Will you be my daddy Part 1

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Will you be my daddy Part 1
I had more and more men messaging me to try to get together every day I’d see 3 or 4 messages to me admittedly half of them weren’t even hardly worth looking into and I was starting to be a little more selfish wanting a man that could make me moan, or dreaming big, good enough that he had to stuff a gag in my mouth to keep the neighbors from calling the police. And since I’m going to put this out there for other people to read might as well tell them what I really want.

My Gmail was telling me I had a message on FetLife. Nothing new had four or five of them a day it seemed. So I hit see message, and the first one I read got me so hot. It started with I want to make you cum. I looked at that and said well that’s a good start then he went on to say that he had really read my page could tell that nobody had really looked and given me what I needed. And a phone number.

I read the other messages only half into them I knew I’d be dialing on them numbers. My hand was shaking a little as I dialed I heard a deep, rich, man’s voice on the other end say hello and how can I help you so I told him hi this is Teddie and I loved your message on FetLife to make a long story short we made a date for that evening he said dress hot but bring another outfit with you also I said okay and hung up and a couple minutes later A text came with his address and after that “can’t wait”.

I did all the things I do before a date enemas, shower, shave and go through my wardrobe 20 times and spend 2 hours trying to find two outfits and the stockings and panties that work with them. checked all my makeup was in my bag choose my two best wigs pack a few of my favorite toys and called him to tell him I was on my way. He said good gurl call me again if you have any problems getting here.

This place was out in the country and I couldn’t believe how beautiful his house was. As I drove up he comes out of the house just as I turn off the car and opens my door for me. he holds out his hand and pulls me out of the car right into a hug and saying in my ear you better give me your safe word now because I’m about to Ravish the hell out of this hot little body.

I didn’t have the chance to even think of one before his lips were on mine and his hand slipped down to my ass big finger pushing dress and panty up to my hole I kind of yelp with the suddenness and his tongue is in my mouth and his cock is swollen against my belly I haven’t been there a minute and already I was moaning. His hands go to my hips and he spins me pulling the hem of my dress over my head. I had dropped my purse when my arms lifted up. He tossed my dress through the open car window, leaving me in a sheer red teddi, panty, stockings and garterbelt set and black 5in. open toed heels.

His big hands come back to my hips and pull my panties to mid thigh and I hear a low growl. A shiver goes down my spine and I find myself pushing my ass back toward him. Then a car honks and looking behind me see the highway, on it a truck with two men staring and smiling at me. I run towards his front door, face burning and blood pounding. I look back and see rob walking slow a big smile on his face and I even feel heat in my asscheeks now.
Rob comes up to me and says “Why did you run away?” I blush even harder and say “they were looking at me” Rob says “why wouldn’t they? that outfit makes you look like a cock hungry little slut. You can’t expect them not to want to fuck that hot little ass they saw running across my yard.” ?

?Did you not tell me that you wanted a man to take control and not ask your permission?” “I am the master of my home. And you will obey me during your stay or face the consequences, Do you understand?” At last I thought A real dom, not just a wannabee that wants me to fuck him. With a smile twitching the corners of my mouth I say “yes daddy” and he say’s good gurl” now remove all your clothing and put it in a neat folded pile beside the door. I will choose what you wear during your stay with me.” I quickly do as he said very conscious of the traffic and my visibility. ?Then he has me raise my arms and spin for him. when I stop his hands run over my body and he says “Not good enough, follow me”

He opens the front door and I follow him in.I stop and stare just inside the door. The room before me is filled with books, paintings, dark lustrous wood for the walls and a light colored wood on the floor, with what had to be designer one of a kind furniture, all heavily built to last yet with tapestry like coverings of bright lit woodland scenes inhabited by man, b**sts and mythical creatures intertwined and s**ttered but all engaged in sex. Master daddy turns to look at me sternly and I rush to catch up.

He leads me down a hallway where the walls are covered in 1ft square mirrored tiles. In the center of each tile was a bondage scene, There were trannies and cross dressers. some of the pictures had 2 or three gurls in them. These were the more interesting as they were tied in sexual positions with their picture mates.

And suddenly I am in a brightly lit bathroom, With the outer wall and the ceiling made of glass. The shower walls were glass, the back part of the outside wall. inside the shower were a lot of stainless steel pipes. A pipe in the center and six more spaced out around that. 2 sets of shackles hung from the ceiling and 2 more on the floor.

I can now see that the center pip has a thin stainless cock about a foot long on the top. this he has me stand over and all of a sudden it starts rising. Daddy Master says to guide it inside me for six inches and to raise my hand when it got there. It was lubed with something real slick and since it was not very wide it went in quicker than I thought and was at about ten inches inside me and I was going up on tip toes as my arm came up and the pipe stopped.

Master daddy just looks at me shakes his head with a small twitch at the corners of his mouth. Asking me to raise my arms he snaps the shackles closed on my wrists, grabs the shackles on the ground and tell me to spread my legs wider so he can attach the leg shackles. the pipe was putting a lot of pressure on the back wall of my manpussy.

Then it slipped past that bend and I got my ankles to the shackles and master daddy snapped them on. He walked out of the shower to a shelf on one wall grabbing a box and returning with it. He took out a big square band aid and pressed it tight over one eye, then did the same to the other. I was worried now. he was a lot better set up for what I had thought to be some rope tied to bed posts play.

He walks around behind me, his arms go around me and I feel him sticking bandaids over my nipples then cups my little titties in his hands, hot breath in my ear. I try to push my ass back to feel if he is hard but the pipe inside me wont let me. He grabs my earlobe in his teeth and squeezes my titties and into my ear he says “I am going to enjoy my time with you. Showing you what you have been denying so long.

I feel his hands slide down and back , gripping both ass cheeks and pulling them apart and upwards. I slide down another inch on the pipe and moan. then I feel warmth filling my insides and cry out with uncontrolled joy as it starts pouring out of me with a heat almost painful but bringing every nerve ending it touches so alive that I am back on my toes and trying to escape it and just letting out a moaning cry.

Master Daddy grabs the back of my head forcing his lips against mine, his tongue pushing mine flt as it fills my mouth as if it need to be closer to the source of my moans. He kept me impaled on that tongue till I was desperate for air and still I wanted his tongue never to leave my mouth empty. Now I was really feeling something moving deeper and deeper inside me and bringing the hot water with it. It felt so incredible.

A whole new level of sensations that made all I had felt before like it had never been. Master Daddy was coating my body with a lovely smelling cream that had to be some high end hair remover. His big hands exciting me to a fever pitch with the cream slowly starting to tingle.

Master Daddy’s mouth is at my ear again He asks me what I am feeling. He has one hand flat on my boipussy forcing the cheeks apart, and rubbing back and forth around the pipe inside me. So distracting. I tell him how I love the feel of him spreading me and that it makes me feel the water coming out of me run faster. How the water is so much farther up inside than when it started. How it feels like I am going to slide down that pipe because the pleasure is taking all my strength and control from me. How the cream is starting to feel hot and not just tingling anymore.

Then a blast of water is running in waves over me. Cooler than what was inside me it blasts away the heat and leaves my skin feeling so sensitive that I feel master daddy moving close again. His hands are on my breasts peeling the bandaids from them. The water inside me backing out and I realize a flexible tube had entered me thru the pipe and was now retracting. Then the pipe itself was retracting. My knees buckle and my weight is held by my wrists and the chains above.

I feel a cold thicker substance hitting my breasts, belly and cock/clitty and his hand spreading it . It smells of strawberries and I want to see if it tastes like it and stick out my tongue. Master daddies teeth grab my tongue and I moan and thrust my body towards him stretching against the chains and for just a moment feel his hard cock against my belly and his hard ches flattening my titties, He releases my toungue and backs out of reach except his hands sliding all over me spreading strawberries and desire.

My hips are thrusting uncontrollably and smack I feel his bare hand hit my left cheekand the wonderful warmth of the hand print still there. It stopped me squirming and had me pushing my ass back for a slap on the other cheek. His hand full of strawberry cream started covering both cheeks and suddenly two of his large fingers are pushing their full length inside me. i cry out as they hook and lift my feet from the ground and holding me there a few seconds before letting me down and then slowly pumps them in and out again making me moan don’t stop over and over.

his breath hot on my ear he says do you like my fingers stretching this tight little asspussy? Yes Master Daddy I said He removes my bindings and the blind fold. Tossing me a towel to dry my hair he says follow me. Into the hallway and thru another door and into a bedroom he led me. It’s so beautiful daddy. The room had a king size bed with a canopy and curtains over it. And it was all in pink.

I have layed out your outfit on the bed there and make-up is on the vanity. You have twenty minutes to get ready and then we will leave. Make sure to put make-up in the purse so you can freshen it up if needed. first grab the corset as I need to help you getting it. I grabbed the pink and white bustier, it was made out of latex and had eight garter straps hanging and was underbraw style with lacing in the back. Master daddy pulled the lacing till I was having a hard time breathing then tied it off. I now had a nice hourglass shape.

He left and I rushed to put on the rest of the clothing. White silk stockings with the seam in back, a very short pink mini dress with flaring skirt also made out of latex. And there were a pair of open toed pink knee high boots with six inch spike heels. But there were no panties, OH WELL! I hurriedly got it all on and rushed to do my make-up and use tooth brush and deodorant that were there also. Put on make-up and some perfume in a lovely unlabeled bottle.

Saw a tube of vaseline and hiking up my skirt squeezed that inside me for half the tube. Be prepared I learned in boy scouts, that and that our troop leader watched us boy’s shower thru a knothole. I wonder if he liked my panties? I was just finishing putting my hair into two pony tails when Master Daddy walked in. He looked me up and down and said spin, As I spun the skirt flared and put my bottom and bits on full display. Master daddy said very nice. Go to the bed, lean over it and lift up your skirt. As I did this he came over and gave me three good swats to each cheek and said Now they are the right color. Pull down your skirt and follow me.

At the front door he stopped and pulled a pink 2 inch wide leather collar with something written on it, had me turn around. When he put it around my neck I felt it click. So it was a key lock and not a buckle. He then attached a chain and led me to a red convertible cadillac with the top down. He opened the passenger door for me and standing up in the middle of the seat was a four inch dildo with impressive width.

He said you might want to lube that with your mouth before you sit. I lifted my skirt, climbed in and slowly sat upon it. Master daddy said, Pre lubed good gurl, I wiggled my butt on the dildo with a high pitched squeel so pleased was I at the Good Gurl. He hooked my chain to a ring on the dash and we headed out to the highway. I was hoping for fun wherever we were heading.

Then I felt the dildo I was sitting on getting larger and start vibrating. It felt like it went another eight inches into me before it reversed. Bringing a long moan out of me and both hands pushing against the seat trying to raise myself. Master Daddy told me to fold my hands back in my lap like a good girl, so I took it all on the next rising, [Found out later it was only four more inches not eight.] After about two minutes the dildo built up more speed and felt so good that I lifted the front of my skirt to play with myself.

Master daddy says does my little sissy find her seat comfortable? I could not think to answer as the dildo had just increased it’s speed and vibrations and the head started wiggeling side to side. All I could do was moan louder and ride the waves of pleasure coursing thru my whole body and leaving my mind unable to think at all. Master daddy said the gentleman next to us is sure liking the show. Smile at the man and lift your dress higher so he can see my little sissy riding that big dildo like the slutty fucktoy she is..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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