Watching my mommy Sobha getting fucked 2

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Watching my mommy Sobha getting fucked 2
Ever since my Mom started sleeping with Rajeev, I started listening to all her calls to find out if she had any more interesting liaisons. I was disappointed to find none when I once happened to listen to another conversation between my Mom and Rajeev on the phone.

‘Hi Sobha darling.’


‘I talked to the producers of my serial about hiring you as an actress.’

‘Really?!! What did they say?’

‘They said that you had to take a screen test for them. You also have to perform some……er………favours for them. Are you ready?’

‘If they want to fuck me, then I am more than ready. Oh Rajeev, ever since you made me lose my sexual inhibitions, I have wanted to become a total sex slut.’

‘Good. Then meet them tomorrow noon at Hotel Windsor Castle Kottayam. They will be in Room no. 15.’

‘Okay, I’ll satisfy them. Don’t worry about that.’

Only when I kept the phone down did I realize that I had a very erect dick trying to burst out of my pants. That evening itself, I collected all of my pocket money and booked Room no. 14 at the Hotel Windsor Castle for the next day.

Next day, I went to the hotel in the morning. I bribed one of the bellboys and managed to attach a camcorder in Room 15 when the producers went out to have breakfast. I connected the camcorder to the TV in my hotel room and checked the equipment. The camcorder gave very high quality pictures with great sound as well. Satisfied with the electronic setup, I waited till noon. The producers came back long ago. After some time, thru the window, I saw my mother step out of an auto. She was wearing a sexy pink synthetic saree which showed off her figure very prominently. I heard the knock on the door of room 15 and I immediately switched on the TV. One of the producers opened the door. My Mom stepped in, looking like a slut.

‘Hello.’, she said.

‘Hello. My name is Krishnaji and this is Shankarji. We are the producers whom Rajeev talked about.’

Krishnaji and Shankarji were both old men with grey hair. But Krishnaji was illegal bahis very well built as compared to Shankarji who was a bit thin. They were both dressed in kurta and lungi.

‘So, Sir, what do I have to do for the screen test?’

‘Screen test? Oh no, you do not need to show your acting talent. We just want to approve you and check if you have the physical strength and figure to take this role.’

‘What do I have to do for that?’

‘Just stand there near the wall facing sideways……good…….now push your chest out a little……..very good…….now turn around……show your back…….yes…..very impressive….’, said Shankarji as Mom assumed all these poses in a very sexy way.

‘Now come and sit here with us. Would you like a drink?’, asked Krishnaji.

‘No, Sir,’ said my Mom as she proceeded to sit on the bed between the two horny producers.

‘Are you feeling comfortable, Shobha?’

‘very comfortable, Sir, thank you.’, said my Mom as she put her hand into Krishanji’s lungi and started to stroke his cock. Krishnaji held her by the back of her head and pulled her towards him into a wild kiss. They rubbed their tongues against each other. Shankarji took her hand and placed on his own cock. He put his hand into Mom’s saree and started to rub his fingers on his panties. I could see that she was already very wet from all the action. Then Mom kissed Shankarji in the same fashion. Shankarji spat in Mom’s mouth and she drank it with relish. On seeing this, I u*********sly burst a load of semen into my hands.

Krishnaji and Shankarji kept on kissing her and calling her names like slut, whore, bitch etc. Then Mom removed her blouse and bra and both pounced on her tits with such force that all three of them fell back on the bed. I watched as they mauled Mom’s boobs and crushed them like balloons. But they kept on becoming harder and bigger. My Mom moaned and kept on saying ‘don’t stop’ and that she wanted more and more.

They Krishnaji said that he wanted to fuck her pussy and my Mom got up.

‘What are you doing?’, asked Krishnaji.

‘Standing bedava bonus veren siteler up to remove my saree.’, said Mom.

‘Don’t remove you saree. Just wrap the rest of it around your waist. I want to fuck you with your saree on.’

So she stood in front of Krishnaji and he slowly raised her saree to her waist and slowly removed her panties and threw them into a corner of the room. Then he removed his kurta and lungi and Shankarji followed suit. Both men had equally huge erections. Then my Mom sat on Krishnaji’s lap facing him and started to take his cock into her pussy. Her juices were flowing down the length of his cock and finally, she took it all in her pussy. She started to move up and down on it like crazy. Krishnaji put his hands on her fleshy butt and pushed her up and down on his cock. He also slapped her ass hard at regular intervals. Mom moaned louder with pleasure at these slaps. Shankarji got up on the bed and stood on it and thrust his cock into Mom’s mouth. She started sucking on it and moaned deeply.

‘Fuck bitch, you have a really tight pussy. Rajeev must have got a not out of you…..aaaaahhhhhhhhh………yes………fuck……you slut… love cocks, don’t you?’

THWACK….another slap on the ass.

‘Ooooooooommmmmmm….ooommmmm…..oooooommmmmm’, she went as she moaned with Shankarji’s cock in her mouth.

‘Yes….take it all in your mouth, bitch. Suck it….yeah….you really are a whore, Shobha………hot mouth……yes……suck it harder….’, said Shankarji as Mom sucked his cock harder then ever.

After some time of wild fucking and sucking, Mom had an explosive orgasm and Shankarji also cummed on her tits and face and neck. Krishnaji increased his thrusts and soon cummed deep into Mom’s womb.

Then Krishnaji put on his clothes and left the room and Shankarji lay on the bed with Mom and they kept on kissing. Mom’s saree had almost come off due to the fucking and Shankarji removed it in one tug. After some kissing, Shankarji had an erection and he climbed on top of my Mom. yatırımsız deneme bonusu He thrust his cock into Mom’s cunt in one go and rammed into it mercilessly. The bed started to shake vigorously due to such hard fucking. He bit her nipples as he fucked her. He licked my Mom’s face like an a****l and once again spit into her mouth. They fucked like crazy and soon Shankarji cummed inside her and Mom also had another orgasm.

As they lay on the bed, Krishnaji returned. He undressed and sat on a chair in the corner of the room and told Mom to suck his cock. She crawled on all fours to him and took his cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue over it and savoured the taste of precum coming from it. She stroked it with both hands and even put it in between her boobs. All this forced Krishnaji to cum early and hard onto her tits. She stood up and went to the bathroom and washed herself. Shankarji walked into the bathroom and shut the door. After some time they both came out and Shankarji had a very big erection again.

Then Krishnaji lay on his back on the bed and Mom sat on his cock facing him. She slowly started to move on his cock. Then Shankarji spit on his hand and rubbed his spit on Mom’s asshole. Then he rubbed his spit on his own cock for lubrication. He spread Mom’s butt cheeks a little and positioned his cock at the entrance of her asshole. Slowly he pushed it inside. Mom screamed with pain as the cock forced her asshole open and went deep into it. After some labour, the cock was fully inside the asshole. Then Shankarji and Krishnaji started fucking Mom’s pussy and asshole with equal rhythm. They slowly increased their Mom’s screams of pan turned into moans of pleasure. They pinched her nipples. They kept on fucking and finally, all three of them had orgasms at the same time. Shankarji fell forward after ejaculating in Mom’s ass and sandwiched Mom between him and Krishnaji. They lay in that position for some time. Then Mom got up, cleaned herself and dressed. Krishnaji handed her an envelope and she kissed them both and left.

That night, Rajeev called and I listened secretly to the conversation as usual.

‘So, did you get the part?’, asked Rajeev.

‘Not yet’, said Mom.

‘What do you mean by not yet?’

‘Well, there is this party coming up at this men’s bar and…………………..’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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