What’s A Girl To Do?

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Megan Rafferty, young, beautiful and full of hell lived a fast life with a fast crowd of friends and enjoyed every minute. Fresh out of college new Porsche, new job all she needed now was a new male friend. She was tired of spending nights in the tub with her shower massager or in bed with her vibrating plastic cock.

The night was fast turning into day as she headed back to her apartment on Lakeshore Drive. All it lacked was a view of the lake but she would have that soon enough she promised herself.

Meanwhile the road was empty of cars and she pushed her foot down and let the car run. She loved speed and this car had it. She was stroking herself with her skirt up around her waist, her hand deep inside her panties, and almost ready to come when she heard the siren and saw the flashing lights.

“Shit,” she said aloud. “Where in the hell did he come from at this time of the night.” She slowed and pulled over to the side of the road. She had to think of something, one more ticket and her Daddy who paid the payments on the car had promised he would have the Porsche. She also knew she wouldn’t have a license. She quickly unbuttoned three buttons of her silk shirt and left her skirt high enough to show her lace panties.

There was a sharp tap on her window. She pushed the button to lower it. “Officer?” she stammered, your siren scared me, what seems to be the matter? Do I have a broken tail light or something?”

Officer Bill Clinton had to swallow twice before he could talk once he had glimpsed the beauty behind the wheel of the hot car; skirt up to her waist, shirt open showing her round firm beautiful breasts.

“No ma’am, he finally stammered, do you have any idea what speed you were traveling?”

She looked up at him with tears shimmering in her huge glowing under the streetlight eyes and shook her head. “No Sir, was it to fast? My daddy just let me have the car and I’m just getting used to it.”

“You were doing one hundred and twenty in a fifty-five mile zone. That young lady is criminal.”

He asked for her license and registration when he saw that one more ticket and they would pull esenyurt otele gelen escort her license he smiled inside his mind. This could be one great traffic stop. He called into his two-way radio for Brett to come to the car.

Brett Majors his partner on the midnight shift was even bigger than Bill and he had an idea he hoped the little lady would appreciate. Just then she said, I feel a little sick may I get out of the car please?”

He opened the door and helped her out and to the side of the road, where she leaned against the car, making no attempt to pull down her skirt or button her shirt.

“Officer, let me be honest with you.”

He nodded. “One more ticket and the car and my license is toast, is there anything I can do to avoid a ticket?” She looked up into his speculative gray eyes just as Brett came to her side.

Megan startled and then took a good look at the second officer and her heart raced and her panties got a little damper. These two the pride of the Chicago Police Department were real studmuffins both over six foot five and well built with growing male packages making it hard for her to keep her eyes off their crotches.

Bill smiled and said to Brett. “Search the driver Brett, I think she may have concealed weapons.” Brett never slow on uptake turned her around spread her legs wide. He then forced her arms to the hood of the car as he ran his hands up inside her shirt and over her luscious tits tweaking her nipples in his very precise search. She moaned in passion and he slid his hands down and inside her lace thong.

“Nope, can’t find any Bill, but you might want to double check.”

Bill said, “No, but I think I have a solution for Megan here and her problem. He moved to the blind side of the car bracketing Megan now on her knees between them. They turned and opened their flies and pulled out their very hard eager cocks.

Megan understood she had her way out and what a way out it was turning out to be two not one large luscious cocks to suck. Moving her head back and forth she proceeded to show them how wonderful esenyurt rus escort a solution she thought this was hoping that it would cumulate in them fucking her once she had satisfied them first.

Megan considered a class act cocksucker had aced many a class in college by seducing her professors/ this time she was horny and really wanted what was happening. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter and even in the open air, everyone could smell her arousal. Both cops at the same time reached out pushing her shirt up to her neck. They then each took a breast in hand and started to tease her nipples making her even more eager in her task.

Much to quickly for all of them they were covering her in cream, which they proceeded to rub deep into her tits and chest. She looked up and smiled, “Now what about me? Got any protection with you?”

They nodded and taking her back to the passenger side of the squad car they opened the door and pushed her down on the seat with her head buried in her arms. Bill, who had made the stop, was first as he slid his recovered cock deep into a very hot very wet pussy. He groaned as she said, “Ride me cowboy deep and hard.” He slapped her ass and said “Whatever you want ma’am.”

Soon as Brett waited his turn moans and groans of both parties could be heard. Bill continued to slap her ass, and a delectable ass it was round and tight and thrust high in the air, due to her position on the car seat. He grinned, “Bill do her ass”

Bill soaked one finger and started to circle her ass with it, waiting to see her reaction. The way she moved up into his hand told him it was acceptable and he pushed through the first ring of muscles circling inside as he pulled it gently wider so that he might add a second. Megan began to come on his rampaging cock almost squeezing it to the point of pain as she screamed “Yes, Yes, deeper and harder.”

He added a third finger just as he exploded deep inside her clutching pussy. She was the best pussy he had managed to get in the months since his wife, who had caught him having oral sex with his esenyurt türbanlı escort then patrol partner had left him.

He pulled out and Brett stuffed his cock deep into her pussy to wet it and then carefully pushed against her stretched anal star. She purred like a kitten and reached back to help him push himself deeper.

He managed to strangle out a “God damn Bill this ass is so hot and so tight I am never going to last as he pushed slowly and carefully inside. They smiled at each other as they saw Megan move a hand between her legs. She then whispered huskily. “Officer Bill, my mouth is awful empty.”

Bill took the hint as his cock twitched and started to grow hard and went and opened the other door and sliding in closed it. Megan now had a cock in her mouth, one in her ass and had her fingers buried in her pussy. She screamed around his cock and swallowed it, allowing him access to her throat as she began to climax.

This orgasm triggered Brett’s and he pumped and pumped until it flowed back and covered the head of rapidly moving cock. He was still hard so he continued to move slowly and watch his partners cock slide up and down in the hottest piece of ass they had met in months. Finally he could feel his cock enlarge, his balls tighten, and he knew he would be coming again. Just then, his partner started to fill her mouth with his jism. Brett exploded again deep inside her ass. He had to pull out to allow the jism to flow down her legs and on the ground as he collapsed on her taking his weight on his arms.

It was minutes before anyone spoke. Thankfully, no cars appeared while they were having their tryst. Recovered from their excesses, Brett moved first and Megan sat up with his help and started to dress. He handed her a clean handkerchief to clean up with and she smiled. “I would rather feel you sloshing around inside me all the way home.” They both kissed her deeply and noted her address from her license as she gave them her telephone numbers.

They mentioned that the coming weekend they were off and taking a trip to a remote cottage that Brett’s parents owned and asked if she was interested. She hugged them both and said, “You bet. What time shall I be ready and will I need any clothes?”

With that she ran and got into her Porsche. Bill managed to yell. ”Watch your speed woman, we don’t want any other cops touching our new girl.”

They heard her giggle as she sped away with the window done. “You got it Officers.”

© 11/28/03

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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