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watching Kayla
When Kayla came to look at the room that was for rent you were immediately smitten. Who could blame you. She has that girl next door look but with a sexy would suck your cock for fun edge to her. A girl next door who knew she was pretty but has a modesty about it. She has big blue eyes, long, straight golden blonde hair, a mirren nose with thick eye lashes, a tight, petit, banging body that was gym toned and the most amazingly cute and infectious smile that could make you fall for her. Or at least want to take her home. She wears little make up and she does not need it, she is beautiful naturally, with a flowery exotic sent.
She is a nursing student at the local college and did not like dorm life. She wanted a quieter place to study. She promised to be quiet and said she was not much for going out or partying so your Mom invited her to move in for the rest of the school year. She even said if it worked out she could return the following school year.
Could be a big win for you!
You had moved into the finished basement when starting school two years ago. Your Mom and her boyfriend thought it would be like having a place of your own, but still be at home. There was just no kitchen. A small fridge but nothing else. They started renting out your old room for extra money. The thought at first of renting out your old room was strange but it was an okay idea eventually.
Then Kayla moved in and walked around in tights and t-shirts with no bra or panties, all bubbly bright and friendly personality and no idea how much she was driving you crazy.
It felt you’d won the lottery.
Your Mom’s boyfriend thought so too. I saw him grab her ass one night. She did not encourage it, even slapped him sort of, but she cannot help being sexy. Its just who she is. I don’t know I if I ever told you about that.
She would study with headphones on and move to the music without any self consciousness. You’d find excuses to go upstairs and secretly watch her sway and bounce in all the right spots. Her underwear-less body all jiggly and free. It was starting to feel like being a creep but you had no control. She was just so hot. Not just hot, nice and sweet and hot. She was so out of your league it was almost heart breaking wasn’t it?
You asked her out a few times but she always politely declined. Thinking you probably came off as desperate even thought she knew you had a girlfriend. I would have dumped my girlfriend too though if I thought Kayla could be mine, like you did. I think she thought she might get evicted if she said no too harshly. Either that or it was just her sweet nature trying to be gentle. I feel she’ll make a great nurse. She certainly let you (and me) down easy. She was so gentle with peoples feelings.
She did come down to your apartment and watch movies with you sometimes. I guess she needed a break from studies and you were close to her age so she felt more comfortable than hanging with your Mom and her perv boyfriend who stared at her tits all day.
But to be honest I stared at her ass and tits all the time too, and know you do too. We’re just more subtle about it. But she trusted you enough to relax. Always behaved as the gentleman friend and acted the nice host getting her drinks and snacks. Even though she was wearing almost nothing but thin pajama fabric or a tank top. Sometimes her nipples were hard from the friction of the fabric. Then when she went back upstairs her scent would linger and you would masturbate while it hung in the air.
The favorite kaçak iddaa days were Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday when she would get home from the gym wearing tights and tank tops. The tops so tight you can see the pattern on her bra. She is not really stacked but she is proportional to her body frame. She is also height-weight proportional. A true alpha beauty.
She usually goes out Saturday nights which means tight skirts or dresses. Also her hot nurse to be friends coming to pick her up. Some nights it was like a beauty pageant in the kitchen. There is this one red dress she wears that clings to her so tight you can see every bra and panty line. Even the outline of her navel (so fucking hot). It was open collar, so often you’d see a lacy red or black bra strap. Its short and she has great legs. When I jerk off thinking about her its always in that dress. For sure you do too. I bet she has guys grabbing her ass all night. If she left paying for a drink I’d be shocked. Not that she would spread for a glass of gin or anything. Or get slut drunk.
She gave you no indication she had a boyfriend, or even a lover until you came home early last Saturday?
A warm late summer day. You were sent home early from work as it was slow. With your own entrance to the house they would not have heard you come in at all or known you were in the house. The only vehicle parked on the street was a motorcycle you had never seen before. Someone must have company you thought. But why park in front of your house?
After you changed into some old clothes and were going to go up make some lunch. As you were on the landing coming up to the kitchen. The door is always open and you can see all of the eat in kitchen from there. That’s when the voices could be heard.
“Hurry up Dax” It was Kayla’s voice. But who was Dax? “I’m already late.”
Your Mom and her boyfriend were away at a wedding this weekend so she had the place to herself. Well upstairs anyway. You alone downstairs. I bet you had hoped to try and get her to spend the night downstairs. But again it was time to be disappointed.
You poor bastard.
I often wonder what would happen if you told her your girlfriend had dumped you. She hadn’t but when you screw your girlfriend I bet you see Kayla don’t you?
Crouching down so as not to be seen from the kitchen you watched as she came into the kitchen carrying her beach bag. She was wearing very short cut off jeans that failed to cover her toned ass. In fact they were so low on the hip you could see the bikini string underneath at her hips. All she wore on top was a blue bikini top with little white hearts on it. Her hair was in a pony tail. So cute.
Putting the bag on the counter and she was looking through it when a tall muscular man walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist and started kissing her neck. He was only in a pair of jeans and a white tank top. The top had the logo for the gym where she goes on the back. So I bet she cruises guys at the gym when she needs cock.
Sorry pal.
He looked to be a bit older than her but only by a year or two. She leaned back into his arms as he slid a hand around and squeezed her tits.
“c’mon stud.” She pleaded. “I said I’d be there a half hour ago.” But she made no effort to break the embrace. She was clearly enjoying the feel of him holding her. Maybe even the five o clock shadow rough on her soft delicate skin. “what are trying to do Dax? I let you fuck me twice today, twice already! today.” She reach up and tried to pry his hands off perabet güvenilir mi her. “ even sucked your cock to get you really fucking hard the first time.” She kissed him hard. “Not bad results from a one night stand.”
“you loved it too. At least that is how it looked as my new favorite cowgirl rode me pretty hard.” He said pulling her back against him. He even pushed her top up letting her perfect breasts pop out. Thinking no one was watching she made no effort to cover back up. He was squeezing them making her moan as he thumbed her nipples.
“I know right! It was pretty good” she was starting to grind against his hip. “it has been a while since I have had a guy who could actually keep up with me sexually” she said as she turned around and put her arms around his neck and kissed him with tongue. He squeezed her ass and put her up on the counter and started licking her nipples. It sent waves of pleasure through her and she pulled him in closer, his face between those awesome jugs.
“I want to fuck you right here Kayla. Bend you over this counter and make you come” He pulled and undid her shorts and in one motion pulled her off the counter and pulled the shorts down taking the bikini bottoms with them. Giving a nice look at her shaved pussy. You know she is the gift tht keeps on giving.
As suspected her body was that of wet dreams. I bet you were getting pretty fucking hard wishing it was you about to taste that sweet snatch. Dax tried to stand but she pushed him back down on his knees.
“not so fast stud. I believe it is your turn to go down on me.” She put a leg over his shoulder and grabbed his head and pulled it in to her so he had a good angle. He looked up at her and smiled.
“what my lover wants. My lover gets” He took the leg that was over his shoulder and pushed it up in the air so it was out to her side. She leaned back and put her hands on the counter to steady herself as she was balancing on one leg and getting eaten out at the same time. Dax was making all kinds of slurping and sucking sounds as he used his free hand to squeeze her tits.
“Yes Dax. Just like that. I am so fucking turned on when my clit gets sucked. Oh my fucking god!” She was on the verge of orgasm when he stopped and stood up. She undid his jeans and let them fall to the floor. He had on no underwear. His big thick cock stood straight out as he pulled the tank top off. She started jerking him off as they kissed.
“yes ya like the taste of your own pussy don’t you ya little tramp” He kissed her hard again. You enjoying every second of it right? I bet you were also playing with my own dick wishing it was you not him about to take her.
“I have no condoms left so no finishing in me you dumb prick, Dax.” She turned and put her hands on the counter and spread her legs leaning over on her elbows. “we are barely lovers not a couple., a one day stand at best. Last thing I want is to have the baby of a man I just wanted to fuck”
Bet you could not believe what you were seeing and hearing. Gone was the sweet, kind friendly woman who cared about being good and proper. In her place was this hot naked cursing, swearing slut who wanted nothing but cock from a big dicked lover she picked up at the gym. I bet it was so hot you came all over the stairs.
But they were not done. No sir! He stepped up and his dick disappeared inside her and she gasped and slapped her hands on the counter. She was very into that big cock penetrating her small tight bare pussy. I bet it looked tipobet giriş amazing sliding in and out if her wet with her juices.
“yes yes. Thats what I like! take me you fucking big bastard!”
His hands stayed on her hips as he pumped her deep and fast. He brought his feet closer together and because he was taller than she was, she was on her very tip toes and he pushed her shoulders down on the counter and fucked her slow and hard. Eventually her feet were not even touching the floor. She was suspended on his dick and using the counter to steady herself.
“I am going to come Kayla! AHH Fuuuuck woman” Dax groaned as he pulled her pony tail releasing her golden hair from the elastic. It fell down around her face covering her beautiful features.
“not yet! not yet! I am so close. Don’t be an ass. Get me off first” She demanded.
God I would have been so close to walking over and taking over for him. I bet you wanted her now more than ever. I bet you even filmed it with your phone.
But also jerking off again. As you watched that sexy bitch get railed.
He slapped her sweet ass and sat her up on the counter again and spread her legs and started thumbing her clit as he pulled her off the edge of the counter and lowered her onto his big hard dick. She leaned back on her elbows and used the counter again to keep her balance as she put her heels over his shoulder. He clasped his hands on her thighs tight as he fucked her unmercifully forcing her back on the counter. It did not take long to hear her not come quietly but scream her head off as a massive orgasm rocked that body built for sin.
Her hair thrashing and flying all over the place. Even brushing against Dax’s hairy chest.
As soon as she was done coming or at least the climax had calmed down and she was flat on her back on the counter, he man handled her onto her feet bent her over the counter again. Pushing her down on the counter he rested his dick at the top of her ass and moved his hips slowly back and forth until he came all over her perfect ass and lower back.
He slapped her ass and grabbed a towel from the beach bag. “here I’ll help you out” He wiped his come off her and tossed the towel on the floor.
“great now I have one less towel for the beach. And I know I need a swim to cool off.” She said with mock anger. Then smiled and told dax to redress so they could go. He smiled and kissed each of her tits.
“okay I will take you back to my place so we can do some serious fucking.”
She walked away holding all her clothes but looked back and smiled. “I don’t think so Dax. I had my fun you can drop me off at my friends place and leave. I don’t a gym rat hanging off me all day. I may call you some other time but only when I need cock. I am just going to hang with friends by the pool”
A few minutes later she came back in her shorts but a shirt over her top. She pulled on a hooded sweat shirt as he handed her a motorcycle helmet and told her she would like the vibrations of the bike as they zoomed around town.
“please Dax” she dismissed the thought. “ I have a vibrator that can do the same thing. And I don’t have to suck it off”
They left and the house was quiet again.
The only ting left behind was the towel on the floor and in the downstairs bathroom her bikini bottoms. She put on a fresh pair of bottoms before leaving. You picked them up and sniffed them. Her smell was strong on them and helped you as you jerked off and came into them before putting them into her hamper upstairs.
I sit here on my couch thinking about the video you shot (and showed me) but asked me not to tell anyone and wondered if I could blackmail her with it. Personally I would post it online. That girl was meant to do porn anyway.
You’re not the only one who wants to fuck her my friend.

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