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Here we were. On this beautiful, warm California day, we were stuck visiting Sue’s new work friend at her home. I had a list of excuses to choose from so we can exit quickly and salvage the day. All I knew about this woman, who goes by Redd, was that she was a redhead, go figure, and Sue thought she was pretty and a kindred spirit. They’d only met last week, so neither of us had met Redd’s husband. Yet Sue thought the forty-mile drive here was worth our time. She refused to explain.

As she balanced our covered brownies plate on the short, curved walkway, both of us straightened and uncreased our tiny shorts. My navy blue ones had front pockets which I’d emptied in the car, at Sue’s insistence. Her bright white ones had none and, except for the tiny cuffs, looked like they were artfully painted on her. They clung seductively to her cute little ass and minimized her slim waist. Very sexy, and her obvious camel toe was sure to grab their attention. Despite her denials, I was sure she was aware of her seductive exposure.

Her cropped, and largely perforated, green sport jersey flowed with any breeze or movement so her braless tits were constantly teasing us with near exposure, just as she liked—even with strangers now. The perforations occasionally snagged a hard nipple and allowed the tip of it to nearly escape. At least she chose the shirt with the normal arm holes instead of the huge arm holes or her tits would be constantly displayed as they shifted. Either shirt is known to make an impression—hardening nipples on an admiring woman and a growing tent pole on a man. I wondered why she chose to be so daring on our first meeting. She refused to discuss it.

We rang the bell and knocked at the stroke of noon. While waiting for a response, I lifted her cropped shirt to expose her cute little tits, pretended to adjust it, then reached under it and pinched a nipple to watch it grow. Though she slapped my hand away, I knew she enjoyed the risk of flashing a stranger since it “wasn’t her fault.” She smiled, turned so nearby neighbors in their closely spaced homes could also see, and flashed me a nipple with her free hand. A loud “Come in,” brought us back from our giddy teasing.

When we rounded a corner, we saw the husband in a white tank top, seated with his hairy legs protruding from under his laptop. “Hi. I’m Richard, but everyone calls me Dick. I guess you’re Al and Sue. Give me a minute to close this file. Done!” Sue put the brownies on a table and turned back toward Dick. He closed the laptop, slid it aside and quickly stood with his eyes locked on Sue’s tight shorts. We were both surprised and drawn to his naked and denuded groin. Sue’s jaw dropped as he approached, hand out, dick swinging and swelling. He briefly shook my hand, but he was blatantly locked onto Sue’s minimally exposed, rounded, lower, naked tits. Seeing her expression, he said “I guess Redd didn’t tell you to expect this?” He flared his dick and lifted his balls boldly.

Despite taking a similar vanguard in my own ribald gatherings, I was surprised speechless at his premature boldness, but Sue stammered, “N-n-n-o. She didn’t.” She shook his hand, but was fixated on his naked, shaved and stiffening dick. As their handshake made it sway from side to side, she pointed and asked if “That” was why he wanted us to call him Dick? Then she smiled a wicked, seductive smile. She didn’t notice, or object, that Dick was making her tiny tits swing farther at the same time and trying to get them to escape. I noticed her swollen nipples making tracks and snagging the shirt’s perfs. With her implied consent, he shook her shoulders more aggressively, almost cartoonishly. My dick began to swell at the thought of my wife’s bared tits and the impending, irresistible contacts. “W-w-where is Redd?”

Perfectly on cue, the rear sliding door opened and Redd entered, but stopped and silently stared at our other halves obviously shaking each other excessively. She smiled as she said, “I see you’ve all met Dick and he approves of your outfit, Sue.” She was beautiful and totally, lusciously naked. Her figure was perfect with firm D-cups, narrow waist, flared hips and a bold, crimson landing strip which stopped at her waxed and swelling labia.

Though I barely took the time to note how toned and sexy her legs were, her stare lingered on my fully tented shorts. Already at full attention, my stiffness pointed directly at her and surged blatantly. Considering all the bare skin around me, I chose not to hide or suppress it. Curiously, her nipples were flat. Was this so common for them that their nakedness didn’t excite her or matter? She closed the door and, with a sultry smile, slowly bent over to grab an ankle with both hands. Her heavy tits billowed and her pussy swelled and winked at me. My cock waved back.

So, with Redd’s heavy and shapely tits available to all of us, why was Dick so eager to help Sue’s tiny tits escape? When I glanced at them, they were still jostling beylikdüzü otele gelen escort each other, but Dick’s fully stiffened and thickened cock was slapping Sue’s thigh at groin level and leaving a slippery trail behind. Sue didn’t move away or object.

She looked at beautiful Redd. “I suspected something like this when you said you BAREly enjoyed your weekends and begged us to join you. At least one of you is bare.” As soon as she said that, Dick released her hand and whipped his shirt off. Now both our hosts were naked and Sue gasped. I began to feel awkwardly over dressed and silently watched as he stepped behind Sue, lifted his cock then pressed it against her cute ass. She held her ground as he pulled her hips against his, she stuttered, “W-w-w-e brought healthy, home made brownies.” We all ignored the desperate comment.

Redd had moved against me, pressed her firm, yet soft tits on me. “So pleased to meet you, Al.” She stared at my glaringly tented shorts. “Is that a pickle in your pocket or are you hugely pleased to meet me too?” She looked back at Dick, so I turned too. He was just placing Sue’s hand on his hard, naked cock and she squeezed as she stared at me and Redd. He began rubbing her waist, abs and her lower, rounded tits.

Still facing them, I bravely answered Redd, “I, uh, don’t know. Why don’t you check my pockets?” Was this why Sue had me empty them in the car? Did she expect this to turn into a hard swinging day? What’s happened to my closeted exhibitionist that they so easily talked her into nudity with strangers? Redd reached deep into my pocket and pushed my pickle around. “Still not sure? M-m-maybe you need to go deeper or find another route?” She did.

After sliding her hand into my shorts from my waist, she firmly gripped my cock and slowly jacked it. “Not a pickle! I would have been extremely insulted if you hadn’t stood stiffly at attention and saluted. Going commando was a great idea. I can tell Sue is bare under her shorts too, by the crispness of her swollen camel toe. I can’t wait to see and taste it—again.” My cock surged at the vision of her explicit plan and I wondered when she had seen and tasted my wife’s pussy.

“Did your wife tell you I got her to flash her bare tits at work for me? I didn’t think so. Of course, I had to flash her first. I even took off my top completely in the break room and dared her to join me or I’d stay topless until anyone else discovered us.” Redd laughed. “She finally stripped down. We licked, bit and sucked each other’s nipples until we heard people approach. That’s when I invited her for a bare weekend. Her nipples look even harder now than at the office. They are succulent and beautiful. Dick will also love tasting them.” That was a presumptuous statement. At least it was five minutes ago. Now it was a certainty.

Despite my eyes rolling from her touch, I looked at Sue, who was still just two feet away. She was bent slightly, leaning on one hand while the other firmly jerked Dick’s long dick. With her legs spread, he had access to her groin and was scraping her labia from behind. I could see her swollen clit’s outline pressing the thin fabric; her plumped lips strained it. His rubbing her was making one little tit completely swing out below the cropped jersey. As Redd said, they were at their hardest and extremely tempting. I reached under her shirt and latched onto the other perfect nipple to give Dick immediate license to proceed.

Our hosts watched intensely as I bared my wife’s other tit, pulled and twisted her nipple and made her moan loudly. That was all the permission Dick, or Sue, needed to move ahead. Dick stopped shaking her and quickly bared the other tit and pinched that nipple. “You don’t need this anymore,” he said with full confidence as he pushed her jersey past her swaying tits, over her head and down her arms. Now topless, Sue gasped. “Leave the shirt at your wrist for now,” he insisted.

Not to be outdone, Redd slid a hand under a leg of my shorts and cupped my sac while her other hand stroked me from the waist. Still holding my shaft, she began pushing and peeling my shorts off. When half my shaft was exposed, my shy wife giggled and helped push the rear of my shorts over my ass. They quickly dropped to the floor and my helm surged and went purple under Redd’s firm grip. Sue grabbed my cock and stroked it openly for our audience. Redd pushed my shirt off and, except for shoes, I was the next one naked.

Sue sucked in her gut and released the tight shorts. Dick helped her unzip them and slowly wiggled them off her suggestively. Redd was right, she was commando also and her pale brown strip also ended at freshly waxed labia. As she kicked them off, Dick slid two fingers into her pussy and explored. Already on the verge, the invasion brought her to a quick orgasm. Big Dick licked his fingers and savored my wife’s exquisite juices.

With no point to holding back, beylikdüzü rus escort I fingered Redd’s slippery snatch, pushed her thick clit side to side with exactly the right pressure and made her shriek in orgasm. I inhaled, licked and savored her delicious nectar. As the women caught their breaths, I asked about health issues. We were all recently cleared. Dick produced their proof, but we didn’t have ours with us. What a role reversal! We usually hosted small swinging parties with people we had vetted.

As my naked wife fondled Dick’s heavy, shaved balls and mine, she confessed, “There’s more to our meeting than Redd told you. I bumped into her, literally, as she was about to put a cup of water in the microwave. The water soaked her white blouse and bra. She huffed and angrily tossed the rest of the water on my shirt. I was shocked, then we both laughed. She whipped off her blouse, then her wet bra, and started to blot them—shamelessly topless in our open break room.

“After grabbing a handful of towels, she began blotting me, still in my blouse. She said I should take it off too, but I said no. I let her blot my shirt some more, then she went under it to blot from inside; she claimed. When she started ‘drying’ my tits and twisting my nipples, my eyes closed in bliss. Somehow, my blouse came off and she kept ‘blotting’ and pinching my naked nipples. I had to return the favor and forgot where we were or how many people could just walk in on two topless employees sucking faces and tits. I hope I surprised you, Al.”

Redd briefly silenced Sue by deeply fingering her, then continued the tale, “When her nipples hardened, I couldn’t resist sucking and biting them. Though I did rub her pussy, I’m sure I made her come just from firmly pinching her nipples. We kissed, tit to tit, until we heard people approach. After quickly dressing, we had a long talk about our experiences and fantasies. I told her I spend all weekend naked, some of it bare in the sun, and invited you both to share in our pleasures and visit today. The next day, we brought in our blood panels so we already knew we were safe to play before you showed up. We found time to kiss, fondle and finger each other several times over the next couple of days, and here we are.” When they shared each others’ juices, my cock nearly spewed untouched.

With that all cleared up, the ladies knew we had to cum next if they wanted any prolonged sex. Both dropped to their knees and cross fondled us. They stroked us until we were leaking Cowper’s then took us into their mouths. Redd was first to comment how my slick lube tasted as sweet as her Dick’s and Sue grunted agreement. We were so close we each had a tit from both sexy women in our hands. As Dick’s ass clenched, Sue backed him out of her mouth just in time to let me watch his creamy batter leap the gap onto her tongue. She sucked him in again and had him in her throat in three pumps. Redd simply sucked me directly into her throat and hummed. That instantly launched my load into her belly.

As we caught our breaths, Dick went to get us some water. In the brief time he was gone, the women began sucking tongues, then mutually fingered themselves and were already in steamy 69. Dick froze in the doorway. “Wow. She doesn’t usually get so carried away. Your wife does have an athletic tongue, AL. It looks like she sucks clit as well as she does cock.” I knew that was true and merely smiled and nodded.

I rose and walked around the steamy, sweaty, slurping women and admired the relaxed pussies and winking rear holes. Big Dick was also hard again and followed me around the Sapphic pile of eager sex. With Sue on top, he took both Sue’s toned cheeks in hand and spread them. His lips puckered as he admired my wife’s classically beautiful pussy.

I made my choice and knelt around Sue’s busy head and between Redd’s knees. As Sue opened and licked Redd’s pretty pussy, I lifted her ankles onto my shoulders and Sue guided my stiff cock into Redd’s welcoming haven. Dick watched as I slowly penetrated his hot wife. My small brain took over and controlled how I stroked Redd. Sue held her tongue next to Redd’s pussy and I felt her extra heat as she licked my shaft as it went in, then out, then in . . .

Big Dick moved behind my wife and seemed to mimic my actions. I felt her grunt as he slammed into her pussy over and over. She whispered, or grunted her pleasure as she licked my cock and Redd’s clit at once. Her tone changed as she said, “He’s rubbing my b-b-b-butthole. Ohhh, his finger is in my ass . . . so-o-o-o good. He-he-e-e’s stretching it, I think he’s O-H-H-H I think his big cock is in my ass. I’m c-c-c-cumming.” She gasped, squealed and shuddered in orgasm. The bright flush on her cum face made me a little jealous, but that eased when she rested it against my cock and Redd’s slippery snatch. Big Dick’s ass clenched over and over as her filled my wife’s ass with his batter. After cumming in my wife, beylikdüzü türbanlı escort he stayed in her ass and groaned every time she twitched.

I didn’t want to leave Redd’s hot pussy, but the image of Dick’s big dick inside Sue’s ass, combined with the sight of Redd’s relaxed and open crinkled hole, was too much to resist. I pushed a finger into her pussy beside my fevered cock then took that tasty cocktail and tested entering her asshole. She clenched once, then totally relaxed. It was already open enough to welcome my cock inside. With no further foreplay, I jumped from pussy to sphincter and easily slid into her hot, tight rear. She sighed and clenched me firmly. I could only hold on for a few strokes before unleashing several ropes of hot cum into her ass. She came as I did and released a stream of tasty cum into Sue’s open, feasting mouth. Filling her ass with my cum felt right, powerful, as if that balanced our scales.

As I caught my breath, I realized big Dick was kneeling close to us and holding Redd’s pussy open for Sue. Sue rolled onto her back, feet on the floor, knees spread wide. Dick lay with his face next to my wife’s swollen, dripping pussy and stared at its beauty. Her clit was still stiff and wanting more attention, but he wisely realized she was too sensitive to continue strenuously.

After licking all evidence from Redd’s swollen pussy, Sue dropped to her draining asshole and sucked my cum out of her ass. As she slurped my cream from her, Dick waved his hand around Sue’s glaring, open holes in invitation for me to eat his cum from her dripping rear hole. I waved it off since I don’t enjoy that type of cream pie. He pushed his nose into her reddened pussy, spread her labia wide open and lapped her wet cunt before dropping to her asshole. Smiling nastily as he watched me watch him rest his tongue under her rear hole, he gently spread it. A huge glob of his cum ran out and he sucked it noisily. Sue moaned as he spread her open again and began sucking his cream from her filled ass.

Though I don’t partake, my cock swelled to full attention and twitched at the ruttish performance. As I watched my “shy,” slightly germaphobic wife eat another’s cum from a stranger’s shitter, I puzzled again what motivates her besides risks. She has a fear of water—believing it’s dirty, yet has no problem sharing a wet joint with strangers or sucking their tongues. Occasionally, she has even enjoyed atm.

(Slurp) Dick tried to line me up with his ass and pulled my stiffness toward it as he stroked it a few times. I pulled away and he took the hint. He slurped the last of his flowing cum from Sue’s ass before moving to her flattened tits. When he bit and pulled her nipple, she grunted and moaned. He sucked it until she finished drinking my cum from Redd’s open ass, then got up to grab alcohol wipes from a side table.

“Ready to DP these lovely ladies? You get first choice. Since we were both in asses last, let’s wipe down our cocks, then put some lube on them. They are both hot to trot, so we shouldn’t delay much.” I hoped we’d get to this point with our new best friends.

“As much as I hugely enjoyed your wife’s tight ass—and I will revisit it—I want her wet pussy and tits now. I’ll lie down, Redd, and you climb on my cock, facing me.” She straddled me, dropped to her knees and let her big, swinging tits pleasantly assault my face, as my wife licked and sucked my cock back to life. She guided it into Redd’s wet pussy as Redd wiggled me into her depths. Once fully in, we both froze to enjoy the exquisite, heavenly fullness.

As Redd leaned forward to dip her tall nipples into my impatient mouth, Dick lubed her ass and his cock before pushing in fully. She hissed, and I let slip a moan as his big dick snugly slid past mine. Her thin membrane didn’t dull the pleasure of the added pressure. Her rear channel guided the thick intruder against my soldier so tightly I could feel his cock twitch. Knowing they weren’t actually touching, I allowed myself the warm, tight pleasures it brought.

As he began to drill her, my cock felt as if it got a firm hand job and wet blow job at once. It was dizzying. I began pumping and soon found a rhythm that worked for all three of us. Sue, meanwhile, latched onto Redd’s big tit and sucked and bit hard as she twisted and pulled the other nipple. Our deep, raspy breathing didn’t last long. Redd screamed out in orgasm. Her convulsions pinched and held two stiff cocks briefly—until they filled her ass and cunt with cream.

As Redd stood up shakily, Sue sucked Dick’s dirty dick clean and urged the last of his cum onto her tongue. She did the same to my slippery cock as I twitched in her mouth. Redd smiled laconically as she held her holes closed to stem her cum streams. Once our cocks reverted to softened dicks, my dirty wife had Redd sit on her face again and slurped cum from two men and two holes into her mouth. Germs be damned.

Dick and I watched until we found the strength to get up for another bottle of water. Redd got off then got off Sue who began rubbing and pulling her pussy lips. “It looks like my wife is ready for a dual fucking already. Are you up for it yet, Dick?” He sighed, then quickly gave me a thumbs up. “Since we didn’t clean up, we better use the same holes.” Though not a guarantee, the health odds were in our favor this way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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