wheelchair sex….. part 3

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wheelchair sex….. part 3
if you have not read parts 1 and 2 please do so you can follow along…..as I mentioned before this story is 100% true. as I continue with the events that occurred Nadine was having major orgasms just from being touched. her pussy was extremely wet and she was having more orgasms. her nipples were extremely hard. they were close to 1/2 inch in length. I grabbed both nipples and gave them a slight pull. this caused Nadine’s body to shake as she was having an orgasm that she felt from head to toe.

“you like that, don’t you baby.” and Nadine shook her head….this woman wanted me to pull hard on her nipples. her hands were above her head and she looked at me begging me to pull her nipples….and I did. its’ a good thing she had that wash cloth in her mouth. I wish I could describe the moaning coming out of her. it was coming from deep in her soul….her eye contact with me told me all I needed to know. she loved the pain, she loved being submissive, she wanted more. I pulled again a little harder and another shattering orgasm shook her. she muffled something into the washcloth but I was already pulling her nipples again. as unbelievable as it sounds she had another shattering orgasm. I stopped pulling her nipples and began caressing her pussy again. as I mentioned before she has large labia and they were soaked.

Nadine pulled the washcloth out of her mouth and told me to turn on the bathroom light so she can me better. remember I was standing by her bed pulling her nipples and the only light in the apartment was a small night light near her bed. the bathroom light was off to one side but it gave a diffused light onto the bed. as I came back Nadine said, “you have a nice dick and ass, let me kiss your dick.” she had one of those adjustable beds so she was able to pull bahis siteleri her head up. I stood as close to the bed as I could. Nadine is left handed so she took her thumb, forefinger and middle finger and grabbed the base of my dick. her right hand cupped my balls. she knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. she rubbed my dick all over her face while caressing my balls.

“fuck, your dick is so hard and hot….I love it.” she then slapped her face with my dick. “fuck I love this.” once again Nadine surprised me by her actions. we made eye contact again….”I want to be your bitch so you can do whatever you want to me.” I was beginning to understand. she was giving herself to me. “don’t you want me to be your bitch.” I just nodded. “the only thing I ask is that you don’t come in my mouth….everything else is yours for the taking.” I nodded again. “fuck….I love your dick.” she took just the head on my dick into her mouth and sucked it gently. damn….I was in seventh heaven.

as she was sucking on me. she reached around and caressed my ass. nothing unusual about that but what she said next was shocking. “climb on the bed and sit on my face so I can lick your asshole.” she must have seen the shock on my face. “I’ve been watching you for some time and I want to lick your asshole. I want to be your bitch.” it took every ounce of strength not to blow my load right there. here is this woman who has multiple orgasms from being touched, loves the pain of having her nipples pulled, and she want to lick my asshole too…..how lucky can one man get. you can’t even get a good prostitute to do that for you.

I climbed on the bed as she was lowering her self flat. I was going to squat on her as she stated with me facing her legs. Nadine grabbed my ass before I was even ready and bahis şirketleri spread my ass cheeks. I slowly lowered my self as Nadine pulled me down on her face. her lips touched my ass as she opened her mouth and her tongue went into my asshole. what an incredible feeling. if you’ve had your ass licked you know how wonderful it feels…..if you’ve never had your ass licked then find someone to do it for you. Nadine was insatiable. she licked my ass like it was her last meal and you guessed it…..she was having several of those body shaking orgasms. I helped her by caressing her pussy. then it occurred to me…..why not slap her pussy….so I did…..her reaction was instant. she moaned loudly into my asshole spreading my ass even more and pulling me down to lick some more. I slapped her pussy several more times then I would grab her pussy lips and pulled them as well….she loved it….I was really getting into this game that she wanted to play…..I wanted Nadine to be my bitch. imagine having a woman who will satisfy all your desires in any way possible with no limits. that’s what Nadine wanted. I was lucky to be able to satisfy her and myself.

after what seemed an eternity I got up and stood my the bed….. I wanted to fuck Nadine however she explained to me that because of her handicap. she is unable to spread her legs wide enough for missionary penetration. I was disappointed but she had a solution. I helped her roll to her side facing the wall and in this position she could pull her legs towards her chest and I’d have access to her pussy.

it took some doing but I managed to find her pussy hole. she told me to go slow. once the head of my dick went inside she nearly jumped out of her skin. I got worried of course but she said it’s been over 13 years since she was fucked canlı bahis plus several surgeries have not helped matters. I slowed my pace even more and she assured me that it was feeling good. her moans said it all. she was soaked so that was not the problem she was just extremely tight. we were both laying on our left side so I managed to wiggle my left hand underneath and started to caress her clit.

“fuck that feels fantastic.” she said. as I played with her clit my other hand caressed her nipples. “oh…. oh fuck.” my dick was finally hitting bottom and I slowly pulled half way out and pushed back in….”that’s it mother fucker….take your bitch the way you want to.” I really wanted to ram her as hard as possible but I wanted her to enjoy this feeling. “you are my bitch now aren’t you.” I said. “of course, and you can take me anytime you want.” Nadine managed to find the washcloth again…..put it in her mouth and she was really having wonderful orgasms. I felt those contractions on my dick. there was no need to ram her. her pussy did all the work for both of us. I kissed Nadine’s neck, her ears, I called her a bitch, a whore, a slut, an ass licker, I began pulling her nipples as hard as possible. she loved that. “that’s it torture my nipples.” she said and I did…..

Nadine stated to cry….but once again she must have read my mind….”don’t worry baby, I’m crying from pleasure. please don’t stop torturing my nipples or my clit.” who am I to argue….I pulled her nipples, pulled her clit and drove my dick as deep into as is humanly possible….Nadine was crying, moaning and having strong body shaking orgasms. we were sweating like pigs. my own orgasm was soon coming out….I told her I was coming and Nadine managed to push against me to take me deeper into her pussy….needless to say she was having her own orgasms and continued after I was spent….

after we rested Nadine said she trusted me and would explain her needs further….stay tuned this story if far from being over…..comments are always welcomed. thanks…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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