but before she could move, Tony grunted, thrust and came, spasming into her, his juices, filling her and draining onto his lap.

She turned again, facing Tony and taking him into her mouth again, the mix of their cum spreading across her face. Mike saw the opening and rammed into her while she cleaned Tony. He slid away and grabbed his beer, ready to enjoy the show, as both Blondie and Latin moved closer.

Latin wasn’t circumsized. Fran always thought that to be dirty, so decided to jerk Latin while she sucked the blonde. Her knees buckled and she was on the carpet, Mike right behind her, pounding away. He was bigger than Tony, and Fran had used much of her juices, ao Mike felt rougher, harder, and she felt about to orgasm.

The two others laid on their backs as she jerked, not wanting to spoil her own orgasm, and she paused, screaming, “Gonna Come!” and Mike sped up, until she finally froze, feeling him come, too.

He shot over her ass, on her back, and he rubbed it into her flesh, moaning, “Yeah, Bitch, that’s it, take all of it!”

She lost all control and found herself on her back, blondie fucking her mouth while Latin, with the biggest cock of all, spread her. She looked up to see Mike and Tony toasting, laughing, and she knew these two would be done soon. She jerked the blonde, hoping to hurry him, and he didn’t disappoint, pulling away as he shot, more white jism spreading across her face, with him smearing it more with his cock and, Latin, seeing this, also pulled out and straddled her chest, shooting his load on her also.

So much cum! She wiped her eyes, her makeup must be a mess! My God, what did I do? Oh, the bathroom! Have to go, so bad! So full!

Fran halfcrawled, half-stumbled to the bathroom, as she sat to release the fluids. They gushed from her, amid her own cum and urine. A tap on the door, and a voice, “Your bag.” Someone handed her pocketbook.

In the mirror, she didn’t recognize herself, so covered in milky-white cream. She grabbed a wash-cloth, then another, wasting a bath towel to get her face finally clean, then carefully she applied fresh makeup, just enough not to look scary, if the boys were even still there. Wrapped in a white robe that was on the door, she stepped out.

The room was quiet, except for the TV. Her clothes were where she left them, and she began to dress. Although annoyed with herself for letting this happen, it was more excitement than she had in 20 years. If she could just get out of here before they came back…

She slid out the door, made her way to the elevator, hoping it was true, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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